Saturday, December 31, 2016

What I Wrote Couple of Days Ago About Obama Pardoning...

...all illegal aliens might not have been that far fetched. Many on the left are urging President Obama to take steps to protect illegal immigrunts before Donald Trump takes office. More here. There would be no more definite way to protect them than to pardon them all. Hopefully, Obama will not think of it and if he does then not have the balls to try it nor the law on his side to effect it. 

Happy New Year,
Glenn B

Spreading New Year's Cheer In Turkey

That should really say spreading new year's fear and terror. Someone, believed to have been wearing a Santa Claus outfit, opened fire in a crowed nightclub in Istanbul during New Year's Eve celebrations. It has been reported that so far 35 people are dead an another 40 injured. It could have been a lot worse and once things settle down it may be found to be worse since there reportedly were over 500 people at the cub. (Source.)

I am keeping my fingers crossed for us here at home but sooner or later, with the admission of all these so called refugees (belonging to the Religion of Peace) into the USA, this is going to become common place here.

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Glenn B

From Our Grandson To The World...

...a wish for you on the eve of the new year:

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Justice Is Not Blind, It Is Insane.

A Englishman - who reportedly was sentenced to a one year prison term for yelling "racial" slurs and for leaving raw bacon sandwiches on the doorstep of a mosque and tying bacon to the mosque's door knobs - recently was found dead in his prison cell. An investigation is forthcoming. Yes folks, imagine that - the British justice system put someone in jail for a year for petty harassment like that and now he has died while in custody. The judge in the case had the gall to call it "an attack on England". More here. Me thinks the judge forgeteth what was England!

I believe that judge needs to have his head examined if he does not see that the real attack that is taking place is that the Englishman of yesteryear has been largely replaced by radical Muslims seeking only to destroy England and to conquer all in the name of allah.

All I can add is to say pass the bacon please.

All the best,
Glenn B

When Someone Tells You The Ammo Is Loaded Staggered...

...within the magazine, they don't mean that you should load your ammo into the mag like this:

That though is exactly how someone I once knew loaded the mags for a AR15 or Mini 14 (it was one of the other) way back when I was a Customs Patrol Officer with collateral duties as a firearms instructor. Another range officer and I could not figure out why the magazine kept falling out of the shooter's rifle and when it did stay inserted, why she could not get another shot off after the first one did fire. She would do something like: insert the mag, yank the trigger really hard once or twice, twiddle with this or that, try to push the mag in more, yank the trigger again (and I mean mightily), try to operate the bolt and sooner or later while doing some or all of those - the mag would fall out. She even removed a round from the mag that did not seem seated properly. Then she tried all over again with pretty similar results.
We put a stop to it and found the cause. While the above is not a photo of the actual mag in question, it does show exactly how she had loaded the rounds into the mag and she had several rounds in it just like that. It was just another "I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it" moment at the range.
All the best,
Glenn B


Thursday, December 29, 2016

When You Order This...


...and when you receive it, it looks like this...

...then something is really very, very wrong. Now, don't get me wrong- while I was not happy about that bolster having a scrape on it, it was the other thing that wound up making it totally unacceptable, not only to me but to my daughter and to my son-in-law, as a gift for their son, aka: my and my wife's first grandson. Have you figured it out yet. If you have not then you most assuredly either do not get me at all or are not that observant or both.

Click on the below link to see more:

Possibly The Most Ironic Death of 2016

In August 2016, Reginald Hillard, Jr., a man who reportedly had a fear of flying and who had never before flown, was given the gift of a sightseeing flight by his girlfriend, Briana Davis. He accepted and they both enjoyed the flight despite his fears. That was until the landing. The small Cessna, in which they were be given the tour by a pilot, was hit by a rain storm and crashed into a lake about 1,000 feet before the runway. According to the girlfriend, Hillard kicked open a door on the plane and pushed her out. The plane went down right after that, taking Hillard and the pilot with it both evidently drowning. There is more here.

If having a fear of flying but accepting a gift of a sightseeing flight from your girlfriend and immensely enjoying your first flight ever only to wind up drowning in a plane is not ironic - then irony does not exist. What a tragic end for so young a life and a good man at that.

All the best,
Glenn B

From Obama, To Obamessiah, To Obummer... Ocryer.

Source: It was on Facebook but seems to be gone now.
The man-child, known as President Obama, is a disgrace not only to the USA but to the Office of the Presidency. To have said that, had he been able to run a third time,he could have beaten Donald Trump (source), is not only arrogant and divisive but falls completely within the realm of narcissistic self indulging fantasy balderdash. It is of absolutely no real importance to anyone, except himself, in light of the fact that he could not have run again. So why say it at all other than due to sheer self indulgence?

It is time for him to come to grips with reality and to realize he is out, to smoothly transfer power and responsibilities to the incoming president with the dignity of the Office of the President of the United States of America, to then likely go down on the record as the worst American president ever (yes even worse than Nixon, Johnson, Carter, FDR or Wilson) and to fade into the shadows of history. Even though he will be forced to cede the presidency soon, he steadfastly refuses to do so with dignity as he continues to show himself to be an obnoxious self centered childish egomaniac.

I am almost willing to bet that he will make at least one stunningly outlandish major attempt at presidential pomposity to show himself - to himself - as the All Powerful Oz. I would not put it past him, should the thought occur to him (or to one of his flunkies) and if it were in anyway doable, that he would try to make his final mark as president by doing something as outlandish and anti-American as pardoning every illegal alien within our borders. What final and worse slap could he give to the face of America, and its incoming president elect, other than that? Well, maybe a coup attempt but I doubt has the balls for the latter. Simply put, he is a disgrace.

I believe that for the first time in my life, I can truly say, I loathe a child man who is our president. I will rejoice on the day he is out of office, not so much that we will have a new president but more so because this one will be gone.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Love Criminals... stupid as were these two morons. I love it even more when it goes bad for the bad guys and the good guys win and are left unharmed. In this case, two true arsehats, of he highest caliber, attempted an armed robbery at a gun shop. One was shot and killed, the other is being sought by police. More here.

All the best,
Glenn B


It's A Fight, No - It's A Loud Noise, No - It's A Gun Shot...

...whatever - it's a madhouse. Such was the case in several malls across the United States on Monday when fights and other disturbances, some accompanied by loud noises apparently from furniture being toppled and mistakenly thought by mall patrons to have been gunshots, started panics among the sheepish shoppers. At Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County, NY and at The Mills in Jersey Gardens mall in NJ shoppers fled from the malls in abject fear for their lives but those incidents were only two such panics among several that took place across America yesterday.

A similar incident also took place in  Tempe, AZ at Arizona Mills Mall where loud noises, evidently due to a fight, prompted customers to flee through the mall's exits. In Indiana, fights broke out in a mall and reports of gun shots being fired in the parking lot were received but not confirmed by the police. Town Center Aurora (uncertain if this was the name of a mall or a central area of the town itself) was closed by police, ion Monday, after fights broke out at a local mall - fights that had been broadcast over social media before they had started. At the Beachwood Place Mall in Beachwood, OH, police reported that there were 500-600 people involved in creating mayhem in that mall, also on Monday, the day after Christmas (one of the busiest shopping or merchandise return days of the year). There reportedly also was a report of gunfire at that mall. 

While police are so far denying that these incidents are connected, my bet is that they are connected in as much as troublemakers across the country chose yesterday to cause nationwide panic in shopping centers. I'll say it again, we are becoming more and more like Bizarro World on a daily basis as the leftist animals run amok. 

All the best,
Glenn B


It's Not Called San Fransicko For Nothing

Thought For The Day

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Glenn B



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Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Son and I Wish You A Warm...

...Christmas night.  With a few hard ciders, a few strong ales, some German bier and about 90% of a jar of Moonshine Cherries and a bit of vodka - along with a nice fire - we surely have had a nice warm Christmas night!

All the best,

What Better Christmas Breakfeast...

...than German cold cuts on Linseed Rye could there be for me. Maybe if I had had it with a German bier instead of coffee it could have been better but I am holding off on the bier until later and I really needed that coffee this morning. Now for that sandwich, it was made from a slice of linseed (flax) seed rye and had a thick helping of Kassler liverwurst. This particular Kassler liverwurst is a store specialty made only one day a year, for Christsmas, by Morscher's Pork Store where I bought it. It is an excellent old style butcher shop with truly delectable foods and an aroma of smoked meats that is other worldly. I added several slices of gelbwurst (also made by Morscher's) to my sandwich and slathered it all with a good helping of Whalen's horseradish mustard (which was a Christmas present from Hans, my brother-in-law).

It was truly a divine feast as should be any meal on Christmas day. Maybe later another sandwich made from goose-liver liverwurst  (yes I picked up one of them too but this time with Bauer's mustard with horseradish and a slice of onion). That would be either before (as in lunch) or after (as in a midnight snack) we sit down for our dinner. inner is slated to be roast duck (which my wife will be cooking) and smoked chicken thighs (which my son will smoke) and all the fixings. My meager contribution, I bought them all and also brought home some Linzer tarts from Rudy's Pastry Shop (the name on the storefront is as I put it but name on the website is Rudy's Bakery & CafĂ©) in Ridgewood, NY. I have been eating cookies, pastries and the like for well over 30 years. Their Linzer tarts are the best I have ever eaten.

I've got to go, it's almost time for lunch and a bier or maybe a nice crisp hard cider.

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B



So as not to forget the reason for the season, listen to this one:

Then, listen to these; there are a lot of Christmas classics, for you to enjoy, here:

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

Santa Claus - His Work All Done...

...except for two things he still needs to do, heads back to the North Pole to do them right.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

In Sharing Some Christmas Eve Cheer...

...I'm hoping that you and your loved ones dear, have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

When some say that we have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, say that we think about gift giving too much on Christmas and that we need to remember to keep Christ in Christmas - well, you truly need to remember that Christmas is all about gift giving. It has been that way ever since the Immaculate Conception when Mary, who would become the mother of Jesus, was conceived without sin. It was the greatest gift that God ever bestowed upon a single human being.

Sometime, probably between the eighth and ninth month of her pregnancy, God bestowed another gift - this one for us all - in the form of a star to guide those who would seek the messiah. 

Then, on the day that Jesus was to be born, a much more humble gift was given - this by a man whom history does not name - to the expectant parents. It was the gift of the manger. It truly was a humble gift of meager lodgings among farm animals but it was a gift nonetheless and it was a gift fitting a King. 

Of course, on the very first Christmas, the day of the birth of Jesus, God the Father gave us the gift of his only begotten son. What better gift could he give to all mankind.

Even with the birth of the Christ child, the gift giving did not end. It is said that the magi journeyed from afar in the east and bestowed upon the child King gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  In other words, people gave to people on that first Christmas, God gave to mankind, and men gave gifts to God. Today, we keep it going and if we do it in the spirit of that first Christmas it indeed will be a Merry Christmas.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 23, 2016

I Hope...

...that your aluminum pole was sturdy and strong, that your grievances were aired completely and to your satisfaction and that no one pinned you to the floor until you had beaten them soundly at least three times on this Festivus, for the rest of us, 2016.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Am Going Christmas Shopping...

...and I am going to love it even if it kills me! Really now, I need to go to Costco and that can raise my BP enough to make my head burst so maybe I should take some extra BP meds before I go there. It promises to be a madhouse today based on my past experiences but I need to get some supplies that were forgotten. Then I need to get at least a couple more presents today.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, I will do likewise. I have gone Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve every year since I was about 10 - 12 years old. I am virtually certain I have done so without fail although I suppose it possible, though not probable, that I might have missed once or twice and forgotten about it. Anyway, I will be going shopping again tomorrow. It is my tradition and I love doing it although I cannot say I always love dealing with some of the arsehats out and about on Christmas Eve. If you go shopping on Christmas Eve, you like me can wind up running into any of the multitude of arsehats that seem to abound during the last minutes of the Christmas shopping season.

On Christmas, when I was in my late twenties or early thirties, I had the sinking feeling that someone was following me. I stopped by a store and pulled an old movie trick that the director probably learned from a cop. I used a store window as a mirror and after a few stores where I was able to repeat that, I realized two guys were indeed following me. They looked like Puerto Rican (most prevalent group f Hispanics in NYC at that time) junkies. I even saw they peering into a store I had entered to look at jewelry. I made it look as if I was going into another store and came out of its recessed store front at full speed and one of them almost walked into me as he approached. He was frazzled after that; yet, him but he and his accomplice persisted in following me store to store and I went in and out of many. I walked into another recessed storefront and made sure my pistol was ready in the holster with my coat out of the way so it was showing. The guy just about ran up to the store front to try to get a glimpse of what I was buying or maybe if I paid with cash. He was shocked to see me standing there, and saw what was on my hip. I did not see him or his pal after that.

Other times dealing with Christmas Eve arsehats has been much more benign but maybe more annoying. I have had to fight off a woman trying to grab an item I was buying right out of my hands. She said something stupid like she saw it first but she was nowhere in sight when I found it on the shelf, to the pushers and bumpers who think of you as an impediment to move out of their way, to the jerks who don't know how to or refuse to hold a door for you, to those who seem incapable of saying thank you if you hold the door for them or show them some common courtesy, to the morons cutting you off in the parking lot or on the road so they can get there before you or before all the deals are gone, to the drunken Santas demanding you drop a donation in the kettle to the protesting atheists who show up at shopping centers to try to make you and others miserable. Yes, I go regardless and I will love having gone even if it kills me.

And now I had better get going before there are too many of them out and about.

Merry Christmas to all of them in advance because shortly I may not feel like saying it to them at all.

All the best,
Glenn B

There Ought To Be An Adulthood Test...

...before anyone considers you to be an adult. Really, I mean that. I say so because of how obviously childlike, in the most spoiled of fashions, the leftists (aka: Democrats, Liberals, Progressives) are acting now tat Donald Trump will become our next president. From professors excusing college students from final exams, to universities setting safe spaces, Play-Doh and coloring books for students traumatized by Trump's victory, to those claiming that their desire for sex has ended because of the election results, to those unfriending their friends on social media sites such as Facebook because the friends voted for Trump, to those furious with family members for doing the same and reacting in a way as would spoiled brats, to those liberals now buying guns because they suffer from what I can only imagine is paranoia in that they anticipate being attacked Trump supporters (funny how they never armed themselves fearing attacks from the right before Trump, who mind you is more middle of the road than anything), to others falsely alleging hate crimes and trying to make it look as if a Trump supporters were the guilty parties (imagine if they had those guns - maybe they would shoot first and falsely accuse later), all the way to those deniers of reality claiming that Donald Trump is not my president.

Really folks - we have become a nation half filled with cry baby make believe adults, with no respect for anyone with whom they disagree, and who are subject to temper tantrums beyond the scope of sanity even though they have reached the legal age of adulthood (voting age). So, there ought to be an adulthood test required before leftists are legally found to be adults and permitted to do adult things. If you fail the test, you remain in the legal status of a minor until you can pass it, that is unless you fail it three times and thus must remain in childhood for the remainder of your life. You know - I'd bet even half of them wouldn't even bother with taking such a test even if legally mandated for all of us; they would prefer remaining just the way they are now - in a state of being immature, spoiled, piss pants babies, who needlessly fear daddy and who still need mommy's tit to suckle.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One of Santa's Elves Impatiently...

...waiting to get out of Santa's house, get those gifts into the sleigh and get those reindeer flying.

All the best,
Glenn B

Guilty Until Proven Innocent...

...seems to be the situation with a couple of college students who drove through a college campus shouting pro-Trump slogans. They were immediately accused of harassment and of shouting racial slurs. Then they were expelled from their fraternity and professors at the college signed a letter condemning the alleged actions of the two students. On Friday, they went before (now get this) the college's honor board and were exonerated of all charges. The thing is they suffered since the day of the alleged incident on November 9th until this past Friday! (Source.)

As seems to be the usual case when accusations are made by leftists, against anyone who even so much as leans to the right, the professors and others believed the two students guilty before any formal investigation or hearing was completed. If the college's honor board was truly interested in preserving honor among faculty and students, it would immediately demand a written apology and compensation for the students from the professors who signed the letter condemning them. In addition, the fraternity should immediately reinstate them, apologize to them, condemn the hateful professors and their letter, and compensate the students monetarily.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Winter Solstice

It is the last day of fall and the first day of winter, which started at 0544 this morning in my neck of the woods (and in yours in the northern hemisphere). So winter is finally here with its likely much colder but assuredly longer days. Yes, the sun will be shining a bit more tomorrow - only by a mere six seconds (at my location and only if my math was right) but nonetheless shining longer. That's a sure sign warmer weather is on its way - at least sooner or later.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Social Media Champions of Intolerance - The Democrats

Yes, as we on the right have long suspected and often made mention of, it is they on the left who are the most intolerant even though the leftists continually babble about how tolerant are themselves. A new study has shown that when using social media - democrats were far more likely to unfriend their contacts on sites like Facebook than were conservatives because of political or ideological differences. More here.

All the best,
Glenn B

So The Price Of Guns & Ammo May Be Going Up... that Trump has been elected and the librterds are buying guns, reportedly to defend against the hard core right wing extremists. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites are those anti-gunners on the left because now it sees it is okie dokie for them to arm themselves. In other words - according to their words and actions - guns are not good in the hand of those on the right but apparently okay for leftists! More here.

If there is any truth to the linked article, that the leftists liberals fear the right, I guess I may not waiting for ammo prices to fall as I thought they would be falling after Trump's victory. So, if the political opposition is buying it - with the intent of defending themselves against the right (of which I am a member - and which by the way is a truly absurd idea and one that should convince you that they, in their delusional manner, see their own countrymen as the enemy instead of merely folks with political and cultural differences) - then I am going to prepare myself to defend myself and my loved ones more than ever before against these tyranny loving bastards. I mean, I mean, I mean - well, let's face it - the zombie apocalypse may be imminent!

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Joke of the Year

Whoever thought that one up hit it squarely on the head.
All the best,
Glenn B

Feisty Young Finnish Lasses

At least some of the people have the will and are fighting back against these so called refuges who truly seem to be little more than thugs and invaders.

Hat tip to Herr Milla for that one

All he best,
Glenn B

UPS Never Makes Wrong Deliveries Like This To Me...

...and neither does FedEx, the U.S. Post Office or Santa Claus and what a shame is that from my point of view! Of course had any of them mistakenly delivered a "sniper rifle" (Barrett 50 caliber rifle) to my house this past Wednesday, you can bet I would call the police immediately, after fondling it for awhile, because I would be worried it was some kind of a sting operation. Why worry about that? After all - this is the ultra leftist - socialistic - communistic - anti-constitutional land of NewYorkistan under King Cuomo. FUAC (F--- You Andrew Cuomo).

Anyway, the story is that a man and his wife in NY received a package delivered by UPS. They thought it was a gift they had bought for a child in the neighborhood. Instead of opening the box, which he did in front of his young granddaughter, and finding a toy plane in the box, he found the rifle. Apparently aghast at seeing the rifle, the obvious left wing NY'er immediately had his granddaughter leave the room because she was "horrified" when she saw the rifle (source). Heck, had it be me when my son or daughter were youngsters, I would have shown it to them and they would have loved seeing it and would have hoped to be able to shoot it - no doubt.

There is no plausible explanation given in the linked article, or others I have read, as to how this happened but I heard a reason while listening to the news on the radio yesterday. According to the radio report, the correct shipping label was on the box but a second shipping label addressed to the NY man was placed over it. That sounds to me as if a clerk at UPS somehow placed two labels on the same box but who knows at this point.

The intended recipient was a NY gunsmith with a federal firearms license. FFL holders within NY State can receive and possess what NYS has determined to be assault rifles despite the NY S.A.F.E. Act making acquisition of such by the citizenry illegal. I guess they allow that so the police - who need no license or registration - can buy one for personal use if they want one because they are better than the rest of us. Let me say it again - FUAC!

Of course, the police showed up and confiscated the rifle. UPS has reportedly delivered it to the correct consignee since then. UPS also delivered the toy plane to the right place in time for Christmas.

Now a note as to the bullshit spread by the media. Some reports (here, here and here) have claimed the rifle in question to be a Barrett 50 caliber semi-automatic assault rifle. If you did not already notice, go look at those last three linked articles again. Have you seen it this time? The rifle pictured is not a semi-automatic. It appears to be a Barrett Model 95 and I base that on the position of the magazine in comparison to the position on Barrett's actual semi-automatic rifles (source). The Model 95 is a bolt fed rifle and thus is not under NY law, nor under any other stretch of the imagination except maybe within the twisted imaginations of anti-gun leftists, an assault rifle. Help end truly Fake News such as these reports - send letters and emails of complaint to the media outlets that reported it as an assault rifle.

All the best,
Glenn B

Italian Technology

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pee Ball (Urinal Soccer)

Just when you think you've seen it all. Ever dream of being a soccer player and running down the field to kick in the winning goal. Maybe you've gotten really excited over a game at a local pub and had such ambitions run through your head as you stood their getting rid of some of the beers you had been drinking. 

More Pay = Less Workers

It seems that higher promised minimum wages have changed the way things will work at businesses other than fast food restaurants with their automated order kiosks. I was in a large U.S. retailer recently, Walmart, and was a little taken aback when I saw this large orange monstrosity ling the front wall of the store.

It appears that now, instead of having the stockroom workers stock the shelves in a stockroom with items from orders placed online, they will now be stocking the pick-up boxes at the front of the store and customers will retrieve their items directly from the boxes. A computer console (near middle of the photo) is set up for the customer to evidently put in a code he receives online to unlock the box with his merchandise in it.

I imagine that should cut out at least several employees who used to go back into the stockroom to find the items for the customers and who were slower than molasses running uphill on a below zero day (IMO). Just keep raising that minimum wage for low-end go nowhere jobs and soon there will be nobody but robots working in our stores (and the technology for that is problem not that far off).

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, December 16, 2016

On Becoming Santa Claus

The story below is a truly heartwarming one. I do not know if it is for real or just made up but it does not matter which so long as just one parent teaches that lesson to his or her child. I think, without a doubt, many will do so and it will become a tradition. It is indeed a wonderful idea in the true spirit of Christmas, that of giving.

I wish that, when I was a young lad or at least while still younger adult, someone would have told me that story or taught me its lesson; that way I could have shared it with my young children. Maybe someday, if I live long enough, I can teach it to my grandson.

Make sure to click on next to see all 4 pages.
If your kid stops believing in Santa this year...

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Being Sorry & Wanting A To Take His Place...

...just do not cut it. The linked article tells of a tragic case of being unsafe with a firearm by one party goer that led to the death of another party goer.
There were several rules of firearms safety that were violated and the article and accompanying video give a clue as to some of them beyond the so called four rules of firearms safety. Indeed there are several more rules than a mere four but they somehow seem to have been all but forgotten by many gun owners since J. Cooper memorialized only four of them.
The thing about not following rules of firearms safety (or possibly not even knowing about them since some believe there are only four of them or at least only four that matter) is that getting a do-over is often impossible because the result of not following the rules was crippling or fatal as in this particular case.
If you are only aware of the four rules and want to see some of the others, some of which are just as important, go to the below links:
NRA Explore | NRA Gun Safety Rules (make sure to scroll down passed the first three) (Make sure to click on Firearm Safety, Operation & Maintenance)

Amazingly, even some of these large firearms companies have forgotten or otherwise overlooked the importance of including some of the rules - such as not mixing gunpowder with alcohol or better put not handling firearms and or ammunition when drinking alcoholic beverages or taking mind altering drugs and another one such as keeping firearms from unauthorized users.
Be careful with firearms, the one time you screw up may be the last time you see the person in the path of the bullet that you fired or allowed someone else to fire.
A hat tip to Borepatch who had the article linked in a blog post.
All the best,
Glenn B

"The best way to win a gunfight is to not get in one"

With all due respect saying that "The best way to win a gunfight is to not get in one" is, in my opinion, oxymoronic bombast. While avoidance of life threatening situations is the best thing to do if possible, the thing is an armed attack cannot always be avoided and you may find yourself in the middle of such a setting with little to zero hope of avoidance. Regardless, avoidance of a gunfight (or other armed encounter) is not winning that fight - it is avoidance. There is a big difference between getting into a fight and avoiding one successfully. They are not the same thing and avoidance is not always an option, unless by avoidance you me surrendering yourself to the mercy of an armed assailant. Yes, instead of fighting I, or anyone, could merely give up and that would quite truthfully be avoiding a fight but when at the mercy of an armed assailant doing so might also get me killed if he was a merciless SOB. So, I would almost definitely choose to fight if I found myself in the middle of such an unavoidable incident and I believed there was a chance I could be successful.

By the way, sometimes armed encounters are unavoidable. In such cases as a home invasion, school shooting, other violent break-in, armed robbery attempt, mugging, attempted rape, a terrorist driving a car into a crowd jumping out and stabbing people, or other situations wherein someone is suddenly thrust into mayhem - and escape is either impractical or obviously unsafe - the best policy is to be armed, trained and ready & willing to defend yourself and others. The truth is, there sometimes is no way to avoid fighting for your life in a gunfight or other armed encounter. That is if you want to survive and don't believe in putting yourself at the mercy of your assailant.While situational awareness will go a long way toward avoiding danger, it is not always practical, safe or even possible to avoid a life threatening situation when someone is dead set on harming you or others. There are countless numbers of such incidents to learn from throughout recent history. In such situations, fighting for your life and the lives of others is often the best option.

Please tell me, how would these have been avoidable, in any practical manner, for those victims involved:

1991 Sacramento hostage crisis - Wikipedia

Massacre at Virginia Tech leaves 32 dead - Apr 16, 2007 -

In each of these scenarios - all avoidable if you live in a shell or unavoidable within any sense of practicality for people who want to live normal lives - an armed individual or armed individuals may have well made the difference and lives may have been saved. The usually untold story is that, in at least one of those scenarios - that of the Sea crest Diner - there was reportedly an armed individual among the victims who could have fought back but chose to avoid doing so. Of course, the armed individual avoided a gunfight but certainly did not win - except maybe if you consider merely surviving to be winning. Some people were violently victimized and severely injured, quite possibly as a result of him choosing not to fight. Now that person has to live with the knowledge that he quite possibly could have prevented all that and al that followed had he gotten into a gunfight instead of avoiding one. That is second guessing but not on my part because you pretty much can rest assured that person, reportedly a police officer, has been second guessing himself ever since, or at least did so for many years, if he has any conscience at all.

This article reports on the aftermath of the chaos at the Sea Crest Diner:
Prison Release Recalls Horror In L.I. Diner; 1982 Rampage Led to Law Raising Felony Penalties

Had I been there and armed, I do not know that I would have been able to live with myself had I failed to engage the bad guys in an attempt to protect others there. Sure, I could have engaged and things might have gotten worse but then again maybe I would have won because of my training, my willingness, and the element of surprise. I am pretty certain, no matter the outcome, I would have been better able to live with the results had I at least tried to stop them. I think that would be true of most folks who choose to be armed. I also understand though that the decision to fight or not has to be made by the person who is there living through it. Reportedly, the officer who decided not to take action believed it would have been too risky to attempt to engage the bad guys. I cannot second guess him, I can only prepare myself for what options I might have in a similar situation while knowing that avoidance is not always going to be the best option.

Here is another recent example of a pretty much unavoidable armed encounter:
Somali student behind car, knife attack at Ohio State University that injured 11

Think about what would have taken place had a campus police officer not been there. Think about it along the lines of an armed student or armed professor was there - should any of them have avoided the fight? Whether it was a knife (as in this case), a car (also as in this case), a gun, a club, a Molotov cocktail or any other weapon - the thing is sometimes it is best to engage and to actually win the fight instead of avoiding it.

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Glenn B

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bacon's Love Versus Fake Love

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Clinton Complains About Fake News - Is She Serious Or Delerious...

...or is she just forgetful because of her so called head injury and does not remember the BS she spewed forth!

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If You Carry A Self Defense Handgun - ALWAYS Carry Extra Ammo

I can not say it more strongly than I said it in the title of this blog post but I am sure that just the title is not enough to convince many that carrying extra ammunition in spare magazines or speedloaders is a necessity.
To be quite frank and I say this with all due respect, if you carry a handgun for self defense and do not have either a spare magazine, speedloader, or some other form of rapid reloading device readily accessible on your person, I believe you to be quite foolhardy. Nothing personal in that, this is discussion of the topic of carrying extra magazines and not of any particular person's preferences. I  have witnessed first hand, and have seen and heard reports of, many of the things that can go wrong when shooting and when shooting a semi-auto pistol one of the things that often goes wrong is the magazine whether due to user error or mechanical malfunction. They who think nothing can go wrong really need to pay attention. Here is a list of some of the things I have seen go wrong relative to magazines whether mechanical failure or user induced:
-The magazine base/floor plate falls off of the magazine and all the ammo left in the mag falls out with it (usually due to shoot error in reassembling a magazine).
-The magazine falls out of the pistol taking whatever ammo is in it for the ride (sometimes due to one or the other of shooter error or mechanical failure of the pistol).

-The magazine does not feed properly due to damaged lips.
-The magazine does not feed properly due to worn or damaged spring.
-The magazine does not feed properly due to lint buildup or other foreign material inside the mag body.
-The magazine does not feed ammo due to improper loading of rounds within it. Once had a shooter load an AR magazine with one round pointing forward and the next pointing backward because she was told that the mag caused the rounds to be double stacked in a staggered fashion and she thought that meant loading it with one round pointed forward and the other backwards. Yes, she was in federal law enforcement!

-The magazine does not feed properly because of improper ammo. (I have seen this more than once, a shooter mixes 9mm and 40 S&W ammo in the same mag. Happened with old generation  Glock mags (but I guess it could have and probably has happened with others). Guy loaded 9mm into his 9mm magazine, picked up a 40S&W (that some else had been loading into a 40 caliber pistol) and loaded it in with the 9mm. First one or few being 9mm went off fine, then the 40 S&W would not feed. Tapped, racked, assessed/reengaged - nothing. Locked slide back, stripped mag (luckily the 40 fell out then), reloaded with fresh fully loaded mag, assessed/reengaged. With another shooter who did likewise none of that worked, the nose of the 40 was stuck in the chamber as I recall, that was also with a Glock.
-The magazine does not feed at all because the shooter placed an empty magazine into the weapon.

Then there are failures relative to the firearm and or ammo that also can be due to either shooter or mechanical failure and that that may require a new mag be used, to name a couple:
-Double feed.
-Failure to eject.
There also are the cases in which the shooter fires all of the rounds in the magazine or cylinder and the assailants are still posing a threat of serious bodily injury or death to him or her. Many shooters make the mistake of believing all they need are the amount of rounds in the mag or cylinder because they are excellent shots. The thing is, once you are involved in a life or death situation and have to shoot to defend yourself, there are factors that have an effect that are not usually experienced at the range. There are the more usually discussed effects of a self defense life or death confrontation such as these: You get tunnel vision, you become tense, you grip your handgun harder than ever, you forget all about trigger control, your sight picture goes to hell, you have to point shoot, you have gloves on, you shoot all of your ammo in your one mag at one assailant and don't realize there are two more until out of ammo, you are shaking and you are wound up due to an adrenalin rush, you are tired from a long day, you are groggy because you just were awakened by breaking glass in your home, you are not feeling 100% and maybe are ill with a cold or aches and pains of arthritis, the bad guys are not standing still and you have never practiced on moving targets because your range does not allow it, the bad guys have made effective use of cover, the bad guys are wearing body armor, the bad guys are shooting at you and you are moving, bobbing, weaving and seeking cover if not already behind it.
In addition to all those is the less discussed often shunned (by firearms instructors too embarrassed to discuss it I suppose) issue of the bad guys shooting or otherwise trying to harm you and you are peeing or shitting your drawers. I am not kidding about that. One of the things least talked about by firearms instructors concerning conditions a shooter can experience in a life or death situation, and again I mean this seriously, is the pucker factor or loss of it. People involved in life or death situations sometimes actually defecate or urinate while so involved and do so quite involuntarily because of the loss of pucker ability of their sphincter muscles. You muscles that hold in feces and urine just give as everything else tenses. Are you going to be able to shoot as well as at the range if you realize you just shit or peed in your pants? You made need that extra ammo after all.
Please note how many times I said bad guys as opposed to bad guy in the above paragraph. There is a reason for it mostly being bad GUYS, that is because the majority of confrontations you are likely to encounter like: being mugged, being taken hostage, a burglary gone really bad, a forcible entry into your home (home invasion), walking into a bank robbery, winding up in the middle of and being beaten by a gang of wilding thugs, turning down a street and suddenly being surrounded by rioters, winding up being in a Bernie Goetz type situation and so on usually involve bad guys (as in multiple assailants) and not a single lone attacker. Even if a lone assailant attacks you, what do you do if he is hopped up on Angel Dust, Meth or some new designer drug and he keeps coming even though you hit him seven times. Yes, it can and has happened that bad guys have been hit many times, even in presumably fatal zones, without being stopped.
I know - you (whoever you are) are an excellent shot, all you need is one round for each bad guy and you can take out seven of them with your all powerful 45 auto. Then along comes number 8 and if you doubt that can happen or may happen just look to recent riot scenes and tell me how many assailants were in those. To that you also have an answer, whoever you are, that you will shoot and every one if not shot dead,and whether hit or not will take the advice of the knights, in the movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail when they were confronted by the vicious white rabbit. Don't count on it, you fighting back might make them angrier.
Okay, so you watched the video, got a chuckle out of it and took all that I wrote above with a grain of salt because you have been doing it your way for many years. If you ever had an encounter you won or at least survived or maybe never had any encounters and figure you never will. Thus you carry only enough ammo to fully load your handgun. I cannot say more strongly though what I believe about carrying extra ammo and that is that I almost always carry at least two fully loaded extra mags or speedloaders and sometimes carry more ammo than that and so should you if you carry. 

If you do want to take my advice based on 32 years in LE and about 15-16 years with collateral duties as a LE firearms instructor (and I have recertified as such twice since retirement) then go to the below link and read the very interesting and enthralling article to be found there. Then imagine that guy tried to rob you, rape you, beat you to a pulp, forcibly enter your home, or do whatever other nasty deed he could do to you, your spouse, your children or other loved ones and you tried to stop him with whatever ammo was in gun and you had no spare ammo. If you do not start carrying at least some extra magazines or speedloaders after reading it and thinking about being confronted by the likes of a bad guy even only half as resilient as him, you may very well have an unconscious death wish.

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Glenn B

A Lefty's Paradise Eatery = Failure

What more could a dyed in the wool leftist want in a restaurant than to have: it run under the communist model under which the workers controlled everything, it have an ever changing open for business schedule because of the whims of its employees, customers had to wait up to 40 minutes to get a sandwich, it be completely vegan and have a Facebook page on which the staff spewed forth commie and socialist gibberish? I suppose that something nasty tasting to a leftist, like turning enough profit to remain in business, would not be on the list but maybe it should have been. Bartertown Diner has closed its door for the last time according to this report because it evidentallly was a dismal failure that did not turn enough profit to pay the bills.

I think it's time to the folks who worked there to forget about the fantasies of Karl Marx, get a real job and pass the bacon.

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Glenn B

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Am A Certified...

...nut Glock Advanced Armorer for the next 5 years. Which in essence, in NY state, allows me to work on my own Glock pistol(s). God forbid someone else wanted me to work on his and we did not go through an FFL to transfer the Glock to me and then back to the owner - yes, NY State law is that crazy. Of course, if I was an FFL  (and got whatever other license NYS required) I might be able to do such work legally here in Newyorkistan (the anti-gun fervor here is as bad as religious extremism if not worse).

Oh well, at least now if I need them in the next 5 years, Glock will sell parts directly to me and I can work on my own Glock(s). I suppose, if I wanted to move to the Atlanta area, I could also get a job with Glock or if lucky I might find a job in a decent gun store up this way.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Stabbed Officer Gets Up And Chases Her Attacker...

...but for the life of me, I do not understand why she did not shoot him instead of chase him. The guy just tried to kill her but luckily her body armor helped deflect several stabs; yet, she received two stab wounds one in an arm ad the other in a shoulder (source). Did she not shoot him because both arms were disabled from the wounds; I doubt it since she was treated and released from the hospital - so again - why did she not shoot him. He was an escaped violent felon - a lifer. He had just stabbed her. He was fleeing and to anyone except maybe an ultra-liberal - he should have been seen as posing an imminent threat of loss of life or serious injury to anyone he encountered. Hell, he even tried to enter a school shortly after stabbing the officer - imagine what mayhem could have taken place had he taken refuge therein with children inside! Luckily he did not run over to the school's playground, where children were at the time, and take any hostage.

What was the officer thinking. Her boss calls her brave to have chased him and I guess that is so but I also wonder - was she afraid of shooting him and the outcome she might have to face had she done so. I believe that the leftists and lawyers (pretty much one and the same) in this country have police second guessing what they should do in such situations and sooner or later the outcome will be a chilling one. I also believe that may be the case (second guessing and uncertainty on the officer's part) here but that is just my guess. For all I know, she may not have fired because the children were in the path of any shot she could have taken. I hope that is the reason and not the other I just more or less surmised.

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Glenn B

I Find The Strangest Oddities In The Woods

I was stealthily walking through the lightly snow dusted woods a couple of weeks ago, hoping to bag a deer, when  came across something I have never found in the woods before. From a distance, it was at first what appeared to my eye to be nothing special if maybe a bit odd as to its location. As I drew closer though, I noticed a hole in the middle of it. I thought maybe it was an Indian artifact or something left behind from a bygone era of industry in the area. Then again though, the odd placement of it almost certainly ruled those things out.

The closer and closer I came to it, my little gray cells were left with pretty much one and only one idea of what it might have been and that was it had been someone's target. Still though, that was hard for me to believe because it would have been an odd choice for a target if not unique. Yet, it sure looked as if it had been used that way. Again, that was considering its placement because surely rocks do not naturally jump up onto the tops of fallen trees as this one had been placed. I made a bit of a detour from my chosen direction and headed over to it to take a better look.

As I got closer, I was almost convinced someone had taken aim at it and put a hole right through it even though I would have thought that would have resulted in it having been shattered into hundreds of pieces. This stone though was intact except for a fairly clean hole through its center from what I could see as I walked toward it. I kept trying to reason why someone would use a rock as a target and trying to rationalize that I must have been wrong in my assumption by thinking so - and I thought "no, it must be a drill hole". The closer I got though, the more I thought it was a bullet or slug hole, again based a lot on the stone's positioning.
An up close examination of the front of it and then of its back convinced me - the hole had either been made by a bullet or slug and I am guessing by a bullet from a high powered rifle; I think a slug would have shattered the stone and only a rifle bullet make as clean a hole but who knows. On its backside, it looked like an exit hole that a bullet or slug would make and that is what convinced me it had been used as a target. Now, am not a stone mason, don't know much about drilling holes though stone, but figure had that hole been drilled the exit hole would have been much cleaner - heck even the entry hole would have looked tighter. Anyway, why on earth would someone drill a hole in a stone like that and then perch it on a tree in the middle of a forest? It was on state land, during deer hunting season, and a lot of once a year shooter types were out and about and one of them forgetting to go to the range to sight in his rifle and still needing to do so once in the woods seemed the more likely cause.

This is the only shot taken with the flash, which really brought out its colors.
So, I cannot imagine this was anything other than a target, a one shot one at that. I guess whoever shot it must have thought his (or  her) rifle was sighted in properly. Something else I cannot imagine is me, my son, or any responsible hunter (or other gun owner) going out into the woods and setting up a fairly thick rock as a target. This was not a thin piece. The pen, used for scale, in the below photo is approximately 5/16 - 11/32 of an inch wide. The thickness of the stone was about 2 3/4 to 3 times as wide as the pen at center. That makes it about 1 " thick - more or less at center.

I can think of plenty of better things to shoot at in the woods as a target. Stumps of long dead trees (never shoot at live trees due to ricochet potential) immediately come to mind. Old plastic bottles or old soda/beer cans. Those last are not in abundance in the woods but with a little looking you can find one or more left behind by slobs. If not  out in the forest then a short walk back to the road, this stone was only a couple hundred or so yards from the road, would have you pretty easily find a can, bottle or other piece of trash more suitable as a target.

I imagine maybe someone dropped his rifle and was concerned if it was still zeroed, or as I said above may have forgotten to go to the range before going afield, but I still see no good reason to use a rock as a target. As for taking one shot, one shot does not tell all. It could have been a fluke but if the shooter knows his or her abilities it might have been enough to let him or her know the rifle was still zeroed - unless of course the recoil of that first shot changed that. Regardless of why the person needed or wanted to take a shot - a friggin rock was not a good choice of target. I think that even Elmer J. Fudd would have known better.

All the best,
Glenn B