Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Am Going Out Shooting This Weekend

I need a diversion because I am fed up with it all. Let's face it: there is just too much BS in politics, on television, in education, in the workplace and in life in general. There is also way too much socialism in our country, has been for way too many years and these latest screw ups of government run (as in mandated) health insurance along with the bailouts are just too much for me to bear and have put me in a downtrodden mood. I feel miserable about it all, and besides that work has been boring as can be imaginable and has had me away from home and loved ones for over two months now. So, I have decided that this coming weekend I am going to go out and shoot something (as in targets so don't get your panties all in a wad). That always makes me feel better! There is a certain soothing effect to exercising good marksmanship.

As a matter of fact, I bought 150 rounds of 9mm ammo today with this weekend's shooting in mind. That - combined with another 100 or so rounds I have on hand - should make for a relaxing day shooting especially since I plan to make every shot count. As far as what I will be targeting - I would like to hit things that jump around when I shoot em. Things like empty plastic water jugs, full water jugs with water with food coloring in hem, golf balls, tin cans, tethered balloons all make really fun targets. Problem is I don't know of any place around here where I can do that legally or safely. I probably could go way out in the desert on public land and do it but I'll have to check on that first.

So it winds up like this, I am thinking of the range and bringing the black targets. You know the ones, they spew greenish yellow stuff all over the black target area when you hit em so you know you were on the mark. Shoot and See or Shoot N'c or something like that. My guess is I will go to Ben Avery and probably fire of every round I have with me once I get set up there with my Glock 26. Of course, if I can scrounge up some .40 S&W rounds I will also fire off them from my issued SIG 229. If that still does not do the trick of getting me to my own personal Nirvana, I may also shoot the evil black Henry Survival Rifle too in which case the round count may move up by another 100 - 150. That many rounds will usually put me in a better mood or at least put me in a state where I have forgotten all about whatever it was that had been bothering me. If somehow not in a better mood by then, I may just have to make sure I have the 12 gauge along with me along with 25 or 30 rounds of slugs. If the others don't do it, that will surely hit the mark. Just how much my right shoulder will be aching should be enough to get my mind off of anything else but its a good sort of hurt! (That is akin to saying "but it's a dry heat" when talking about the temps in July in Las Vegas).

I don't know if it is just exercising good marksmanship, or making the mind and body work together in harmony to achieve it, or simply number of times I fire, or maybe just how long I am at it, or maybe even the aroma of spent primers and gunpowder in the air, or a combination of it all but somehow shooting makes me feel good and relaxes me beyond the scope of most of my other pastimes. It is my own personal best form of stress relief. Meditation or Yoga or running 5 miles or lifting weights - or a game of tennis - or whatever else just don't do it for me. Shooting is my way to achieve self discipline, enjoy a sport, enjoy a hobby and get some stress relief all in one activity. I don't mean I don't do other things. I am back into working out regularly, I go for walks, I love fishing, I like to blog, I have other hobbies and on and on. Yet, it is shooting that just makes me feel great even if I was feeling really crappy before starting out - the other things just can't compare. Mind you now, I do not mean feeling crappy as in being too tired too shoot safely - I would never shoot for sport or food when in an impaired condition either because of fatigue or something like alcohol use. If I am feeling that bad I'll take a nap before doing anything else. As to feeling crappy before a shoot, I do mean feeling less than jolly, maybe even feeling miserable mentally such as one gets from a way too rough day or week at work or when something has been on your mind and you need a diversion, and sometimes even feeling a but run down physically (but not overly tired as I said above). Shooting is the diversion for me that makes me feel better.

Of course, there are other reasons I shoot. I shoot because I enjoy it as a sport. I shoot because I want to be a capable shot when I hunt. I shoot to be able to defend myself and my family capably with a firearm because I intend to exercise my right to self defense, and defense of family, if ever need be again as I have done in the past. I also shoot because it is an integral part of my employment. Most of all I shoot because it is fun to shoot - more so when someone I know shoots with me - and especially when it is my son. I am still trying to get my daughter back into it and to get my wife into it, that would be grand indeed - shooting is a great family activity. Well, if nothing else this week - I am looking forward to the weekend and a good day at the range.

Edited on 03/25/2010 to add: I forgot one reason that I love to shoot. it pisses off the anti-gun crowd no end. That pleases almost as much as anything else about it.

All the best,
Glenn B