Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Opinion on the 12 Million Illegal Aliens...

...whom are estimated to be within the United States of America is that:

Today, May Day, the day of the commie, the day of the disgruntled bigmouth ultra leftist who wants to bring down capitalism and democracy, today, the day that just should be enjoyed as a springtime celebration of fertility and rebirth, thousands marched to scream in favor of legalizing those illegal aliens, in favor of giving them amnesty, and in favor of giving them U.S. citizenship. My prediction is that sooner of later, and probably sooner, these folks will, at least in part, have their way and the dirtbag illegal aliens, these criminals, they whose first act on U.S. soil often was a crime, will be legalized; and they will ultimately obtain citizenship. I am against it wholeheartedly, but I believe it is almost inevitable because those of us against work hard at our jobs and cannot afford to miss work like these bums to protest amnesty for them.

I also predict a bigger problem after they are made legal residents or citizens. These people, these aliens, the ones who folks like Rosie, Ted Kennedy and George Bush say are here to do jobs no U.S. Citizen or legal resident aliens will do, are going to be here legally too. So by the logic of the amnestites (is that a new word for someone who wants to give amnesty) those who have been granted amnesty, legal residency, and ultimately citizenship, will now too be those not willing to do the crappy jobs that citizens and legal residents do not want to do. How in Hades will we get anyone to do them? Of course the answer will be that we just keep the floodgates open, and the brown tide will continue to rush unchecked across our borders, washing away anything that resembled the mighty republic that we once had been. There will be little to no increased spending for fences, walls or border enforcement, there will be no new Immigration and Nationality Act to support legal immigration and deter or stop illegal entry by aliens in to the USA. There will be plenty of talk about it, and after awhile people will be distracted by the MSM who will present stories other than illegal immigration, and in 10 or 20 years time, the USA will be home to a whole new population of illegal aliens, maybe number 20 million or more. If you don't believe that, then just look to the amnesty that Ronald Reagan granted to the illegals (yes even Ron pulled some boners in his time as prez). I think he allowed in about 2 million, now 12 million are here.

People who come here should do so legally, in order to reap any of the benefits that this country has to offer. Anyone who thinks less, even U.S. Citizens who believe otherwise, are helping only to destroy our great nation, bring down our laws, waste our taxes, and do injustice to the rest of the citizenry. The problem is a disgrace; but one that could be easily fixed. We can lock down our border to only legal commerce, legal trade, and legal immigration - and all we need is the will to do so - and politicians with the backbone to carry out our will. We need to vote people into office not only of president and vice president, but into Congress, into state government, and into local government who will respect the borders of our nation, and who realize that a country without borders is no country at all. We need politicians who will fight to keep the USA American (and by that I mean nationality wise not continent wise). My guess is that most Americans are against amnesty of any sort, and we need some way to make ourselves heard, and the one sure way is by our vote. Yet by the time that election day rolls around it maybe too late, so we need to do something else instead of just mumble discontent amongst ourselves on blogs, in chat rooms, or in person. We need to start, and then continue writing to our elected and appointed public officials telling them that we want the illegal aliens removed from our country, that we want a real border barrier along both of our borders, that we want strict enforcement of our immigration and nationality laws that are already on the books, that we want sensible Immigration and nationality reform with reasonable limits placed upon the numbers of legal immigrants entering our land but not too include a free pass into our nation for millions of dregs from other lands, and that we want legal aliens to be required to pass a citizenship test within x number of years of their immigrating here, otherwise they will be deported back to whence they came, and that said citizenship test include that they be tested for a passable fluency in the English language so we do not ever again need to 'press 1 for English'.

Keep up the fight to save the USA, and to save legal immigration and respect for our country and its laws; our only chance to succeed comes at the cost of us taking action. If you want to do your part, start by looking at my government links on the right. I have links there for contacting the White House, and for contacting your senators in Washington. As for your representative in the House of representatives, you need to go to their main site, then enter your zip code plus 4 to find the web site of your rep, then contact them however they provide for on their own site. Keep up the fight, keep the USA full of US Citizens and Legal Resident Aliens (those who waited to enter legally not any who may in the future receive amnesty), let's get rid of the law breakers.

All the best,
Glenn B