Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Bush As President Probably Would Not Please Me...

...although I must say that it would please me a whole lot more than another screaming and whining liberal leftist. So when I read that Bush is stepping down from his position on a health care board (source), and thus looking as if he may be potentially more seriously in the running as a candidate than I had thought, I was not all that disappointed.

While I would rather not vote for him and while I have already stated who, right now, is my favored choice (although that choice may change) as the prime candidate for the presidency - I could see myself voting for another Bush (if nominated) instead of any liberal leftist demoncrat that might run in 2016.

Hopefully though, we will have a patriot with steel balls (or at least with brass balls) and with set convictions and ideals in the running and that's not certainly going to be a Bush, not by a longshot!

All the best,
Glenn B

First Christmas In My Lifetime Without... mom. She would have been 90 years old today. She and I had a rough relationship at times and at others we were like bees to honey. That's just the truth of the way it was for us but we always wound up good together and loving one another. I was there at her side for her last breath and am a better son for it. I miss her dearly at this moment.

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas mama.

While I am at it, Merry Christmas Raymond (my brother, also gone).

You are both dearly missed.


You know something, I never quite understood how people could write and post stuff like this before but I do now and I hang my head in shame today for ever having thought it stupid or for thinking it was any other thing than an honest expression of the love of a child for a missed parent. How ignorant I can be, and certainly how less than empathetic I can be, that is until I go through something myself and learn the hard way.


A Very Special Merry Christmas Wish To...

...all of our military and civilian personnel who are on foreign and home soil protecting us, our freedoms, our rights and liberties and our Constitution from they who would destroy us and the things we cherish. God bless each and every one of you, keep you safe and hurry you home.

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B