Saturday, April 21, 2018

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

An armed citizen with a gun shot and took down an alleged serial robbery suspect after which the police arrested the bad guy. Now, I do not know if it was the police or the media who gave no credit, in the linked article,  to the armed citizen good guy for having done the right thing but here is the reported reaction of Sheriff Richard Watson to the bad guy's arrest, as per this source:

"There was a lot of time invested to make this arrest and I'm very proud of the deputies involved to get this person charged."

Hopefully, the media just put their leftist slant on this and thereby left out some from of praise given to the shooter by the sheriff. Then again, it would not surprise me if the sheriff just ignored the fact that the bad guy had not been caught until the good guy shot him. Give the shooter at least a little credit.

All the best,
Glenn  B