Monday, May 26, 2014

Budwiper May Have Finally Gotten It Right...

...with their product (or Bud Light's product) Mang-O-Rita. I have had a few of them tonight and must say that they are a pretty tasty beverage and they have decent effect (at least on me). Four small cans of them have me decently buzzed. They are much better than Lime-A-Rita and I am sure (even though I never had one) that they are much more to my taste than the similar ones flavored like strawberries.

Mm-mm good.

All the best,

My Sister Sent Me An Email...

...just minutes ago (or at least that I read minutes ago) in which she called someone a "twat-waffle". In my 58 years, I have never heard that one, leave it to my own sister to enlighten me. I replied to her that:

The "fucking twat-waffle" that is a good one. I can only imagine how hard a woman's legs would have to clamp around my head to turn me into that - oh what a delightful thought!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then again sister-dear, what have you been doing?????? LOL."

That was appropriate, don't you think?

Oh well, life goes on.

Later 4 U,

Can You Help Me Figure Out The Caliber...

... of these massive looking shooters? Yes, that was a question for my red blooded manly readership and you ladies should notice that the "s" in the word shooters is crossed out making it another word altogether. Men (or women so inclined), take a look at the photo and tell me if you can guess the caliber of what this young female gunslinger is packing. A friend of mine said they were 40's maybe even 45's but I said they had to be 50 caliber - at the very least.

A hat tip to Richie M for this one.

All the best,

It's Kind Of Hard To Say - Happy Memorial Day...

...not because I am anti-military and not because I am a bad American (I am neither) but because this day is the one on which we are supposed to honor they who gave their lives in military service while defending our great nation. How can you easily look someone in the eye and tell them to have a happy day when they lost someone and today is the day to remember them? It is a tricky thing because the tears may flow as old wounds are brought to memory.

Nonetheless, I wish all of you a happy Memorial Day as I ponder what life would have been like had those who have fallen in our defense not made the ultimate sacrifice. While it does not in any way make me happy that they are gone from among us, I think we all can be happy that they were so courageous and patriotic to have defended us and that we live essentially as a free nation because of them. Take some time today to think about them and to honor them - we owe them our lives.

All the best,
Glenn B