Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coming Out In The Gay Community Can Be Difficult...

...and I do not mean coming out of the closet but coming out of the Ammo Locker! Seems it can be a bit tough for gay folks who are also 2nd Amendment advocates to cope with many of those in their communities (note that was plural as in the GBLT and RKBA communities) who see them as either turncoats or as abominations of the natural order (usually respectfully in that order).


I can say without a doubt that I am not a supporter of gay marriage nor of many of the so called gay rights (there are no gay rights just as there are no hetero rights there are just rights). However, while I do not agree with the gay lifestyle, I do tolerate gay folks while not accepting that being gay is anything other than abnormal (please note there is a difference between tolerance and accepting). Abnormal means exactly what is says, I am not saying that the GBLT lifestyle is evil or bad, I think it unnatural and that it is lived by so few as to be far below the norm numbers-wise. That is my opinion. If you don't like it - who cares, not me. If you like it - who cares,  also not me! Just saying but as I also said, I tolerate gays.n fact, I tolerate them just as I tolerate almost everyone else with ideas, beliefs, opinions, lifestyles, ethics and morals other than my own so long as you are not trying to violate my rights, control my liberties, convert me by force or harassment, tyrannize me, otherwise hurt or kill me because of the differences between our beliefs. Heck, if I can tolerate those on the far left, and those on the far right (both being pretty much absolute kooks) then I can tolerate almost anyone maybe even you. If you support the RKBA and liked Ronald Reagan, I even may tolerate you if I am convinced you otherwise are bonkers.

Anyway, I found the article quite interesting and quite full of irony. It is truly sad commentary on the state of the GLBT community when they, seemingly the majority of them in general, shun gun owners - even they who also happen to be gay. After all, isn't it the GBLT community, whom we hear, always screaming about tolerance. Yet, as I have known for many years already, who do not tolerate well their own kind who also happen to support the Right To Keep and Bear Arms.

Don't let me lead you astray though, the article is not mainly about tolerance or intolerance - it is about a gay shooter and supporter of the RKBA who is also a life NRA member. Then again, maybe tolerance is exactly what it is mainly about - just tolerance coming from the folks usually accused of being intolerant by the moaners, groaners and whiners. We firearms enthusiasts can seemingly tolerate just about anyone. As I said, it is quite the interesting piece.

Thanks to me having seen that article, there is a new blog appearing on my blog roll:

Top Shot Chris Cheng

It is listed in the Blue Zone, under the header - TAKE A SHOT WITH THESE SHOOTIST BLOGGERS, NOT AT THEM.

All the best,
Glenn B