Monday, June 20, 2016

This Man Makes A Lot More Sense On Orlando Than Does Obama


A hat tip to Al S. for ending me this one.

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Glenn B

Darned Gun Forum Glitches

A firearms forum that I visit regularly has been having a problem when a user tries to leave feedback, what they call a trader rating, for another user with whom each other were involved in a firearms related transaction via their site. In fact, hey have been having that problem for over 7 months now without being able to resolve it. What happens is that when you plug in the required URL for the sale or trade, on which to leave feedback, the system tell you that you are not leaving a valid URL. Back in April, I played around with it and was able to leave feedback for a buyer but when I tried to remember how I did that today, I was stumped. After about what I am guessing was realistically an hour or so, I figured out what to do to get the system to accept my feedback on a seller from who I bought a shotgun. The actual sale URL is in one format but in the trader rating area, the page shows a completely different format for the sale URL. So, I took the identifying numbers from the actually sale URL and plugged them into the example URL along with a couple or few other changes and after a couple of few tries, it worked.

I am guessing that one reason the feedback feature is not working with the actual sale URL is because if you type that URL into a forum post, it gets converted to a link made of words and does not show the actual sale URL. I figure the feedback system is doing likewise to I and thus it shows an error when input in the original format. For some reason though, when typed in the edited format based on the example they show, that URL does not get converted to words if typed into a post. I am no computer guy and may not be right about that last thing, regardless of that, I figured out how to leave feedback.

Al the best,
Glenn B