Saturday, April 30, 2022

If You Follow Fox News At All...

 ...then maybe a lot of what you have been reading on their site is that all the polls show that the Democrats do not stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning any or at least not most elections this November. They sure post enough about that subject that you almost cannot miss it unless you do so intentionally. 
I kind of, sort of, almost absolutely remember that was what they, at Fox News, said about Joe Biden's chances of becoming the president of the United States of America a couple of years or so ago. Remember that, they hammered us with all the reasons he would lose and when it came right down to it they were dead wrong.
I wish they'd stop what seemingly amounts to all the same type of balderdash now. Whether or not the polls show that the dems have a chance in November's elections, Fox is taking a big risk by them continually telling us that the dems do not stand a chance. In effect, they are most likely discouraging many Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians from voting. I mean, some folks must be wondering why they should bother going to the polls to vote if the Dems just do not have any chance of winning in the first place. Fox News is certainly making it seem that way. Of course - they could be wrong again. The way I see it, not only are they probably discouraging voters on the right - they probably are encouraging leftist voters to vote for the dems!!! 
So, I think, the result of such reporting by Fox News constantly telling folks that the dems cannot win, could be absolutely catastrophic because if they still control the House & Senate after November - this country is doomed to go broke before the 2024 presidential election.
My advice to Fox News is to shut the heck up when it comes to what they think are the dems chances of pulling off a win. Instead, why not simply encourage those on the right to vote to try to assure a better outcome for our country and maybe even that they at Fox News will not be dead wrong again.
All the best,
Glenn B