Friday, October 25, 2019

A Horse - A Horse - My Kingdom For A...

...Chunky Bar. I am in Texas and have a car, I don't need no stinkun' horses. What I needed this evening, what I craved this evening, what I wanted more than anything was a Chunky Bar. They seem none to popular here in Texas and all I can say is these Texans have no clue as to what they are missing. Even in NY - where they were created in the 1930s - by a NY Jew name of Silverstein - who named them after his chunky (as in flabby) granddaughter - they seemed scarce for the last couple or few years. Damn, if there ever is a Zombie Apocalypse they may become akin to Twinkies in the movie Zmbieland - they seem that ahrd to find.

While not the original recipe, they are delicious nonetheless being made of milk chocolate, peanuts and rasins. I am no big fan of milk chocolate either - the darker and stronger the chocolate, the better for me. Yet, when it comes to my favorites made of milk chocolate, Chunkies rate right up there with Mallow Cups. Mallow Cups are my favorite by far unless I am craving a Chunky Bar - then they equal one another.

No real dark chocolate to be found near my apartment even if I had craved it this evening, but as I said - tonight I craved a Chunky Bar. Well, I had to settle for a Milky Way bar. Not bad but no comparison to the other two.  Funny I should be suffering from such urges considering that this morning my doctor told me I lost 8 pounds since my last visit a couple or few weeks ago (due no doubt to a lower carb diet and dog walking from 4 to 6 miles daily for the past two weeks). I mean imagine craving a Chunky Bar, named after a chunky sized kid, and I am on a diet actually getting less chunky! Oh well, it's the weekend and I allow myself to indulge for one or two days, then back on the diet. Those two bottles of Spaten lager I had just before the Milky Way were pretty good too.

All the best,
Glenn B