Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cash For Clunkers Another Obama Adminsitraton Induced Panic This One Trying To Cloud The Issue Of Health Care Reform

The Following Is My Personal Opinion And Is Stated With All Due Respect To The Obama Administration:

Yeah, that's right people are once again being rewarded by the Obama Administration for doing wrong. First it was the banks, insurance companies and mortgage companies, then it was the automobile makers, now it is the people who for at least the past year have owned gas guzzling automobiles. Yes folks - the requirements of the official government program know as
The CAR Allowance Rebate System (CARS), a brainfart-child of the Obama Administration alone, mandates that in order for someone to qualify for this latest handout - they have had to have owned a gas guzzler for at least a year. Imagine the audacity of a program like this, or more so the audacity of the administration that created and pushed it down our throats. They have put aside billions - YES BILLIONS - of dollars to give to people who have owned gas guzzlers for the past year. Do you understand what that means?

That means that last year when gasoline was going for over $4.00, almost $5.00, a gallon - these assholes automobile owners were thumbing their noses at the rest of us and driving around using as much gas as they could and keeping the prices going up. They did not care about the price then for the most part. They snubbed their noses at us. (please bear in mind that many Americans have a need for a larger vehicle, or a more powerful one, and by that I mean a legitimate need. Then again who needs a Hummer in New York City - not much rough terrain to climb or fordable rivers to cross with it; and who needs a pick-up truck with a rear 4 wheel axle in Boston other than maybe someone in the hauling business, and who needs something like a muscle car - you get the picture. The jerks I am talking about are the arrogant SOBs who don't give a rats ass about anything except themselves and how much fun they can have at out expense. This goes across all political ideologies and is not limited to any single political, religious, ethnic, racial or gender group. So if you really needed a vehicle that was not all that great on gas, I am not talking about you - so please don't get your undies in a wad.)

As for the jerks, we thought then they got what they deserved; didn't we! They did not sell em because when they tried they could not sell em. Why? Because the rest of us were too smart and to conscious about conserving our resources to go for a gas hog at any price - no matter how cheap. Now though, our president and congresspeople, in their infinite lack of wisdom, have decided to give them up to $4,500 to buy new cars if they turn in there old ones; those same old ones that no one in their right minds would buy from them because they use too much gas. First they squandered our resources and their money and kept doing so by not outright junking those gas guzzling Godzillas and now President Obama and his cronies are rewarding them for their lack of judgement and outright foolishness. They would have been better off just banning any vehicle that did not achieve a certain number of miles per gallon instead of paying/rewarding people for their mistakes.

It also means something else. It means that the Obama Administration has started a cleverly timed panic among the population, or should I say a frenzy, over the CARS program. Why cleverly timed? Well, because it is distracting us from the whole issue of the Health care reform Bill and the fact that the liberals in Congress and the Presidential Administration are trying to push it through in a manner unprecedented in our nation's history. Congress is never in session in August folks except maybe due to national emergency like war. Yet Congress remains in session right now, and ultra liberal congresspeople keep screaming we need to pass health care reform fast - or else! Or else what??????? Or else they might have to read the actual bill, or else some of you may read, or else people may realize it is one of the worst pieces of legislation to come down the pike in a century, or else we may vote it down and save ourselves trillions of dollars and still have the best health care in the world barr none.

What have we done, or should I say what have you done? This is what some of you, the majority of you, elected into office and I can say that without a shred of doubt because I certainly did not vote for him. I would not vote for him back then, and I hope you have realized by now that your vote for him was a mistake. Maybe by next time around you will have realized that you need to vote for someone else, for something else, for a different party, for a different ideology, maybe next time you will vote after having given it some rational thought and using some logic. Community Organizer indeed. We sure aren't seeing much organization now - are we? What we are seeing is a panic driving administration of government - a panic not in government but a panic that government hopes to instill in us. This cash for gas guzzling cars thing has to be done - it will stop the all powerful and all evil environmental change (note they don't say global warming anymore because the globe is not warming after all). Do it now without regard for the consequences. One of the consequences has just been realized to be that the destruction of the engines of the traded in gas guzzlers may in fact cause as much or more pollution as running them. It is much the same with the whole health care issue. How many in Congress or even the president himself have read the actual bill in its entirety. I hear them say it has to be done, it has to be right away, it has to be quick, yet it has dragged out long enough for anyone to have read the whole health care bill at least once forwards and backwards. Yet they keep insisting it has to be done without delay. The same was true of what they said the bailouts of the auto industry and of the mortgage industry and of the insurance industry and of the financial industry. Funny though that each time none of these bills passed right away as they said needed to be done. in other words the politicians had time to actually think about what they were doing yet all they did was caused a panic by insisting it had to be done or we were doomed. Now they have done it with cash for clunkers, and they still want to do it with the health care system. If health care goes through the way Obama wants it - we are doomed to becoming a third world socialist nation.

You think about it if you have not already. Heck you have had enough time to think about it now for weeks. Write, email and call your politicians and tell them to stop CARS and tell them to vote down the health care reform bill. Now, without me trying to induce a panic, let me say there is some urgency to when you take action if only because they are trying to hoodwink you in the panic of the moment. If you hesitate to voice your opposition to the terrible piece of legislation known as the health care reform bill it may be passed before a week is over. Bear in mind that Nancy Pelosi asked for Congress to remain in session instead of taking August off as has been done since our capital has been Washington, DC. Why - because in the wink of a politicians eyes and the flash of one of those hypocrites' smiles the bill can be passed - but we will be paying for it for the rest of our lives. You, like they, have had weeks to think about it and read the bill - now you finally need to act. If you want to read it though, go here: http://energycommerce.house.gov/Press_111/20090714/aahca.pdf, but read quickly because they are trying to get it passed us before we can do anything about it.

Stop watching the sideshow of Cash For Clunkers, Stop paying attention to the smiles, the winks, the whining, the cajoling, the philandering of the politicians - stop and actually do something and voice your opposition to this before it is too late. Am I trying to induce panic - no I am not; although I am hoping to merely get you to take long overdue action to prevent bad legislation from screwing us once again. By now you would think we would have learned - we have had more than enough time to realize that this health care reform bill is bad medicine for all of us.

All the best,
Glenn B