Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Special Merry Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas MG of CA. I hope there was something that made your day merry today. 

Let there be no doubt in the mind of the person for whom I made that wish, I only know one person in CA with the initials MG.

All the best,
Glenn B

Well It's The Arse End of Christmas...

...hope you enjoyed your day & evening and that you have the opportunity to enjoy a very merry Christmas night with a few of the elves. If you are man of manly ilk, click the read more link below but if you are easily offended - keep away.

A Christmas Album - One of The Best

For some reason, embedding it is not bringing up the whole album, only one song. Try this link for the album:

Merry Christmas, 
Glenn B

Christmas 75 Years Ago Today - Lest We Forget

Although the picture is undated, The Battle Of The Bulge was raging relentlessly in and around the Belgian town of Bastogne and elsewhere during the Christmas season 1944. On December 22, 1944 American forces were outnumbered and completely surrounded in Bastogne and when the Germans demanded their surrender, the American commander responded with one word: NUTS. The outnumbered and outgunned Americans then defended the town until American forces under the command of general George S. Patton arrived a day or two after Christmas. We have plenty for which to be thankful to our military on this Christmas day 75 years later.

Merry Christmas & Season's Greetings to all who serve, especially those in foreign lands or over foreign skies and on the high seas away from home.

The Battle Of The Bulge, certainly among the greatest American victories, if not the greatest, in any war was raging during the Christmas season in 1944. It was the last great offensive push on the Western front by the German/Nazi forces in WWII. If not for the brave determination of our armed forces, the world may well have been a different place had the Germans won the battle.

All the best,
Glenn B

Christmas Breakfast

I often cook myself a big breakfast but am having a easier to make one this morning, just a couple of freshly baked biscuits each hiding Jimmy Dean sausage, a strong cup of black coffee (Fair Trade Peruvian), a cup of OJ mixed with wild cherry flavored seltzer, all surrounded by the love of you who sent me Christmas wishes. One of those cards is being held up by a glass containg a small dollop of Carolan's Irish Cream (more than a little early but it's Christmas).

Thank you all for helping make my Christmas a very merry one.

All the best
Glenn B

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Skye and I to all of you for celebrate. Enjoy your day - may it be blessed with the gifts of sharing the warmth & happiness of family, loved ones & friends or if alone then at least with the gifts of kind reminiscences of them and them of you. A special Christmas wish to all of our military service personnel on foreign land or on the seas - God bless you and protect all of you, each and every one - have a Merry Christmas.

Me, I am not alone this Christmas. I've got my mongrel Skye (aka: Skye Girl Of Tomorrow) and the three wisemen tortoises. I'm sure if they could talk, they'd wish you a Merry Christmas as well. 

First Christmas I can recall not having a tree so I lit up the dog.

Doesn't Skye look pretty in her Christmas present. I call it her new atomic collar, after all what would Skye Girl of Tomorrow wear if not atomic! It's still pretty dark out there when we start our walks some mornings; for instance we were out there today at about 0600 and the eastern sky had no real hint of the coming dawn and that lit up collar makes it a lot easier for drivers to see her during our early and late walks. End of the walk, at a few minutes past 0700, the sky was just lighting up nicely.

Right now, Skye is taking after after-walk snooze. I am sitting here enjoying a cup of very strong black coffee, I often need one after our morning walks. Sent a few text messages to family, hope to make some calls later on. I've got a nice rib-eye steak in the fridge that I'll cook up for our dinner (at least she'll get the bone, probably a nice chunk of the steak too), maybe I'll also boil a few shrimp too. I've got an HB Hefe Weisse waiting in the fridge, to be enjoyed with dinner and maybe will also have a wee dram of Kirschwasser. Figured I'd treat us to an extra nice dinner today being it's Christmas.

All the best,
Glenn B