Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking For That Blue Flame

Right now, I am enjoying a larger sized dollop of Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine White Lightning and some Moonshine cherries too. Their white lightning is only 100 proof and not near the much more zesty white lightning I have enjoyed in the past. For instance, the father of a couple of my friends used to make some truly excellent distilled spirits from things like grape, plum and other fruit peels (I kid you not grape peels were in the mix). As I remember, after all these years, his went from about 120 to 180 proof and what he made right around 136 proof was simply his best and marvelously smooth and delicious. He swore it could cure a cold and after imbibing it while so afflicted - I swear so too.

While that is forever gone to me, and certainly is also very missed (as is the dad of my two pals, he was a really nice guy) I just learned that they have a product at Ole Smokey of which I was previously unawares. It is called Blue Flame Moonshine and is 128 proof. You can bet I will commence seeking it out both high and low until I find a jar or three. I am hoping it will bring back memories of younger days with Mr. S insisting  that I have another and of me being only too happy to oblige him.

All the best,
Glenn B