Thursday, August 10, 2023

That Pellet Gun May Not Shoot Out An Eye But... may kill someone nontheless. A man in San Diego is alleged to have sent a group text message, saying: "I'm going hobo hunting with a pellet gun". A friend who reportedy was included among the recipiants allegedly joined him and drove him to an area frequented by homeless folks.
Sometime after that, San Diego police reportedly found a woman whom it turned out had been shot multiple times by a pellet gun. She was brought to a hospital and died therein three days later; one of the pellets reportedly had pierced her aorta.

The two young men, one reportedly 18 and the other 19, were arrested and charged in her death. More at the source.

Sometimes the warnings given to us by our moms are best taken as serious business full of wisdom and if  ot heeding that then it would be wise to heed morality and the law. Why anyone would do something as pathetic as hunting anyone at all, and if my guess is correct that they did it for fun, is beyond my comprehension except to imagine they are evil twisted despicable misfits who desrve the death penalty, or life in prison at the very least, if convicted as I see it. 
My other guess is that they will be crying crocodile tears in jail and claiming in court they didn't mean to hurt anyone; yet, hurt someone and do it fatally is allegdly exactly what was done by at least one of them with the other's assistance to some extent. 
Truly, our society has degraded to being the modern day Rome in as much as like the once mighty Roman Empire, it has fallen or is in the process of doing so. That is due, in great part, to political blunders of our so called leaders; to a lack of leaders and parents enforcing once accepted laws, rules and moral & social norms, to citizens who like spoiled brats must have everything their way no matter how twisted or perverse and to an invasion of aliens who have little to no interest in preserving what once made the United States of America a great and unified natiion.

All the best,
Glenn B