Monday, February 19, 2024

Cop Shoots At Handcuffed Suspect In His Police Vehicle After Mistaking Acorn Hitting His Vehicle As Gunshots

You really cannot make up stuff like this so it goes to prove fact is stranger than fiction or at least crazier! Reportedly, a police officer, who had placed an arrested and handcuffed suspect into a police vehicle mistakenly took the sound of an acorn hitting his vehicle as the handcuffed suspect firing a gun at him. That despite him not seeing an broken glass through which the suspect was supposedly firing and no flashes of gunfire from a muzzle nor even seeing a gun. The officer returned fire and emptied the mag in his pistol. To make it worse, the officer yelled out that he was hit but had not been hit by gunfire because no one was shooting at him - what an imagination! In addition, a second officer fearing the first was being shot and possibly killed, also opened fire on the police vehicle holding the arrested subject. Somehow, the prisoner was not shot but I would be willing to bet that he will be getting a small fortune once his lawyer files a lawsuit. Read about it here at the source:

Someone please tell me, did the cop who said he was hit also say: "...I'm good, I'm still weird but I'm good" at about 54 seconds of the video linked to in the article! Video link: That is a serious question so I'd really appreciate if someone else can clarify that for me. I ask because that is what I thought I heard but I sometimes don't perceive spoken words maybe as well as I should; so, can someone else confirm for me whether he said he was weird or not?

I also am left wondering: Why did he seem to groan as if in pain like he was really shot??? Why did he drop his pistol and leave it laying there for however long that he did so and then apparently roll around, seemingly dramatically, with his hands in the air??? Also, after all his shooting with no apparent shots coming from the vehicle, I at first thought his partner also may have been at fault for firing at the vehicle but once I saw the video, I realized why he or she was exonerated of any wrong doing and find myself thinking that was a good decision by department brass. All the shit needs to flow only in one direction regarding those at the scene and that direction is not onto the other officer. Of course, maybe the department will realize it needs to give pre-employment psych tests if not already doing so. If they already give them, then maybe they need to revise the tests or find a new doctor to read the test results.
I am willing to bet that squad unit may have needed a complete sterilization and maybe even have needed to have the rear seats and any carpet replaced because of the pile of poop the poor guy inside, who was being shot at, may have shot out of his arse (those likely being the only shots that he may have fired). He was one lucky guy that he did not get hit. I am guessing he will be the recipient of a large lump sum in an out of court settlement and rightly so in my opinion.
To say the least, this incident was mind boggling for me after having spent 32 years plus in federal law enforcement and after having performed collateral duties as a firearms instructor for 16 of those years. Had an agent I just trained ever done something like that, I think maybe I would have had to give up being an instructor.
All the best,
Glenn B