Monday, October 9, 2006

Wyoming Report - yee ha

The trip to WY yesterday was great. I got up early, tired, with too little sleep and was soon on my way because the taxi to the airport was precisely on time and there was no traffic. The flight was shorter than expected, only about 3 hours 50 minutes. That was only NYC to Denver, but when I drive from NYC to Binghamton, NY that is about how long it takes, andsometimes to drive round trip to NYC from my house on Long Island, 23 miles each way, takes longer - go figure. Besides being quick the flight was nice even though I was in the middle seat. No meal but that was okay for the low fare I got.

My buddy Don was at the baggage carousel to meet me. Then we were off to Wyoming. We made a pit stop along the way in Loveland, CO to eat; and then to and look at guns in a sporting goods store. Then to Cheyenne, WY where we made a stop at Sportsman's Outlet on Lincoln Way. Great place, nice folks. Then off to pick up a botlle of Glenfiddich, and off to Don's place. We had a few ciders, a few ales, a few scotches, and chewed the fat, and then I hit the hay.

His place literally is in the middle of nowhere. His closest neighbor is about 7 miles away. Gotta love it. He lives there with his two killer cats, some guns, and a neat home defense system which I will not get into. If you want to find out about it first hand, just locate his place, break in, but that is only if you are dying to learn about it.

Today we go to town. More on that later...

By the way, is it true those N. Koreans have done it? That is what I heard, but since Don has no TV cable or satellite I have not seen the news. Have to check They need to be dealh with quickly if that is the case. An assasination of a leader may be in order.

All the best,