Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Few Wedding Shots...

...and no they were not taken with the Glock but with a Canon.

The Soon To Be Bride and Her Mom
Just Before Leaving Home In The Limo.

The Beautiful Bride In The Limo
And On The Way To The Beach.

The Limo Party Crew Minus The Bride and Yours Truly.

Yours Truly Taking Self Portrait In The New Suit, New Tie
and Minus About A Pound of Hair I Had The Day Before.
The Suit Was Ruined At Reception - Don't Ask!

Her Answer To Me When I Asked Something
Like: Are You Ready To Exit The Limo
And Get The Show Started? I Kept Telling
Her There Was Time To Make A Train
To Get Away To Mexico or Canada.

Checking Out The Bride's
& Bridesmaids' Flowers.

The Paid Photographer -
Who Needed Him When They Had Me!

The Bride, Matron of Honor &
Bridesmaids (one bridesmaid
is missing for some reason).

The Bride and The Wedding Arbor.

The Bride & Groom.

Yowza, Not Married Yet!

Must Have Be Married By This One.
No Wedding Shots As That Is All Video.
Maybe The Next Couple To Marry,
The Brother of The Bride and His Girlfriend.

Father of The Groom And I Don't
Know Who - Either Friend or Family.

Best man, brother of the
Groom, and his girlfriend.

Best man's Girlfriend, The Groom
and The Mother Of The Groom.

The Groom's Beaming Mother-In-Law.
Yes that would be my wife.

All three of the bridesmaids.

Yes, It Is All Legal By Now Because
By This Point They Were married For Sure.
Time To Take A Break And Chow Down.
Well, Right After Someone Stops Taking Pictures.

The $550 cake. I Would
Have Preferred Enteman's.

Ouch, Are You Actually Cutting It!


It was their day on this past Saturday and you could tell that simply by looking at the bride and groom. Phil and Celina were beaming with happiness beforehand and once man and wife they were radiant with even more joy than could be imagined.

It could not have been a nicer day. As had been planned, the service took place on the beach. The sun started sneaking out a bit soon after we arrived at the restaurant for the wedding. Then it came out more and more once the service had begun and after a few more minutes it suddenly burst out in full force. There were plenty of clouds but not one to block the sun, it was as if the clouds were spreading out to let the sun shine through right on the wedding. The bride and groom were fantastic and the service, given by a justice of the peace, was truly memorable. We stayed outside for an hour or so, after the service, for the cocktail hour and then moved inside for the remainder of the celebration. All I can say is that it truly was excellent and that is coming from one hard to satisfy SOB (as in me). It could not have been better!

All the best,
Glenn B