Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Blogging Yesterday...

...because I was just too damned busy trying to make some money by running a garage sale. Actually it was a driveway sale, I wasn't letting anyone into my garage. On Friday, I pulled out a load of junk of stuff that I and other family members were not using any longer, cleaned off whatever of it that needed cleaning, put an ad on both Craig's List and Backpage and made a few signs that I hung on telephone poles in the neighborhood. I also remembered to go to the bank to get plenty of fives and ones for change. Then, in the evening, I started putting price stickers on most of it. Once that was done, I cracked open a couple of beers and a bottle of 12 year old single malt Knappogue Castle Irish whiskey (a present from my brother-in-law the younger) and enjoyed it with my son and one of his friends (the other two of his friends there when I cracked it open were  too pussy
not whiskey drinkers - thus more for me for later.
On Saturday, I got up early, set up four tables in my driveway, threw all the crap items that would fit onto them, laid some more on the ground all around the drive and sat my arse in a folding chair awaiting customers. My son also hung another two signs for me. As for the customers, they came but not in droves. Most of the cheap bastards browsers who showed up did not spend even a buck (the lowest price I would accept on anything).

In all, I sold only eight things or $146 worth of shit our belongings to a total of six buyers who were kind enough to spend some of their money at y place. One buyer bought three items for a total of $50 and the rest bought one bauble each and then there was the Red Foot Tortoise that I sold for $80. As for what I was selling, I thought actually had some nice things out that for which there was little to absolutely zero interest such as a compound bow with arrows, quiver and counterweight, some framed Goebels' mini M.I. Hummel plates, a weight bench in excellent condition, collectible beer steins, some milsurp ammo, a Moroccan Koumaya, a nice ZSchrrade olt Timer (made in USA vintage fixed blade sheath knife), some firearms accessories (some in new condition), fishing lures & tackle (also brand new) and some other decent offerings; and yes there was also a lot of rubbish for sale. Some of the other things I sold were on the junkier side, like a nylon handbag and a broken (maybe fake) pewter stein. Go figure!

I took the $80 from my tortoise sale and put that in my pocket. Then I took the remaining $66, divided it by three and gave $22 each to my daughter, daughter and son. At the least they can buy a few gallons of gas for their cars although I would bet my son spent his while out getting sloshed last night. I spent around $140 on supplies at a reptile show today where I was helping to man the Long Island Herpetological Society's table. Well, I really only made $100 in purchases, the other $40 was a donation I made to the society. The $80 for the tortoise helped out considerably with today's outward cash flow; still though, I wish I had moved sold totally useless pieces of trash good stuff yesterday. Luckily the urge to buy a new herp did not bite me today or I would have spent more. That could have been because, while at the show,  I adopted a Crested Gecko for free -  so why bother buying one.

A final thing about the sale yesterday - after it was over, I put away the good things and then smashed up all the junk and threw it in the garbage; I did not want anyone who attended the sale (and who bought nothing) coming by and finding anything worth taking in my trash. That just made me think, I have to put that trash out tonight and also have to go take down the four signs we put up before I get a summons for them. Gotta go, later 4 U.

All the best,