Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Wonder The Arctic Ice Cap Is Vanishing

Whilst the libtards have been screaming about Global Warming having been George W. Bush's fault, the truth is that Climate Change (remember the libs changed names from Global Warming to Climate Change once their facts were found to be dubious) seems to be at its worst under Obummer. Think about that, it has not been this cold in the USA for over 100 years in many parts of the country. No, I am not blaming Obummer as leftists would blame and have blamed Bush, I am just stating a coincidence that may have driven the forces of nature to have been twisted by powers with a foul weathered sense of humor and a chilling one at that.

So while those libs must have gotten it wrong when they called it Global Warming, if anything, they may have gotten it right about it being Climate Change. The climate sure has been changing around here, sort of just as you would expect it to do what with the change of seasons. Now maybe it is a bit more at that as it sure is colder than usual. Yet, as evidenced by the current weather change in the US of A is definitely not global WARMING but by some corrupted manner of thinking it may be local warming - at least local in the Arctic. Seems that Mother Nature or God or the Fates has or have a nasty sense of humor. If there has been any reported, that the Arctic is warming and has lost most of the polar ice cap, one has to wonder how and why with all this cold weather hitting us now. The only thing I can think up is that as the forces of Mother Nature have moved all the cold air south, into our area AND those same forces have pushed all the warm air up north. That would fit in with Local Warming anyway cause as I said it sure ain't global. Then again, how is it that all that cold air was already in the north to be sent here if it already had been getting warmer over all the years they have been screaming about Global Warming and Climate Change. I guess maybe they were and remain wrong and the North Friggin Pole is as cold as ever - otherwise where did all this cold air come from!

It is 8.7 friggin degrees in the village in which I live. Prudently, I had my oil tank filled a week or so ago and do not need an emergency oil delivery. Sadly, the oil is being consumed at a record pace. Luckily, the weather is supposed to change and gradually, dare I say it, warm up over the next few days. That is at least here in NY near the coast. I should point out that the warmer temps will be much more within normal range for this area than are the current blue-balled special temperatures to which we have plummeted and will even get somewhat balmy for at least the weekend - the high on Saturday predicted to be in the low 50s. I am thankful for that, as I am sure will be millions of other folks. My bet is that all of us, including hard left liberals, probably would not mind a bit of Global Warming right about now.

All the best,
Glenn B

Hey NY Gun Owners - Want To Get Really Pissed Off

... that is if you are a responsible gun owner in NY State. Then go ahead and read the linked article; it is sure to make your head spin in amazement and to raise your blood pressure and ire beyond those of mere mortal men. The article claims, in essence, that Jerome Hauer (NY State Commissioner of the Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services) was allegedly absolutely unsafe and reckless with his pistol, and apparently unnecessarily endangered the lives of others in doing so. In a million years I would never have imagined anyone doing what it is claimed he did - thus one of the reasons I tend to believe the story - you can't make up stuff like that! See:

If it can be documented that Hauer actually did what it is claimed he did, then it should also make each and every one of us, that is all responsible NY gun owners, petition the governor's office to have this guy fired. Then we need to demand that the NYS Police revoke his pistol license, or that the state revoke any exemption to a license it may have granted him in connection with his employment, and furthermore the NYS Police arrest him for  brandishing a firearm and reckless endangerment (or the equivalent) under NY State law. If horse whipping was still in vogue, and legal as a punishment fitting the crime, then I might have argued to include that too. 

Oh yeah, that's right - he is one of Tyrant Cuomo's minion. How could I be so foolish to have suggested him being punished in any manner for an act that would have gotten the rest of us arrested immediately if not sooner. After all, last I can recall, it always seems to okay, in the eyes of political gun grabbing jackasses like Cuomo, for their henchmen to be armed and show no regard for firearms safety, for the law or for the rights of the people. FUAC.
All the best,
Glenn B