Monday, December 8, 2014

When One Of These Hoodlums Is Shot And Killed...

...will it be a repeat of Fergusson if the shooter was a white Bosnian who was protecting his or her life from hammer wielding black thugs who were pounding on their cars and threatening their lives? I would be tthat yes, that is exactly what will happen and Al Sharpton, the blabbermouth of blabbermouths will be out race bating as usual and totally disregarding the facts. I have not seen one of the Fergusson protestors out there to protest the racial beating of the latest Bosnian victim nor to protest the obvious racially motivated killing of the prior one but I am sure they would be out there calling for blood if a Bosnian killed one of these thugs in self defense. You can probably safely bet that at least one such assailant will be shot or beaten to death in the near future if these attacks keep happening as I certainly doubt the Bosnian community will settle for continued attacks and will defend themselves as legally justifiable and as necessary.


And see:

That authorities are not saying the killing was a racially motivated hate crime is beyond comprehension but then that would not be politically correct; yet, it probably would be the truth.

All the best,
Glenn B