Monday, June 15, 2015

I Couldn't See Sticking This Inside My Toilet...

...and think that maybe I found and even better use for it. Yeah, yeah, yeah - it's an Andrew Cuomo Urinal Target but it gave me great pleasure to use it elsewhere. I didn't want to take the chance of flushing it down the bowl and having that get stuck in the pipe and causing a back-up; I mean we are going through enough shit in NYS because  of him - who needs more. So, I think I found another suitable application for it. What do you think?

By the way, his nose is dead center over the center of the bullseye and my second dart was right on the mark. I kind of enjoyed using it as a dartboard target instead of using it in the commode. It certainly seems to have improved my dart throwing anyway.

Please note that in no way does my use of it as a dartboard target signify, directly or indirectly, in any way, shape, manner or form that I wish to illegally harm Governor Cuomo or condone anyone else illegally harming him. You safely can bet though, my use of it as a target for darts signifies my utter disgust with his politics, policies and governorship to date and that I see him as an anti-Constitutional, anti-liberty, anti-rights, petty tyrant who, in my opinion, is totally un-American. FUAC!

All the best,
Glenn B

I Had A Dream, After All A Man Has To Dream...

...and it's what he dreams about that makes him the man he becomes.

If you have ever dreamed about this, you may someday achieve the impossible, at least what was impossible today.
All the best,

The New Negro...

...had an article in its October 1919 edition with the title: "The Women Of Our Race". 

I would bet the author Hubert Harrison, as radical a socialist he was in his time, never envisioned an alleged imposter like this as being one of them:

Leftists just totally are bizarre in what they seemingly will do to satisfy their own twisted personal needs and egos.

All the best,


All The Kings Men May Be Screwing Up Search For Escaped Killers.. New York but not without help from that pompous politico, apparent wanna-be tyrant, Andrew Cuomo. It has been reported that the NY State Police, the lead department in the search for two escaped killers in NY, have refused to share all information with other departments and agencies involved in the same search and that has already led to at least one very potentially encounter between members of different LE departments. 

In addition, King Andy got personally involved in the operations on day one. He also demanded that all law enforcement officers, except NY State Police, had to vacate a room in which he was holding a press conference. It seems like all so much egotism gone berserk.

When LE departments do not share information, with others assisting in the same investigation, you can bet it all boils down to politics, petty bickering and to the lead agency trying to look good. The FBI is notorious for it and now it seems that the NY State Police and King Andy are looking to puff up their own egos and boost Cuomo's political stature. They are seemingly doing so at the risk of either the escaped killers remaining free or at risk of LEOs being injured by one another because the one hand does not know what the other is doing. More here.

All the best,
Glenn  B

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished & Maybe No Stupid One Unrewarded...

...after all drunks survive accidents in which they kill others, assholes seem to be the winners all to often, scumbags often wind up at the top and on and on all the way down to normal Joes and Janes just doing it wrong out of ignorance and yet winning big.

As for no stupid deed going unrewarded, take for example the case of Christian Pham (not that I am saying he is any of those nasty types I mentioned above) who was a player in the Las Vegas World Series of Poker. He paid his entry fee and sat down to play no limit Texas Holdem. Much to his surprise though he was dealt five cards and immediately knew something was wrong because in Texas Holdem he would have been dealt two to begin with.

It wound up that he had inadvertently made a stupid mistake and had registered for Low Ball. Low Ball, as I am well aware, is a very different game than any other poker game (at least that I have ever played);,it takes a sort of a different mindset to win because you goal is to have the worst possible hand to win. Well, despite supposedly never having played before, Mr. Pham wound up beating 219 other players and winning over $80K and a tournament winner's gold bracelet. More here.

I should make such stupid mistakes and wind up having the same luck! I guess I can at least look at it this way, after all of my stupid mistakes to date, at least I am not dead yet and perhaps that is a kind of reward, I suppose.

All the best,
Glenn B