Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shock and Awe - Part 2...

...or is it just going to be shock. The White House is telling us that there is an imminent announcement to be made that will shock all Americans concerning the attempted Christmas Day bombing of the Northwest Airline's flight From Nigeria-Amsterdam to Detroit. Well, not much would shock me on the subject although I will admit a few shocking possibilities do come to mind:

For example, I would be shocked to hear:

The president say that a U.S. Government official was complicit in the bombing attempt and then actually have real unadulterated evidence to back-up his allegations.

That the government is going to profile Islamic men and women from now on in order to safeguard Americans.

That the U.S. will go full force in the Global War on Terrorism (heck even that they admit there is such a thing would be amazing).

I would also be shocked to learn that Janet Napolitano has resigned because of admitted incompetence.

Furthermore I would be shocked to learn that Attorney General Eric Holder has also admitted that he is incompetent and has resigned.

That the National Security Advisor James Jones has stepped down because of admitted incompetence.

In addition, I would be shocked to learn that President Obama has admitted that all or anyone, of the above are/is incompetent (least shocking would be for him to oust Napalitano).

About the only other thing that would shock me would be if President Obama announces that he is going to retire because he is incompetent and note I am not commenting on whether or not I believe him incompetent but as to whether or not he will admit it and then retire.

Things that would not shock me would be:

I would not be shocked to learn:

That a U.S. Government official, foreign government official, or airline employee has been thrown to the wolves as a scapegoat based on trumped up charges.

That gross incompetence on the part of a government employee, his boss, that bosses superiors, all the way up the chain caused this screw up and led to this terrorist being allowed to fly (but it would shock me to hear the president actually admit this, especially the part about incompetence going to the top).

That a few other terrorists had been arrested on the same day before being allowed to board other flights to the USA.

That the guy was loaded with the Ebola virus and now has infected others in the U.S..

That Nancy Pelosi blames George W. Bush for this.

That the Republicans blame the Democrats or that the Democrats blame the Republicans.

That the terrorist got the explosives on the aircraft and did not bring them on with him.

That passengers will have to go through a full strip search and body cavity search each and every time they fly.

That the presidential administration says the terrorist was innocent and that the guy who prevented him from blowing up the plane was the real bad guy in the administration's viewpoint.

Of course, there are lots of other possibilities that would not shock me. I suppose there also are a couple of other things that might shock me. One would be that Osama bin Laden has turned himself in because this last event made him feel awful. No I was just wrong, there are not a couple of other things that come to mind that would shock me, just that one last thing completed the list but it ain't gonna happen.

All the best,
Glenn B