Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It's Time To Cull...

...blogs from my blogroll. As you know, if you have ever looked at my blogrolls, I in essence have three of them. There is one with links to the blogs of bloggers I have met, one with links to the blogs of bloggers who have had the courtesy to link to my page once I linked to theirs (or vice versa) and yet another one with links to the blogs of bloggers I find worthy even though they have not given me a reciprocal link. Well, after having some of the later links in my blogroll for years, I have decided that it is time to remove the links to the blogs of freeloaders who have not given me a reciprocal courtesy link in their blogs.

Now, while I am going to remove some of the links, it will not be all of them who do not link reciprocally. If another blogger, for some reason, does not have a blogroll at all, it is likely I will not remove that blog from my link list. On the other hand if a blogger, to whose blog I have supplied a link, has a blogroll on his or her blog to the blogs of other bloggers but has decided for whatever reason to leave mine off of the list I look at it as - why should link to them!

This is absolutely nothing personal and was not instigated by anyone from any of these blogs doing anything in particular. Instead what got me to even consider this, let alone do it, was other bloggers seemingly not doing something by lacking common courtesy. I, for one, am absolutely sick of folks who claim to be conservatives or libertarians or good guys/gals but yet who lack what was once known as common courtesy. Today, the whole ideal of common courtesy is quite uncommon and I truly believe there is no reason for me to support anyone who exercises the lack of it. So when they have other bloggers of their choosing on a blogroll but not a reciprocal link to mine, I have come to the conclusion why bother with them.

Yes, they can pick and choose whomever they desire to place onto their blogroll. The again, that is no excuse for not exercising reciprocal and or common courtesy. In other words, no respect deserves likewise and thus there is no reason for me to show them any measure of respect by keeping their blogs on my blog roll. Not that they give a rat's arse about me doing so but it gives me some measure of satisfaction to drain the swamp my link lists of those who lack what should be a common trait among us all.

If you are thinking it possible that any of he folks I am removing from my blogroll are unaware that I link to them, I made several, if not the great majority, of them aware of it over the years. If someone whose blog is being removed would like to see a link to their blog continue in my blogroll, please let me know and if you offer to do a reciprocal link I will relink to your blog. Along these same lines, if there is anyone out there who has my blog on their blogroll and I have not reciprocated, it is likely that is because I am unaware of such so please let me know and if there is not a gross idealistic conflict of interest that may preclude such, I will gladly give you a link.

So, at least for now, out are:

Irons In The Fire

Lurking Rhythmically

The Bearded Backyarder

Peace or Freedom

Sharp As A Marble

The Smallest Minority


dad's deadpool blog


In Jennifer's Head

The Gundoc's Doctrine (Blog deleted by the authors)

Tales From The Clothesline and the blog it merged or morphed into Haze Gray and Red Clay

A Man, A Dog And A Gun

Random Nuclear Strikes

Gun Pundit

Home On The Range

That is all,
Glenn B


Leftists Were One Of The Reasons I Moved Out Of NYC...

...and as you can see from this linked article about NYC Council scum sitting for the national anthem (eve to lazy to kneel) - nothing there has changed since I moved away about 23 years ago. Well, that is nothing has changed except that it has gotten much worse as in more akin to an anti-American communist Utopia. Fuck them! Now if only my wife would agree to leave NYS altogether, we could be living in, and enjoying, Paradise in a freer state!

All the best,
Glenn B

Get A Job

A job will put money in your pocket and the longer your tenure and harder you work, while playing by the rules of your employer, you should see rewards in the form of raises, promotions and possibly bonuses come your way.
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