Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I Am Sitting Here In The Sun On My Bench...

...and no it's not the Group W bench and there ain't no mother rapers or father rapers even close as far as I know. I am enjoying a glass a tart cherry juice (supposed to do wonders to alleviate the gout) with some Kirschwasser in it (pretty good at causing the gout but only a wee dram) and I am enjoying the aromas of two pork shoulder roasts. One is on my BBQ grill maybe 15 feet from me and the other is in the oven in my kitchen. My bench is directly under the vent for the range hood and the hood's fan is on thus bathing me in the aroma of roasting pork. Every now and again, the breeze whips around in a dizzying but delightful eddy and causes the aroma from the roast in the grill to hit me smack dab in my face. There is a bit of a difference between the smells from each roast but both are damned fine on the nose and are making my mouth water in anticipation. 

Some sourkraut, baked beans and some freshly baked biscuits will complete tonight's dinner. I am getting hungrier and hungrier thinking about it with the ever so amazing aroma of roast pork all around me.

As to why I decided to BBQ today,  I figured why not BBQ today when it's 43 degrees or so (getting chillier now) and sunny since tomorrow's forecast promises cold and lots of rain and snow.

Al the best,
Glenn B