Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paula Deen versus Robert Byrd

I am not a Paula Deen fan, I do not think I ever heard of her (and if I had then I forgot all about her) before the recent blow-up over her having used the word "nigger". When I saw the accompanying poster, the comparison of her to Senator Robert Byrd, I had to share it because it shows the hypocrisy of those who make a big deal over such things along political lines. When it suits them to keep someone on that they like, then so be it regardless of their transgressions. Yet, when they want to drag someone down and figuratively press the life out of them, it becomes just like the Salem Witch Trials. Once accused by the mob - you are guilty and without chance to repent or save yourself and you are doomed to a terrible end leading to oblivion. It is a sad world in which we live when speech, maybe in anger, in jest or just in bad taste speaks louder than our accumulated actions of a lifetime.

Think of it - no matter how many times she said such an offensive word, was it worse than Senator Byrd being a member of the KKK and recruiting others to join it. Not only was he a member and recruiter for the KKK, he reportedly was elected to be his chapter's top officer. See:

Did Paula Deen's success deserve to be destroyed while the libtards kept reelecting Senator Byrd and praising him as a great and wonderful Senator. The discrepancy between how both were treated is astounding. Thus, I agree with Michael Savage: 'liberalism is a mental disorder'.

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Glenn B

Normal LGBT Community Folks We Are Supposed To Tolerate???

I'm sorry officer, was I dressed inappropriately in public!
There are, I think, way too many examples of absolutely horrendous freaks people, like these pictured, who live and play among the LGBT community and who get that community's full support and acceptance as normal. If this is what we, heterosexual folks, are supposed to tolerate as normal in our lives, as they parade around out in public like that, then I think we are long overdue for a cleansing Apocalypse of sorts to straighten things out. Of course, I could be wrong, the one on the left could be a real woman (ROTFLMAO).

Photo blatantly lifted from:

A hat tip to Wirecutter for posting that one.

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Glenn B

Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot - Late Start But Our Planning Has Begun

Last year, Brendan and I attended the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot at a zooperzeeKrit location in New England. About a week or two ago, I sent Jay G and email to inquire when the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot would be held. Apparently I missed his first two blog posts about it in early June and early July (I do not know how as his blog MA-rooned is probably tied with Knuckledraggin My Life Away as the blogs most read by me). He told me it is set for August 3rd.

Of course, being The Great Procrastinator, I put it on the back 
burner and forgot all about it. Today, I checked out Jay's blog and saw that he had a reminder and update about the bloggershoot and suddenly I smelled something burning in the kitchen. Yep, that pot full of hurry up wait to make a hotel reservation, that I had put on the back burner, was smoldering and boiling over. So I decided to get it done and made a reservation for a hotel up near the site of the shoot. In most years gone by I probably would have chosen a Motel 6 for a trip like this, but since we will be staying just one night I figured why not do a little better and made a reservation at the same place as last year in a Holiday Inn; that way I will add points to my IHG Club account (formerly Priority Club).

Now, I have got to decide what to bring along the line of boomers. I guess a lot of that will depend upon of which ammo I have an abundance. With ammo prices the way they are and with the evident shortages of ammo, I will have to be frugal as to what ammo and how much of it we shoot. Someone asked other blogshooters to bring any surplus .40 S&W. I think I have some extra that I can afford to trade, so I will bring it along. I am none to sure yet as to what I will bring along to shoot. I am pretty sure though that the boomers will include a Mosin Nagant or two, my Remington R1 1911, my Glock 26, an SKS and an AK and at least one of my son's ARs and his Mossberg 500. Then there will b the mandatory 22 pistol and or rifle from our collection. I guess it is high time to start doing an inventory of the ammo locker and to inspect and clean our weapons. A maintenance cleaning is overdue anyway.

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Glenn B