Monday, April 27, 2020

Returning The Stimulus Money - It's Probably As Difficult As I Had Thought

Lat week, or thereabout, I sent messages to both of my senators from Texas - Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. In those messages, I asked each of them how I could go about returning to the government the stimulus money that had been paid to my wife & I via unsolicited and unwanted direct deposit to our bank account. Ted Cruz has not yet replied and that was pretty much expected based on my past correspondence to him - he takes a long time to get back to his constituents. John Cornyn got back to me I think the same day to acknowledge receipt of my message. Yesterday, I got a second email from Cornyn, it appears in its full text below  - you can read it or not but if you do not care to read his blather ten allow me to just say that he did not at all address the specific issue I asked him about - returning the stimulus money to the government.

Dear Glenn:
Thank you for contacting me regarding recovery rebate checks. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on these important matters.
I understand this is a time of serious uncertainty for both the physical and financial health of our nation. I want to assure Texans that Congress is committed to finding the best solutions to address the economic challenges many people are facing due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
As you know, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (P.L. 116-136), provides direct payments of up to $1,200 for individual Americans. These recovery rebate checks will be distributed through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Individuals with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less, and taxpayers who have filed as “head of household” with an income of $112,500 or less, who are not claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer and have a work-eligible Social Security Number, are eligible for the full $1,200 rebate. Households with children are also eligible to receive an additional $500 for each child if the parent’s or parents’ income qualifies, which is generally determined by the same rules in place for the Child Tax Credit.
For the vast majority of Americans, no action on their part will be required to receive a recovery rebate check since they will be based on the adjusted gross income reported on an individual or couple’s 2018 and 2019 tax returns. In addition, Social Security recipients who are not required to file a tax return and meet all of the other qualifications will receive their direct payments as they would normally receive their benefits. For more information about the recovery rebate checks, including questions about eligibility, payment amounts, and additional updates, you may visit the IRS website at
When a program of this scale is implemented at such a rapid pace, it is understandable that some challenges will arise. Rest assured, I am in constant communication with the IRS to get your questions answered and improve this process for all Texans.
If you are having trouble and need individual assistance, you may visit my website to find answers to a variety of frequently asked questions at: .
I appreciate having the opportunity to represent Texas in the United States Senate, and you may be certain that my staff and I will continue to closely monitor the status of the COVID-19. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.
United States Senator

Yes he made reference to the stimulus payments in a broad political balderdash filled manner but he did not answer the very simple question, in essence: 'what official mechanism is in place to allow us to send the stimulus money back to the government'.

We do not need the money and we do not want to contribute to what almost certainly will be the super-high inflation and increased taxation that will slam the citizens and other tax payers of this country due to this idiotic stimulus plan that was only needed in the first place because of political panic over a disease that to date every politician has gotten most everything wrong about - including and especially shutting down our economy over it.

We may be the only two people in the country who are trying to give it back. Of course, if they tell me there is no mechanism to give it back, then we plan to keep it and give at least a decent percentage to charity. The rest, well we will split that and I would spend mine on goods made in the USA. I'll give them another week.

All the best,
Glenn B