Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Got Lucky Today

Yes we got lucky today but it had nothing to do with hooking up with a couple of hot babes and not even a thing to do with hooking a fish. As a matter of fact, we struck out when fishing at Byer's Lake today in or near to Denali State Park.

Neither were we lucky when we stopped at the Denali South Viewpoint in Denali State Park because we saw this:

Our luck came later, after seeing the cloud covered view toward Denali and after going out on Byer's Lake in a rental canoe for three hours of fishless fishing (even though that sure beat working). Our luck came when we headed back south and decided to stop once again at the viewpoint and we saw this:

I will post more pics of it once home and I have my laptop. It's just too much of a pain to do it on my phone. Let me just say this, that mountain was just over 40 miles from us but seeing it was like catching your first big fish or getting that first kiss from your first date or getting to third base. It was that amazing and grandly spectacular and it was Denali and we got to see it on the only day we had our only opportunity ever to be there together. That folks was lucky.

All the best,
Glenn B