Friday, September 22, 2006

Just another day in Paradise... any other day for me.

Today is my Saturday, or it was supposed to be my Saturday since I worked Sunday through Thursday; but as it turns out I have to go into work tonight. That sort of sucks.

Still though, I did what many of us do on our Saturdays today. I woke up and did some chores around the house; this taking at least a couple of hours. Then I went outside and did some more chores around the house - like watering the garden, trimming bushes, mowing the lawn, raking leaves (oh goodie the fall is coming and so are the leaves, by the ton). I just had dinner with the wife, who was good enough to cook after she got home from work. I had a beer too; yeah I know I have to go to work, but that is still 3 hours off, and I had the beer well over two hours ago. I would have had ore, but I have to go to work.

Still it is another day in Paradise for me. One of the reasons I say this, is because a couple, or is it already a few, years back there was this tsunami. All I could think of was some guy on the beach, looking out at the sea, picking up a bottle of Heineken, and taking a sip while thinking "Just another day in paradise"; then the next thing he knew he was 20 miles out at sea with a coconut tree shoved up his whazoo. It got me to thinking I should not complain quite as much as I had been. I started to get better, granted maybe not all that much, but better nonetheless.

After that I thought of a couple of other reasons why I can just keep on saying its "Just another day in Paradise". One of the main reasons is that there are dirtbags out there who wish to either convert me or kill me; and they have not gotten me yet. Yes they are after me, heck they are after you too. No I am not paranoid; you see they tell us this repeatedly - the difference between you and me may just be that I believe them. I am talking about Islamists who want to destroy Christianity, Judaism, the west, and then the world - so that they can take over. I believe them, those whom say they want to destroy us, more than those who say Islam is the religion of peace, because of all the evidence out there lately. From what I have seen, Islam is anything but peaceful, and yes they want to kill us.

With that thought in mind, comes the next reason for me to say its "Just another day in paradise". That reason would be that there are people, from our country, and from others around the world, who realize the bottom line just as I do; and those other folks are willing to their part to prevent so called extremist Islamists from conquering the rest of the world. Many who do their part are young and strong, such as those in the military. My hat goes off to them. Some are not so young but are still ready to do what is right to stop the threat. Me for instance, and many others whom I know that are ready to fight if called upon. This is not brag, not macho BS, it is fact. I already have dome quite a bit through my job to help fight terrorism, and I will do more if need be. Others are likewise ready to do their parts.

Yet there is in Paradise, those who would say it is anything but Paradise. Those who would call Paradise a bad place, an illusion, an evil empire or whatever. These are the sheep, these are the ostriches who hide their heads in a hole in the ground and put their posteriors up in the air only to be hit in the rear. These are the cowards who are even too afraid to realize the truth that there are those who hate us as a whole, not just those of us who support our president. I believe, that many Islamists see it as this: If you are not part of Islam, then you are part of Islam's problem, part of Islam's enemy. It is about time that everyone who is on that list of the enemies of Islam, wake up, pull their heads out of the sand, and take a stance in order to protect our way of life, and even our lives.

That quote the Pope recently used, it was right as far as I can see. If you have any doubt then just look at the reaction to what he said. That was pure evil around the world, and that was all perpetrated by Islamists, the ones who want us dead. Wake up folks, arm yourselves, get ready to fight in self defense; make your elected officials know you want a solution, and that you want the only solution that will work, the defeat of an enemy that wants to destroy us, of an enemy pretending to be a religious group when all it really is, is something that wants to destroy Paradise for us all.

How long before Israel again atatcks Hezbollah...

...probably depends upon whether or not Hezbollah starts to disarm. Right now, I would say chances of them disarming seem slim, if only because of the current rhetoric being spewed forth by Hezobollah leader: Sheik Hassan Nasrallah .

The following is from @,2933,215146,00.html:

"Hezbollah spokesman Hussein Rahhal said Nasrallah would deliver a "landmark historic speech" addressing international calls for his group's disarmament and the deployment of U.N. peacekeepers in south Lebanon, which for years has been controlled by the militant group.

The U.N.-brokered cease-fire that ended fighting between the guerrillas and Israel on Aug. 14 calls for stripping Hezbollah of its weapons, but Nasrallah has been defiant."

The above quote sure makes it seem like Hezobollah has not been willing to follow the UN brokered ceasefire does it! Not that this comes as any surprise to me. When is the last time that that an Arabic or Islamic nation has followed the letter of such a UN agreement? Of course, as it goes right now, Israel is still pulling out of Lebanon. The Israelis are following the agreement as far as I am aware. The thing is, if Hezbollah breaks the agreement, then why should the Israelis keep following it? Maybe they will think like that in Israel too, and maybe that will lead to them going right back into Lebanon to kick some more of Hezbollah's butts - it would not surprise me at all.

As the war turned out, Israel met a fairly prepared, well trained enemy, on the enemy's home ground, and it worked out to a stalemate, or with Israel somewhat in the lead militarily. If they go in again, my guess would be they will be much better prepared to do so, and it will take time to prepare. Don't allow that to fool you though, I believe they will go back in one whole heck of a lot sooner if Hezbollah fires as few as one rocket again. If they fail to disarm, Israel may wait a while longer, but I would be willing to wager that they will go back in if there is no disarmament of Hezbollah.

I am anxiously awaiting the speech that Nasrallah is to give. Who knows, maybe Israel will send him a message via a missile attack as he makes any speech defying the UN brokered deal.

All the best,
Glenn B