Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What's It Been - 5 Days Since My Last Post

That's because there essentially is little new in my personal life, in the news or when considering the grand scope of things going on in the world. Here is the way I see things as far as current events and such go:
China is still the enemy of freedom and Joe Biden & his administration are kissing their east Asian arses;
The leftists (democrats, liberals, progressives & RINOs) in the USA have truly lost their mind(s) (individually & collectively); 
Law & Order is a thing of a bygone era as is respect for it;
Crime is running rampant throughout much of our land, people are being injured & killed, property being burned down or defaced, other property is being stolen at alarming rates - ad what do the leftists politicians do - they are still investigating Trump and are essentially not doing diddly-squat to stop the criminals;
Black Lives Matter, groups like BLM, only when a black person has been killed by police but blacks of any other profession (or lack thereof) shooting & killing other blacks is okay as long as the guy shooting the other is not a black cop;

Racism runs rampantly throughout the nation, seemingly with more black folks committing it than white folks nowadays but there are still plenty of white racists as well;
Democrat politicians are evil hateful types for the most part;
Politicians of any ilk are perpetual liars and I am talking about lies that are about vitally important subjects and that should be of intrerest & importance to all of us legally in the nation;
Our current president blames everything wrong on just about anyone he can blame (other than himself) and then hopes to get media attention by doing so and he evidently believes that he (himself) can do absolutely no wrong; 

Boring is often good and my life has been a bore as of late - well, except maybe for days I go shooting or to a gun show or visit my son (saved the best for last).
 So there have not been any other blog posts than this one for 5 days or so.
When I think of something worthy to write about, I'll post again. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.

All the best,
Glenn B