Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unplanned Weight Gain + A New Dog =

... time for some unplanned weight loss. Well, unplanned in that I had not necessarily planned on getting a mutt that needs as much exercise as our new dog Br----- is going to need. Our best guess is that she is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever cross. I don't care what the pound said about her being a Shepard cross. Yeah it could be she has some Shepard of one sort or another in her, but my bet is there is an awful lot of retriever packed into this bloblike slightly flabby pent up ball of energy - you should get a load of the webbed feet. She is a bit overweight at only 11 months old; and I am, at 52, a lot overweight. Her weight is probably due to lack of exercise or overfeeding with her previous owners; my weight gain due to me having recently gained a totally unexpected 10 pounds when I was ill a couple of months ago putting me at an all time high of 2--; oh let's just say I have surpassed pleasingly plump, and the dungarees sure are tight. (Any of you youngsters reading this know what I mean by dungarees?)

So there we were tonight out for a nice leisurely walk. We kept it slow paced since it is obvious that neither one of us has had a good workout in months. As it turned out we walked about 3.1 miles in just about an hour. That included quite a few sniffing stops here and there, a few corrective stops trying to get her to heel, and a short break for us (really for her) because it appears she was favoring one foot (but not as bad as she was two days ago). All in all I figure we will both improve over time. I am none to concerned about speed, but figure 4 or 5 miles per walk would be much better for both of us. For now though, 3 miles is okay by me, especially since we will probably go out walking each evening or night. Even if we only do 2 miles a day, that will be good for the both of us. Br---- will probably get another mile or two in there when my wife walks her in the AM. Who knows, if we keep this up, we may become slim and trim within a few months. I am figuring she needs to lose 10 pounds of flab - and it is okay if it is replaced by toned muscle; and I need to lose about almost as many pounds as I am years old! Yeah, I guess that will take more than a few months; hopefully she can train me right and I will stick with the walks.

All the best,
Glenn B

Enjoy Easter...

...and the celebration of your faith should you be faithful (and so long as your faith does not seek to punch anyone else in the nose like one faith of which we can all think). Today is a day for all rabbit lovers to do the funky Alfonso (yes you have to be a Zappa fan) with glee and reckless abandon within the realm of Christendom for all Christians to hold reverent and to celebrate, although I wonder why Good Friday is not celebrated more so! Good Friday seems to me to be so much much more the important day with the events that took place on it. Then again who wants to celebrate death, I can fully understand celebrating resurrection, and what better time of year to do it than in or just before the Spring. Enough of my pondering though - today is a day for well wishes so let me just say:


and for those of you

of another faith

let me say


Now as for me, I too will celebrate Easter - not so much as a religious holiday as I have given up on religion - but as a nice day to celebrate family and friends, good things in the world, and the fact that hope springs eternal; and who knows I too may dance the Funky Alfonso. Of course, I'll celebrate much livelier, and be more likely to dance, if I can find a beer distributor that is open today. I just checked and saw my stock has run low - only about 7 bottles of ale left, and my brothers-in-law are coming over for dinner. Egads, I had best get going before they close, that is if they are open in the first place. Then again if no more beer, I do have an unopened bottle of Irish Whisky around here someplace.

Allthe best,
Glenn B