Sunday, June 1, 2008

Controversial Subjects Discussed Here - Opposing Opinions Welcome

Yes feel free to come to this site to read my blog, and to leave comments regarding posts I have made. Please make sure they are decent, without going overboard with cursing (though now and then I'll do it myself and allow you to do it too), and without becoming a name calling person who uses only insult and innuendo without ever actually addressing the issue at hand in any intelligible manner. In other words do it as you have been doing it so far, feel free to discuss the issues at hand even if you vehemently disagree with me or those who leave comments. Your comments will not be deleted if kept with the realms of semi-decency. Of course, unless you become an out and out abusive, name calling, zealot (or something like a spammer or flamer) - you will never be banned from this blog just because you give a strong opinion, or strong factual evidence, or both that disagrees with the way I see things. If we all did that, banned people for stating their opinion that did not agree with our own, heck there would be no intelligent discussion at all, and no one would learn a thing. So feel free to be neutral, or to agree, and feel just as free to disagree, with anything I say here in this blog; and feel free to disagree with others who leave comments as well.

I may not visit your site if I don't like your stuff, but I will not prevent you from visiting mine or commenting here if you do it with some intelligence and common decency. That goes even if it is a tough or very disagreeable point for me to take. I invite tough and mind exercising discussion of all the issues. By the way, if I ever decide to ban you, I will let you know why first before actually doing so if at all possible, and give you the courtesy of an opportunity to explain and discuss with me whatever it was that got me to even consider a ban in the first place. Heck it could be I got it all wrong, (can you imagine a know it all like me saying that, but if I can say it I guess others should be able to do likewise, that would be common courtesy), and I would not want to be so arrogant as to think you could have only been wrong and only I be right.

All the best,
Glenn B