Monday, September 30, 2013

I Am Trained In Self Defense Tactics... gun takeaways, hand to hand combat and all that stuff, but to tell you the truth, if I was faced with these, I do not know which I would grab for first.

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Glenn B

Will The Balless Republicans Finally Grow Some Balls...

...or will the Democrats win out once again by calling the bluff of the RINOs and will this incessant quibbling go on forever at our expense (our expense = the expense of the  citizenry)? It will keep going on and on and never change as long as we do not change they who govern us and do so drastically. It does not matter if the Democrats are in power nor the Republicans, they are all total arsehats.


We have less than tan hour and a half to go before a government shutdown could be forced on us but my bet is they will come up with a resolution in the House and Senate to keep funding the government no matter what. They are just all wussies with no spine and only a desire to play politics without regard for the true welfare of the nation.

We need to oust them all. Folks, don't you see - come November in every election year to come - no matter to which party we belong, or if independent - we need to vote out all of the incumbents and vote in anyone who is not and has never been a lawyer.

If we cannot and will not do that, then I hope the government does shut down even though it may well endanger all of my income (which is a federal pension). I am sick and tired of his country being run by inept assholes who refuse to compromise and then blame the other side, and whomever else they can blame, for not compromising and causing the problem. Both sides and independents do it. They are all at fault and so are we for electing a majority of lawyers and inept boobs.

If we want to fix things, then we need some sort of a revolution soon, even if only in our way of thinking and in expressing how we think. Thus ultimately it needs to be overwhelming either in the voting booths or in a bloodbath. I do not hope for or currently advocate a revolution that comes in the form of a bloodbath and I would much prefer it to be done in the voting booths. Wouldn't you too! All that, unless of course, the current batch of dim witted bureaucrats can get it straight and truly pass laws that benefit the nation that are well thought out, read before voted on, and constitutional.

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Glenn B

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse - Are You Ready For It

This young lady is ready for it and a lot more that might come her way.

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Glenn B

The Second Worst Gun Show Ever... least in my opinion, was the one held in Hauppauge, NY today. Last night, when I went to bed, I figured on waking up early and going fishing. It had been a toss up of going to a gun show or going fishing but the reviews I read about the show on Saturday were pretty poor so I was pretty set on doing some fishing. Come this morning, I woke up late, too late to catch the boat, and then decided to go to the gun show instead of fishing. Now, I wish I had gone fishing because I wound up going to the next to worst gun show I have ever attended.

The gun sow (was that a pun or a misspelling) cost me a $10 admission fee. I guess that is not bad nowadays for a decent show but this money was wasted as far as I am concerned. Once inside, I walked around it, one time, in less than 15 minutes. I was pretty disgusted by what I saw. Not that easily daunted though, I walked around again, and again and again - each time slower than the time before - while paying better attention to the knives, war memorabilia, hot sauce, toys, comic books and other stuff that was on sale. Did I forget to mention guns? I paid attention to them too but the truth is that overall, those other items, when combined in number, certainly beat out how many guns were for sale by far. Oh yeah, they were selling ammo too. Well, I did not see anyone actually sell or buy any ammunition and am guessing that was because it seemed to me that most of what was offered could have been had for less in local stores or on the Internet, even with shipping costs added to the online prices.

Speaking of high prices there were: Bricks of Winchester T22 .22LR target ammo, in the old white boxes for this particular type of ammo) going for $70 each, Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifles (shown as M91/38 carbines but mislabeled as far as I could tell), with asking prices of $250 (all gun prices rounded to nearest $5), absolutely crappy rusty bucket type 50 caliber ammo cans selling for $15 apiece, decent but used ammo cans going for $20 apiece (local stores have them brand new for as low as $18 apiece), Polish M1969 Trainers for $190, .308 steel cased ammo for $20 per box of 20 rounds, 7.62x39mm ammunition offered for sale at $15 per box of 20, a 1K case of Lake City 5.56x45mm, 62 grain M855 ammo with a price tag of $549.99 and a sign saying WOW on it. Wow indeed, that stuff is going for about $438.99 shipped (to my location) from a reputable online dealer; see this add which was current as I typed this post.

There were also some really nice used guns. Did I mention, the great majority of guns offered for sale there were used. Of the nicer ones, there was a truly beautiful Remington bolt action rifle, in .22LR, for $400 that probably was worth close to that if not every penny of it. I'll be damned if I can recall the model number right now. I was debating selling the High Standard M101 Duramatic that I had along with me, just for the purpose of getting money to buy it, but I did not know enough about the Remington to make an offer. (I had forgotten to bring along my gun pricing book.) There was also one of my dream guns, a Remington Model 8 in .35 Remington. It was engraved and very nice and desirable but had a truly prohibitive asking price of $3,600. Yes, I said it was nice but it was not that nice. There were also a few Saiga rifles in 762x39 which I think were somewhat expensive at about $400 but that probably was not a bad NY price. They were among the apparent few new guns offered for sale.

There was also a relatively small amount of pistols on sale. I spotted what looked to be a really nice Colt Cobra, 1st issue, with an unbelievable asking price of only $400. It really looked to be in excellent condition. I did not bother to check it out though because I did not have the necessary paperwork, with me, to buy it. I probably should have given that a closer look and maybe even bought it and arranged the paperwork after the sale but I was and remain uncertain as to if my county allows a buyer to obtain the required purchase document after the sale and then pick up the weapon from the dealer after getting the paperwork.

Probably the best deal that I saw all day, was a Savage rifle, in .22LR, that a show attendee was lugging around with him, a for sale sign on it. I asked him about it and he gave me the run down and said it was in pristine shape (and so it looked to be). He was asking $165 and tried to hurry me into a deal saying he was leaving in a minute. I do not like to be hurried and held off but now am thinking that I was a fool for not offering him at leas $100 or $125. Add to that another $25 for the NICS check, that should cost all of $5 to $10 at most, and at the lower offer I probably would have had a great deal or even a good one had I made the higher offer. My bet is he would have taken it. I looked for the guy about 5 or 10 minutes later but he was nowhere to be seems. Sometimes he who hesitates is smart but at other times he truly is lost and today I think I lost out on that deal.

All in all, I was unimpressed, in a positive manner, with this show. Yes, it was a gun show and in that alone it was a good thing. The thing was though that the dealers there, seemed for the most part to be selling crap, and to be of the rather greedy type, which I suppose is par for the course in as gun unfriendly a state, and as expensive a state to live in, as is NY. Of course, gun prices might have been lower, and quality higher, had there been more guns for sale in place of the hot sauce, comic books, toys, knives and other assorted crap like Nazi war memorabilia (that has no place at a respectable gun show). The lack of that junk, with more guns in place of those things, would have made for a much better show, offered more competition and probably would have forced lower prices too.

As it turned out I made two purchases other than the cost of admission. I bought a raffle ticket for a shotgun - one of only 100 tickets. I did not win. I also bought a pair of rubber grips for my Ruger MKII pistol. They apparently were a deal at only $5.00. Other than that, I kept my money in my pocket and held onto my High Standard M101 Duramatic. The HS will likely be sold on another day, at another gun show, when I find something I cannot resist, for which I need money.

Funny thing about all that I just said, I would probably go to another show in the same venue again if one comes up soon. Not that I thought there was anything great there but I would be sure to bring along my most recent Standard Catalog of Firearms to price that Remington 22 rifle if still available, or to price that Savage 22 if the private seller showed up with it again. It may have been the next to worst gun show I have ever attended but it beat the worst one by far. For now though, I am looking forward to the next show up in Middletown, NY or the big one, in the spring, up in Syracuse, NY. With 1,000 tables, the Syracuse gun show is the best by far that is held within NY State.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ammo & Happiness - They Are Intertwined

I was really pleased to be informed of this because it explains, in a good way, why I have been buying as much ammo as I have been purchasing in recent months. You see, it means that my buying ammunition was not because I was paranoid that I won't be able to buy it online, or afford it locally, once a certain provision of the NY SAFE Act kicks in. Nor does it mean that I was behaving in an obsessive-compulsive manner by repeatedly buying more and more and more and more ammunition. Heck, it doesn't mean anything like that at all. What it does mean is that I was assuring good mental health by making myself a happy person! Now that I think of it, I must be one of the happiest people in my neighborhood and I just made myself even happier by making another small ammo purchase of two boxes of Hornady® American Whitetail™, .308 Win., 150 Grain, Interlock, BTSP ammo from one of my favorite retailers:

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, September 27, 2013

Armed City Gal Meets Armed Country Gal

I hope they are on the same side and that the farm gal can lend some suitable footwear to the city gal. Otherwise, I figure they are pretty evenly matched except that the country gal looks like she has a bug up her ass judging by her facial expression and the twist of her body. (Yes, if you go to the link,
there are pics of girls with guns showing their titties.)

All the best,
Glenn B

Just Had One Of The Best Dinners Of My Life...

...and  cooked it myself. Stopped at the local supermarket on the way home from work and picked up a chuck steak, bone in, about 3/4 to 1" thick. Also grabbed a jar of Gould's Prepared Horseradish and 3 once ounce bags of Utz sour cream & onion potato chips.

Not the actual steak I had but the same cut.
I grilled the steak, coated in salt and garlic powder and then smothered in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce and grilled it some more. I had a bag of the chips, and some salad my wife had made before I got home, along with a bottle of Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen while I was cooking the steak. The wife had grilled some chicken for dinner this evening, which is one of my favorites, but this evening I had a hankering for a cheap, fatty, steak and am happy I stopped to buy one. I have not had a chuck steak in way too long and have not had a side like Utz's Sour Cream & Onion Chips, with a steak, in even a longer time.

Once the steak was medium rare and still somewhat bloody, I dug into it and enjoyed it with, by then, the second bag of chips and the second bottle of bier. When about almost three quarters of the way through the steak, from which I had selected the fattiest and most tender cut, I started on my third bottle of the Paulaner. Once the portion of steak was all gobbled down, I had the third bag of chips with the rest of that third bier. Even though I forgot all about the using the horseradish, it was the best gosh darned meal I have had in ages,  if certainly not the healthiest (would have been almost healthy had I remembered to use the horseradish). I should treat myself like this more often, it was friggin yummy!

By the way, the Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen is one heck of a good bier. It has a bit of hops malty taste to it but nothing like an overpowered, by hops, Sam Adams. It is 5.8% alcohol, not very strong but stronger than crap like budwiper and spoors. Unlike them, it was very good with a meal. I cannot remember if I have had it before or not, my guess is I probably have imbibed of it previously at one time or another but will have to be damned if I said I definitely remembered ever having done so before.

If I die of a massive heart attack tonight, I guess I deserved it, but what a way to go if it was caused by this delectable repast. It would be like dying after first enjoying heaven for a bit.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, September 26, 2013

One For The Men - It's High Beam Season

Thank the Heavens, thank Mother Nature, thank the chill in the crisp Autumn air. Men, just enjoy  it, High Beam Season is upon us.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama Cannot Even Tell The Truth About Smoking

I Lie, You Have Lied, We All Lie, If You Say You Have Never Lied - Chances Are You Are Lying - let's face it that is the truth. Obama lies too, in fact it almost seems as if he cannot tell the truth even about something as simple as to when he supposedly quit smoking. According to this report, he recently said he has not had a smoke for 6 years. Yet, facts in that same report seem to indicate otherwise.

Don't think he said he quit six years ago, maybe you are technically right since he said he "probably" quit 6 years ago - but come on now. Watch the video:

Just in case it does not play, here is the link:

What a sack of shit when it has been clear that such was not the case.

All the best,

Being Hated As Much As Obama Has Got To Suck, Even If It's A Monkey That Hates You

And apparently, this guy is hated that much. The guy walks into a room and even the monkeys clam up. Sounds familiar doesn't it! See:

It's just like the rest of the world once everyone found out Obama has had the NSA spying on them. See:

Fuck Obama and the neo-Fascist government of the USA.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Couple of Growlers of McKenzies Seasonal Reserve Apple Cider

Stopped at the beer distributor this evening and was looking or a couple of six pack of McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Apple Cider. They were out. Then looked for it in the fairly large bottles in which my son sometimes brought it home, thought he called them grollers. I did not find any of it and the clerk told me they only had what was on the shelves (which was zero). As I was about to leave with something else, there walked a guy, right past me, with a groller in his hands. I asked: "Where did you get that" and he said: "Over there" pointing to some beer taps on the wall and then said "You have to ask for them". So, I took a look and yes they had McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider on tap (never noticed the taps there before but when I thought of it, yes I had seen them before, that is instead of noticed them). I bought two 64 ounce groller bottles of it on tap (actually called growlers). Now I know why the store clerk ad gotten on the PA system, twice while I was there, and called out: "Growlers, growlers". Another store employee came up and would fill the bottles of either 32 or 64 ounce size. Me, I opted for two of the larger ones.

Thus, I wound up happy, and so too my son, when I got home with them. We had one of them betwixt us and the other remains in my mini-fridge in the basement until whenever, but not too far, in the future. I do not want it to go bad so it will not be all that long. The guy in the store said they will last 3 days after being opened and 30 days if left unopened but I cannot see them lasting that long either way. Once opened, I would be amazed if one lasted and hour, let alone 3 days. If we stored it unopened there is no way a bottle of carbonated hard cider will stay fresh for 30 days that has not been vacuum sealed. They pour it from the tap into a bottle and they screw a lid on it and that is far from sealed properly to last even a week. Anyway, there is no way this stuff is getting to be stored for anywhere near a week, let alone 30 days, in my house; it is just too good to go without imbibing in that long.

I must repeat myself, from my recent prior post about it, this stuff is absolutely delicious, it tastes like the insides of one of my apple pies an it gets you buzzed (which is a big plus over one of my pies). Anyway, it was nice to enjoy the contents of one of the growlers with Brendan tonight.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, September 23, 2013

This Suspended Student Is Going To Wind Up Rich...

...after suing the school, it administrators and whatever entity runs the school. See:

All the best,
Glenn B

Austrian Poacher Goes Berserk - Kills 3 LEOs and A Paramedic

Law enforcement can be a dangerous profession. Those in LE who track down poachers face danger at every encounter with every suspect because it is almost a certainty that the poachers they are hunting down are armed. It is not just that way here in the USA but around the world. Take for instance the case of Alois Huber in Austria. Hard working truck driver, nice guy, well respected neighbor, friend of many by day - only to turn into a ruthless trophy seeking poacher by night. Well, as reported here, police in Austria found out about his illegal hunts and tracked him down on Wednesday morning when he allegedly shot and killed three officers and one paramedic. The he set his place afire and shot and killed himself.
While that may be the main point of the story to which I linked, I have a challenge for you. Take a few minutes and go to the linked article and read the whole thing. It is pretty brief. Then after reading it, tell me, which one ingle sentence in the whole article is a dead giveaway that the reporter who wrote it is a dyed in the wool ultra liberal. Yes, there is one particular sentence, in that article, that depicts the left's whole concept of crime and punishment.
If the above link does not work try this one or cut and paste the address into your browser.
If you cannot figure it, or if you want to check to see if what you found agrees with how I read it, then hold down your left mouse key and scroll over the yellow highlighted area with your cursor to see what I meant. "Poaching is severely punished in this tightly regulated country where it can draw up to three years in prison." If he thinks three years for poaching = severe punishment - the author of that article has to be an ultra-leftist to think so.  

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best Hard Cider Yet

Funny they show green bottles, it came in brown ones.
Regardless of bottle color, it is scrumptious.
Talk about a tasty beverage, I have never had a better hard apple cider than McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider. It tastes an awful lot like the inner fixings of one of my apple pies. When I bake them, I add apples (usually Granny Smith and McIntosh - one or the other or both), spices (cinnamon and nutmeg and maybe some allspice) and a dab of honey or a bit of brown sugar (if any sweetener at all). It comes out darned tasty and this cider tastes even better.
My son introduced me to it last year during its short seasonal run (late summer early fall - by the way happy fall, autumn is upon us). A couple of days ago, he brought some home again and I got to imbibe two bottles and all I can say is that it was not enough by far. It really tastes like the insides of a fairly heavily spiced apple pie. They have a few other varieties of hard cider and so far I have also tried there Green Apple Cider which also was absolutely delicious but I must say not as good as is the seasonal reserve.
It is made in NY State. It's nice to know that some New Yorkers are getting at least some things right. If you like spicy apply pie, all I can say is try this if you can find it because you ill like it. If you can't find it, have your local distributor get hold of some if at all possible. It is that good.
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Skull of Doom

While driving home from the security guard class that I had to take today, I made a detour and stopped off at my daughter and son-in-law's place. Before getting there, I stopped in a CVS to pick them up a little something. As I walked through the aisles, a guy was stocking some shelves with Halloween items. I took a look and this caught my eye.

It feels like it is made of plaster or something like it, is pretty big (bigger than my head by a bit) and has an internal light that runs on batteries that were included. The real glow is just about how it looks in the pic. I brought it to their house, saw my daughter's car there and rang the bell. No answer, except I got their dogs barking at me. I waited a few minutes and was just about to turn to leave when someone blew a car horn. Just then they drove into their driveway - perfect timing! Phil said that they had just been considering buying something for a Halloween decoration while they were out at the supermarket. Go figure, I did something right. Both he and Celina liked it. That was also a plus. Now I wish I had gotten one for my house too, or maybe the Dracula they had, he lit up with red eyes and a fang filled mouth. Oh well, still plenty of time.

Oh yeah before leaving, I named it The Skull of Doom. Nice addition for the first Halloween decoration for their first house.

All the best,

It's Been A Long Day For A Day Off

Well, I was supposed to have today and tomorrow off. I have been working a bit more than usual this week, covering for a guy on vacation, so I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. Yes, I also worked today but not at the library. I had to attend and 8 hour annual security guard training class to keep my license valid and had to get up early for it. I usually don't work until 1PM each day but today had to be at the class at 0900.  It was like torture - or at least like water boarding. The subject matter was stuff I have heard a lot before plus the instructor, although a very nice guy, seemed to have little grasp of the law relative to security guards and kept making a point of that. Yet, in great part, that is what the class was supposed to cover. Well it is over now and I don't have to attend again for another year. One plus about this class is that it actually made me look forward to the additional 8 hour armed guard course I will have to take sometime within the next 8 or 9 months or so. At least I get in some shooty goodness in that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, September 20, 2013

It May Have Taken Balls...

...but regardless of what he claims, it surely did not take any brains (not those of a rocket scientist or even a regular fully functional one) for Eric Harroun to get into an al-Qaeda affiliate group fighting against the Syrian government forces. After all, had he had any brains at all, he would not have joined up with a Syrian rebel group in the first place thus leading to him joining with the al-Qaeda linked scum.

Now he will be going to prison, and if not for a long time, at least long enough to have his derriere probed by fellow inmates to see if that is where what little bit of brains he has reside. Yes, the probes of which I write will likely be by way of daily hot beef injections and if it took brains, on his part, to wind up in that type of a predicament, well then I guess I am a rocket scientist for not having wound up there.

Read the article here. Fuck Harroun - and may I suggest that his fellow inmates fuck him too.

All the best to loyal Americans
and all the worst to Harroun,
Glenn B

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Considering Putting A Tip Box Icon On The Blog...

...but I won't do it. I could use the money though. Today, I shelled out $3900 for repairs to my chimneys due to Super Storm Sandy damage. That included a lot of damage and expense for something that my insurance company refuses to cover; even though it was damage from the storm they say it was not. Yet, the repairmen say it most definitely was and the estimate I sent to the insurance company stated as much. Oh well, I see a long drawn out fight coming up.

Then there is the 11 or 12K we will soon be paying for a remodeled bathroom. Part of our kitchen ceiling recently collapsed due to a leak in the bathroom someplace. Tiles falling off the wall or something like that. Other issues too, so we need to get it repaired and figured since it is over 20 years old we will do a complete remodel. Then there is the kitchen too. Got an estimate for cabinet resurfacing because we were told it would be much less expensive (and mind you, our kitchen is tiny - not many cabinets). The resurfacing estimate was $11,963. That was from Homer's Depot. I told my wife that the estimator was out of his mind and that I could buy all new cabinets for under$3-4K and that there is no way labor to take out the old and put in the new would be all that much. Then we got an estimate from a kitchen and bath contractor (same place we got the estimate for the bathroom). It was thousands under the Home Depot estimate, much closer to what I had thought would be reasonable, even a little less. Looks like we will be getting the kitchen done too. I see a big chunk of our life savings going down the kitchen sink's drain and another big chunk going down the toilet. Add to that what went up the chimneys in smoke today and I feel almost destitute.

Who knows, I suppose it is possible that I will get lucky and find a better paying job; I could use one. I certainly have been looking for one but none have been forthcoming. If not, then maybe we will hit the lottery; any one of them would be fine by me. The prize does not have to be hundreds of millions - a mere hundreds of thousands (to put into our bank account) sure would be nice though! Never had much luck with lotteries though so I will keeping looking for a better paying job (and of course buy a few lottery tickets each week).

Perhaps, there is another way. I could start begging like it seems most of America does lately but somehow I don't think I really could bring myself to do it. So, it seems, there will be more ammo purchases for quite the while - at least until I get all that contractor work paid off.

All the best,
Glenn B

In Light of Starbuck's - People Are Saying That No One Should Open Carry...

...because it puts firearms owners in a bad light in that uninformed people are afraid of armed individuals and that the media will show us as armed kooks in public. I say carry away openly if legal. The more we expose ourselves and our firearms to the public, in a rational and courteously calm manner, the sooner the unarmed folks (at least the thinking ones, I am not talking ultra-leftists here) in this country are going to get used to it and accept it. When it becomes commonplace for armed individuals to be walking our streets, it will be, if not acceptable to all, at least tolerable to most of them.

As far as the Starbucks decision goes, I used to visit them with some frequency but as the words just before these indicated - that was in the past. I will probably not buy even another sip of coffee from them nor a morsel of apple fritter. While I always figured they did not actually support the RKBA now, regardless of the words of their CEO, Howard Schultz, I am convinced they not only do not support it, they are absolutely opposed to it.

The really sad thing is though, most of you who carry firearms and who have been patrons of Starbuck's will continue to do so instead of sticking to your guns and bringing your business elsewhere.

One other thing to add, specifically in reference to CEO Schultz saying that people carrying firearms made his other customers nervous. It makes me uncomfortable to think the guy sitting next to me is unarmed and that an armed lunatic may come in and start to hurt people and I am the only one who would be able to defend others. Not having someone in there able to take my back is too scary for me - so no more Starbuck's for me is the only cure for my jittery nerves.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Leftist Loons Are Calling For More Assault Weapons Gun Control Laws...

...based upon the shootings at the DC Navy Yard. Have you wondered why? You really should be wondering especially since the shooter, that murdering bastard, did not kill or wound anyone with an assault weapon as per reports quoting law enforcement.

I was just at the local news stand and saw at least two local NY papers had pics of AR-15s on the front page with damnation from the left claiming that the shooter killed with one. I have heard the ultra leftists (I guess that was redundant) on the radio and seen and heard them on TV damning assault weapons, specifically the AR-15. Then, when I got home, I turned on the news to hear that the shooter only killed with his shotgun and possibly also with a pistol or pistols (that he obtained from one or more of his victims). According to the report, law enforcement is saying he did not have, or at least did not wound or kill anyone with, an AR15 or similar rifle. He did not use an assault weapon, not even the make believe assault weapon known as an AR-15 which technically is not an assault weapon (it is so only legally because foolish and ignorant politicians labeled them as such under the law).

Let me repeat that. He did not use an assault weapon. As a matter of fact, I guess he sort of took Vice President Blabbermouth Biden's advice - he purchased a shotgun. Yet, the politicians, the press, the media, the anti-gun nuts are calling for further assault weapons bans - heck Nancy Pelosi called for it yesterday. 

I would call for keeping violent felons and frigging crazy people from getting guns. To become a convicted felon would mean you would have to be successfully prosecuted for a felony. He was arrested more than once and charges dropped each time, or so it has been reported today. Maybe, had he been prosecuted for his past offenses, he never would have passed the NICS check that he had to pass to buy his shotgun (and yes he did pass it). Maybe he also would not have passed the 3 or 4 background checks he passed that allowed him to be employed as a contractor for the US Military. Everything was there, all that was needed to prevent him from buying a firearm except that no one ever prosecuted him.

Wait, there was more. Six weeks ago, police reported to U.S. naval officials, that the shooter had been encountered by them, he had identified himself as a contractor for the Navy and told police he was hearing voices, people were following him and they were sending vibrations into his body. Possible he was correct - sure if you are a conspiracy theorist. What is more likely - he was out of his frigging mind and suffering from an acute psychotic episode. Years ago, he would have been detained by police, in a mental hospital, for at least three days of observation and an appraisal of his mental status by health care professionals. Bless those liberal politicians and kooks who pushed to put an end to that evil abuse of a person's civil rights that could have identified him as a  crazy person and even possibly that could have resulted in his being committed to a mental health facility for treatment. It seems to me, that certainly would have prevented what happened yesterday. Anyway, the police notified the Navy of his less than normal behavior - why did the Navy not take definitive action to at least check him out.
See: and see:

Again though, let me get back to the claims being made about the weapon(s) he used. I reiterate - he did not shoot anyone with an AR-15 or any type of assault weapon. Yet the loons of the left want to create new, and strengthen existing, laws against what they call assault weapons. They are again trying to punish the law abiding gun owner and not the criminal. Not wanting to punish criminals is what allowed this guy to walk free when arrested in the past and is what allowed him purchase that shotgun. Restricting my rights, your rights, anyone's right to own a firearm would not have helped here since the type of weapon he used was on the approved list of the anti-guns loons - just ask Joe Biden about his recommendation for shotguns.

From my cold dead hands!

All the best,
Glenn B

Nothing Cooking The Last Few Days... least with regard to me having anything in the oven regarding blog topics. Yeah, I know, lots in the news about Syria, non-stop about the DC Navy Yard shooters too, but why bother with it, it is all getting beaten to death. I will make one brief post on the aftermath of the shooting in the post immediately after this but that will be it for now. on the shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Zombie Killer In The Making, Well At Least A New Shooter

I have a sister. She is not into guns - at all. She has a son, thus I have a nephew. He is about to turn 13. Somewhere, way back when, I promised him to teach him how to shoot. Could have started training him, legally, when he turned 12 but somehow it never came up around his last birthday.

Today, I received an email from my sister. Here are a couple of excerpts from it. First the opening reminder that his birthday is upcoming:

"It's that time of year again... Someone is gonna be a teenager in a couple of weeks! OMG I'm freakin old! Not sure if we're doing the party thing yet, he hasn't made up his mind..."

That was followed by a wish list for presents. I am not one to pay a lot of attention to wish lists in that while I may go shopping for one or two things on the list, if something else catches my eye that looks like a good present for whomever I am shopping, I will get that instead. I perused the list and all I could think was that the kid is not getting outside enough, the list was full of video games.

Then came the surprise closing paragraph:

"A note for brother dear... your nephew says that he'd like to learn to shoot. If i remember correctly, he can go to the range with you after he turns 13. If he's going to learn to do this, he may as well learn from you... you've had far more experience than anyone i know with firearms and i know you'll teach him the right way."

Wow - not only does he want to learn to shoot but my sister actually complimented me. That made those words double barreled nice to read. Of course, being it was from my sister, who knows me all too well, then came the restrictions, all in the same closing paragraph:

"NO, this is not an invitation to buy him a rifle or any other type of gun. I still don't want them in the house but he really should know what it's all about. Oh and no doomsday prepping, no zombie apocalypse training, blah blah and yadda yadda!"

Now read those last three sentences again because I just did and now I am none too sure it contains any restrictions at all. You see, first she says "...but he really should know what it's all about" and then after she says that she adds on all that stuff about "no doomsday prepping, no zombie apocalypse training, blah blah and yadda yadda". So, I ask myself: "Will I teach him what it is all about or not?". As she says: "...he really should know what it's all about". So, why should I, or would I,  cut out all the good stuff like doomsday prepping in anticipation of the Great Zombie Apocalypse?  I think she was just teasing me or trying to use reverse psychology to assure I actually do get him ready for TEOTWAWKI. I mean, is there any way one can do the first  - teach him what it is all about - without doing the second - like getting him ready to be a survivalist ready to deal with things like the Rapture, flesh eating zombies, and soul eating demons? Is there? Nah, it's impossible! She had to have been teasing me.

I think my young, soon to be teenaged, nephew may be finding things he never dreamed of inside the gift wrapping this year. (I don't think he even knows I have a blog so am pretty sure he will not find out here about these gifts.) I cannot give him a gun or ammo (I will loan those to him when he is with me at the range) but that still leaves a lot of shooty goodness I can give to him, for example, these things I just ordered:

Howard Leight Leightning L1 Shooting Muffs


 Radians Revelation Shooting Glasses

and something to store them in to assure he cares for them well:

MTM Caser-Gard .50 cal Zombie Ammo Can
Of course, he needs something to shoot at that will prepare him for what it is all about. What better way to do that than with the following assortment of targets:

Both sets of targets from

I will supply the rifle and ammo and firearms training (including safety lessons and a safety test that he will have to pass before one round is fired by him). This way, he truly will learn about it all: firearms safety, gun nomenclature, shooting, gun gear care, doomsday prepping for the Great Zombie Apocalypse and how to have lots of shooty goodness fun.

Since he is nowhere near legal voting age, I am not too sure if I should also show him his first, and what should be every new potential voters' first, zombie training video. I'll have to think about it. though; I want to make sure he knows the comparison is only in jest. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Palmetto State Armory - Good Price on Lake City M855 Ammo

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is offering 600 rounds of bulk (no packaging) Lake City 5.56x45mm, XM855 (should be 62 grain but they do not mention grain weight) ammo - in a new production .50 caliber ammo can - for $239.99 plus $19 shipping to my area. The total cost was $258.99 shipped to where I live. That works out to .43 per round shipped if you only consider the ammo. I figure that an ammo can goes for about $15. Take that off of the above price and it works out to about .41 cents per round. I will not take off shipping because that has to be figured into the overall price. I did take off the cost of the ammo can because that really is something separate from the ammo. A price of .41 cents per round is the best price I have seen in several months for this ammo. I jumped on it. I guess I have started my Christmas or birthday shopping for my son's gifts a bit early.

Note, it has been on for over 10 hours now, they probably do not have a lot left - so if you need it you had best hurry. I do not think there is a limit. Link:

They also have 1,000 rounds of lake City M855 for $419.99, link:

That is about the last bit of ammo I can buy this year. We are repairing both of our chimneys and having our kitchen and bathroom remodeled and those will not be cheap. I hope the wife never finds out how much I have spent on ammo since this past January, with the passage of the NY SAFE Act, and the current costs of ammo, but it is a last ditch effort. After January 2014, it will become illegal for we New Yorkers to buy ammo online. Fuck Cuomo - he is not just another libturd - he is an exemplary one - a real piece of liberty and rights smashing shit.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Cold War Is Heating Up And It Has Nothing To Do With Global Warming...

...but it does have to do with this man and his lackeys. The Cold War has effectively been over since the presidency of Ronald Reagan only to be resurrected by Barack Hussein Obama by way of his seemingly bumbling and totally inept handling of foreign affairs (let alone his shameful handling of domestic ones).

This man has far surpassed Jimmy Carter in a downward plunge as the worst president of my lifetime. In my opinion, his liberalism, arrogance, ineptness, bravado, lack of common sense, tactlessness, and sheer stupidity make George W. Bush look like an Einstein among presidents. Make no mistake about it - I think Bush was a liberal twit in many regards but at least he had balls and used them mostly in a wise manner when it came to foreign policy. Not BHO though - he is a man cut of a different cloth for sure.

With Russia and Syria tag teaming us and now ordering us to back off on Syria it is obvious we are losing the newly reincarnated Cold War. Let's hope it does not heat up too much and turn into a hot one with Russia all because of this apparent babbling moron man and the evident idiots like Biden and Kerry within his administration. See these articles:

All the best,
Glenn B

Next Time You Fill Your Gas Tank...

...try to remember that the high prices of gasoline, in years not too long ago, were attributed to George W. Bush being in bed with oil companies and oil producing nations and that liberals ranted and raved about it incessantly. I have not heard much out of the mouths of libturds in more recent years, seems even they realize it would be pointless to keep blaming current pricing on GWB since Obama has been in office for over 5 years now.

Lest you forget, the price of gasoline when GWB went out was under $2 a gallon. Now it is more than double that. So, the next time you go to the polls to elect a president, remember this:

A hat tip to Lenny D for this one.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Hawaiian guy, Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole,  had a really nice voice and all but he didn't have a thing on Judy Garland - not even for a moment. It's nice to imagine though that maybe they are singing it in harmony now - somewhere over the rainbow, way up high!

All the best,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Don't The Hypocritical Muslim Bastards Just Stone Him...

...or better yet just fuck him to death for this sex crime.!

An Islamist child-fucker killed an 8 year old girl by having sex with her. If I had my druthers, he would die a miserable death, an extremely miserable one. If you doubt that it was a follower of Islam who did it, think again about which religion in Yemen allows for arranged marriages. See:

Fuck arranged marriages, fuck Muslims who believe in arranged marriages, fuck anyone who has sex with 8 year old girls (or boys), fuck that rabidly obscene religion Islam and fuck the guy who did this crime (up his ass with a hard cold steel barrel that spews hot lead in the form of .45 caliber bullets).

And in the event you think I forgot or was negligent - Fuck The Family of the Girl Who Turned Her Over To The Animal That Killed Her. Since they were her family, I suggest that justice might be best served by fucking them with a hard cold steel barrel that shoots 12 gauge slugs and that spews them, without impunity, up their asses in a fiery display of swift retribution. But alas, I suppose none of that would be legal and thus one can only hope for the followers of Islam to resort to Sharia law and stone him to death.

Forever an Infidel,
Glenn B

What Is Your Every Day Carry Knife?

I almost always carry at least two knives on my person. One of them is a Victorinox Huntsman. It is a multi-purpose utility tool that includes two knife blades, saw, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, cork screw knife and other tools. It comes in handy for a variety of jobs. I have never had a better utility knife.

No this is not my actual knife, it is a stock
 photo but is the same as the one I carry.
The other knife that I carry, on a daily basis, is a Buck 110 Folding Hunter. It is also a good utility knife although it has only a single knife blade and none of the extras of the Victorinox Huntsman. Yet, it would quite possibly be the better survival knife as it has a much stronger main blade and beside being used for utility functions, it can be used as a self defense weapon quite effectively. Yeah, any knife could be use din self defense but a locking folding knife is better than some like the Victorinox Huntsman at that type of a task.

Yes, this is the actual Buck 110
Folding Hunter that I carry.
I also carry a fixed blade knife now and again. A fixed blade knife is much more suitable as a survival knife across all of the survival situations one could imagine but maybe not as practical to carry in a fairly urban situation. It is stronger than a folder and just easier to quickly grasp and bring into play but not quite as concealable. Overall though, a fixed blade is the preferable knife for me. Yet, my daily carry knives are pictured above. 

By the way, I hope you carry a knife every day and that goes whether or not you carry a gun. If you are foolish not to carry the most basic of all tools/weapons, you probably deserve whatever befalls you because you were stupid enough not have one and to know how to use it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Went to the NY Metro Reptile Expo at White Plains, NY today and spent the entire day there from about 8:15 AM until about 4:15 PM. As opposed to usual for me at a reptile show, I barely looked around at any of the reptiles or amphibians. Instead, I spent almost all day at a vendor's table with John H, Rich H and Vin R. I brought along a Hermann's Tortoise and three Crested Gecko babies that I got rid of while there.

While I did not look at many herps at the expo, I managed to get two large bags of Keepers' Choice red cypress substrate and a jar of Rep-Cal Tortoise Food from Slither & Swim, and a piece of cork bark (used as a hiding place for my lizards) and 1,000 3/4" crickets and 500 1/4" crickets from other dealers.

I also managed to make a major score in that I found (really my good friend John H found) a dealer selling a female Rhacodactylus chahoua (
New Caledonian Mossy Gecko) at a very good price.

New Caledonian Mossy Gecko, Rhacodactylus chahoua.
This is a female and is of the mainland variety.
The females usually go for anywhere between $500 and $700 apiece but the price being asked was substantially less and the price I paid was even less than the asking price. It was the friend of a friend price kind of a thing. All I can say is that it is good to have good friends who are good friends of herp dealers. Besides getting the excellent deal, the chahoua is guaranteed to be female.

Being it is only a year old, I will have to wait at least a year and a half or more before trying to mate it with my male. Mating these lizards is not all that easy like it is with Crested Geckos. My understanding is that they sometimes do not readily accept a mate just because it is the right species and the right gender. Time will tell if my pair hit it off and if chahoua eggs and babies are in my future.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter - An Excellent Video

This video, Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter, was made by The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI).  It was posted to YouTube by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). It is similar to ones I have seen in the past but I watched them ages ago in my federal law enforcement and firearms instructor training days before I had as much ammo on hand as I do now. So, it was reassuring to see that things have not changed regarding ammunition involved fires in that modern ammunition (note, I am talking about fully assembled ammunition and not separate ammo components like gunpowder or primers) does not pose a mass explosive threat during a fire. There is not even much of a threat, to a properly dressed fireman, of injury from flying shell casings or bullets, that comes from ammunition ignited by a fire. In addition, there seemingly is little threat of ignition of ammunition in falls or crashes.

If you store ammunition in your home or business, and have about 26 minutes to spare, I recommend watching this video. Then you may want to assure that your local fire department has also shown this video to all of its firefighters. You would not want them responding to a fire at your house, finding out there was ammunition stored therein, and then backing off from the fire because of unsupported fears about the explosion that they thought was sure to ensue. Yet, I could imagine many firefighters thinking just that way in the event they had not been properly trained about how ammunition burns off in a fire.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama on Benghazi versus Obama on Syria

Actually it is much the same as him wanting to avenge the deaths of a few hundred in Libya prior to Benghazi. You safely can bet that if we help these rebels it will come back to bite us in the ass just like it always has in the past whenever we have assisted Muslims by killing other Muslims.
All the best,

Ammo Alert - CCI GamePoint Ammunition 22 WMR

As I type, MidwayUSA has CCI .22 Magnum Rimfire (.22 WMR), GamePoint Ammunition, 40 Grain, Jacketed Spire Point (they probably mean Jacketed Soft Point) ammo, 500 rounds (10 boxes of 50), in stock @ $127.99. With shipping and NRA round-up it came out to a total of $144.00 to my neck of the concrete jungle. What, you thought I would pass that up when, other than 5.56x45mm, that is about the only ammo of which I felt I did not have enough! Mine is on the way.

That price is the best I have seen on .22WMR in several months. It has usually been going for about $14.95 to $19.95 for brands like Armscor, Fiocchi and BVAC. To have seen CCI ammo at that low of a price, with the current market conditions, was a welcome sight even though that is not a good price historically speaking. A decent price would be about $8.99 per box. As it stands, $12.79 per box is what this is going for and as I said it is the best price for CCI or any other brand of .22WMR that I have seen in a long time. I think the limit is one per customer per day but chances are if you buy your limit today you can forget about buying more tomorrow because it will, in all likelihood, be sold out by then.

All the best,
Glenn B

Is This What Obama Thinks Of America...

If not then it at least seems to be what he thinks of anyone who disagrees with him and lately that seems to be an awful lot of people on both sides of the aisle. Sure he may get approval for a strike against Syria but first he had to let us know, repeatedly already, how he did not draw the red line, how he was not to blame for there being international laws against chemical weapons (imagine that he said he was not too BLAME for that) and how yada yada yada it was someone else's fault for this whole mess. The next thing you know, he will blame John Kerry. He is the most whiny, gotta blame it on someone else (even if it is a good thing on which he lays blame) president in my lifetime; that is for certain.

All the best,

Our Military Gets It - So Why Doesn't Obama

All the best,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Has It Gotten That Bad - A Russian President More Believable Than An American President

I grew up during the cold war. Air raid sirens blasted out their whining wails at least weekly, they were followed by air raid drills in which kids in schools had to duck and cover in case a nuke was dropped. There were fallout shelters everywhere. Buildings were marked with black and yellow fallout shelter signs identifying them as safe haven should the nukes head our way. Well to do types and preppers (we didn't call them that back then though) had their own fallout shelters. If a jet flew over and broke the sound barrier people trembled with fear thinking the big one - WWIII - had started. There was, in the early 60s, news every day about the high strung tensions between the USA and the USSR. We were literally on the brink of WWII and the end of the world as we know it. 

Americans were just as diverse back then as we are now but instead of celebrating our diversity and weakening our country by staying separate from one another, we strove for unity to strengthen America. We, for the great part, were unified against our enemies in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), Eastern Europe, North Korea and Red China. When their leaders said one thing an the American President or other U.S. officials said the opposite - there was no doubt who the great majority of Americans believed. They were united as Americans. This is one of the reasons that the civil rights movement made such headway then and soon thereafter; we finally woke up and realized we were all Americans and were all united against a common enemy and the enemy was not ourselves. We were not perfect but we stood by our leaders because we knew we stood on he moral high ground in world events and politics.

After living through all that, I have seen the USA and the rest of the world change markedly. Some things for the better others for the worse. Today we are usually our own worst enemy. Some things that led up to that were to have been expected but some have come as a surprise. I guess the biggest surprise of all is the one I have seen again and again in very recent years. It is a phenomenon of change much like when the magnetic poles on a magnet, of even of a planet, switch ends. North becomes south and south becomes north - all very confusing, I would imagine. The change I am talking about though is not magnetic but is polarizing and even more confusing. You see, it used to be that the American president was always more believable than the one from the USSR (essentially modern day Russia) or any other commie nation but it seems just as a planet can do, the polarity of the situation has been reversed, at least for me.

I just read this article: State Department fires back over Putin claims Kerry 'lied' about Syria and I have to admit, I find President Vladimir Putin much more credible in this situation. His claim about Al Qaeda being in Syria is much more believable than Kerry's denial of it, especially since I seem t remember others in the Obama administration making reference to Al Qaeda being in Syria as recently as within the last couple to few weeks. I also find it rather credible that, as Putin says, we lack hard evidence that Assad of Syria actually used chemical weapons against his people. Heck, most of the rest of the world believes likewise right now. I am not saying Assad did not do it, I am saying there is a lot of doubt regardless of the absolute certainty of Obama, Kerry and their minion. I would like to see more evidence, accepted by more nations, as proof that Assad actually did so and that it was not Al Qaeda or the rebels who did it. Let's face it, both sides in the Syrian civil war are outright scum and I am none to sure we should be supporting or attacking either side. I figure we ought to let them kill one another off and make the world a better place though .

Back to my point though, I think things have gotten all twisted around since I have been a kid, the world is very confusing and disheartening. That is especially so in light of the fact that a Russian president is more credible than our own - even if just for a moment. Of course, that all could change with the presentation of hard cold evidence. Even as much as I dislike President Obama, I hope that (possibly against all odds) it changes back to the norm and that he (as America's head representative) comes out on top in credibility and morality as compared to Putin. Right now though, it does not seem likely for the remainder of his presidency.

All the best,
Glenn B