Friday, September 28, 2018

Oh The Smoldering Ire

So, back in the last week of August or so, there was 'reported' widespread outrage over the upcoming Friends of The NRA dinner to be held at The Inn at new Hyde Park on September 27, 2018 (yesterday evening). Local residents and local politicians were yammering in frenzied voices about shutting down the event and promising to stage an anti-NRA protest in mass. Read the linked article and watch the video in that article for more about that so called ire.

Well, I attended the event last night. It started at 530PM, I got there around 515PM. I pulled into the driveway for valet parking and had them park my car, according to the valet it would be parked in their underground garage (this turned out to be a crock of shit - they retrieved my car from the street - I guess a Toyota Corolla does not deserve underground space). Anyway before I go way off on a tangent, let me say that when I arrived there was one police officer at the front door that I saw. More would arrive after that, later on I saw maybe 20 to 30 of them around the building.

There were the promised protestors too, just not as many as they would have wanted us t believe would show up. In all, I estimate 20 at most at any one time. It was a truly lame effort, or should I say lack of effort, on the part of the anti-gunners. Maybe people are finally waking up and realizing the NRA and the Friends of the NRA are not evil nor are we the problem.

On the inside of the Inn, there was another story going on. There were 461 paid guests in attendance, no protestors allowed and no media allowed (yes there was at least one camera crew outside and two press photographers (or at least two folks with what appeared to be press credentials). Now imagine if you will that the folks from the NRA and/or Friends of the NRA (not part of the NRA) were truly evil as say the anti-gunners. There were 461 paying guests and at the most 20 protestors - the leftists were outnumbered just over 23 to 1; if we gun enthusiasts and supporters of the RKBA had wanted to cause trouble - we would have kicked their arses from new Hyde Park to Canarsie! Yet, we did not because we are civil, ethical and law abiding - anything but the evil doers we are portrayed as by the left.

I had a good time. I spent too much on the raffles, did not win a thing, but spent my money on a good cause. I was at one of two tables of Long Island Gun Club members and enjoyed the company of my fellow LIGC members. I would do it again, probably next year if it comes round again. Don't know why I have never attended one before.

All the best,
Glenn B