Monday, November 2, 2020

Been Busy All Weekend

 Drove over to Benton, AR on Friday to visit Brendan. Had a nice visit. We spent most of the weekend at a gun show in Conway where we had a couple of tables. Place seemed emptier than I thought it would have been prior to the show. That could have been because it was a pretty big all with lots of tables. I did notice a huge line outside the front doors a few times on Saturday and once on Sunday. 

 Did not sell much at all probably because any guns I offer up for sale have to go through an FFL for a transfer to the buyer (and that means the dealer with the FFL has to hold the gun to be given over to the buyer at the dealer's place of business not at the show -that due to some libturd rule about the imagined gun show loophole). Too say the least that would be very discouraging to any potential buyer; so, as it wound up, I sold zero guns and very little of anything else. 

I did transfer one gun but that was today, Monday, before I left AR. That was to my son through a dealer local to him. Gave him an Ortgies pistol in 32 AUTO. I actually left it with the dealer for Brendan to pick up after work today.

As for the rest of the vendors at the show, they seemed to be doing okay except for one who had a Glock pistol stolen off of his table. There was another attempt to steal a pistol, also a Glock, on Sunday but that crook got caught. When Skye & I were returning from a dog walk and trying to walk inside, the alleged thief and a possible accomplice almost knocked me over trying to get out, they were followed by three guys who all looked like vendors, whom I stepped aside for so they could catch the guy as it was obvious they were after him. The got got about 15-20 yards from the doors when a dealer caught up to him and he immediately gave the dealer the pistol. Then he skedaddled - FAST across the parking lot. I did not bother to watch much of the chase, I wanted to get Skye settled in back at our tables but did see a few overweight dealers trying to catch a trim youth. Then a really fit looking guy came out of the hall and got in on the chase. I saw later that they had caught the guy, I figured it was that young fit looking guy who must have caught up to him. The alleged crook was handcuffed, behind his back to a chair near the entrance, waiting for the police. My guess is he will wind up with free (for him) room & board in a furnished room cell for at least a year or more since they are not too easy on crooks down this way. Once an officer was there, I commented to him that he should be happy the dealers saved him the trouble of a footrace and he smiled and agreed, then said that he has chased the same guy before! It was nice to see the guy got caught. No clue if he was the same crook as the one who stole a Glock on the first day of the show.

Other than that, had a few drinks with Brendan Friday night before the show. We also went out Saturday night together for dinner with Skye along at a place that had an outdoor, dog friendly, seating area. Had a swell time.

All the best,
Glenn B