Monday, November 20, 2023

Surgery Tomorrow

 Well, I hope if you read this ou wish me well. I am having my third surgery tomorrow, on my urinary tract, since June. The first was prostate & urethra, the second was for a stricture that supposedly developed after the first surgery and this one, a meatoplasty, is for yet another or the same stricture that developed or redeveloped after the second operation. This surgery is usually done on young children; almost always only to those who have been circumcised. Of course, I'd have to be an exception at least to age. Where it is usually relatively painless in children, my doc told me I'd be in pain for 10 days. The thing is he keeps underestimating how long the effects of these surgeries will be hurting! I've been in pain each time I've had to go ever since June 6th!!! It has not been fun, normal, or expected as each time the doc has told me that everything will be fine after each surgery.
This procedure requires they put me under anesthesia completely and while they were going to do it in their urology clinic, the anesthesiologist interviewed me over the phone and determined my health, or somewhat of a lack thereof, requires me to go into the hospital so they can better monitor me while I am knocked out (that alone is a bit scary but at least I guess they are being careful). Being I need to be knocked out, as opposed to getting a local anesthesia as would a child and since the doc told me it would hurt for so long, something tells me that this is gonna hurt like hell each time I've gotta pee for at least those 10 days (my guess is more like two weeks or longer). He also said there is nothing they can do to kill the pain. They gave me a medication after the prostate surgery for pain when weeing but it did nothing as far as I could tell.
Oh the joys of getting older - those joys certainly suck the big one (or in my case the one with the Irish curse). I truly hope they get it right this time,good plumbing is a very good thing especially when it is your anatomical plumbing. Whatever the outcome - I am not about to go through this torture more than three times.

All the best,
Glenn B