Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chinese Wheat... a subject that comes to mind this morning as a possible one for my rant. Yet, being that it is Sunday and I sort of promised myself and my readers, some time back, to only write about nice things on Sundays - how do I go about this one. Well let me just say it this way:

It was a very good thing that the contaminated Chinese wheat (if indeed it was the poisoned agent that killed and sickened so many pets) did not get into the human food chain. You know what I mean don't you? Isn't it possible that the suspected contaminated wheat products could have been used in anything from whole wheat bread to Twinkies (nothing bad about Twinkies, I love them, just used them as a popular example of a wheat product)? If it had gotten into the human food supply things would have been worse; so yes I guess it is good that it did not finds its way there.

One also has to wonder, are the Chinese that lax when it comes to use of rodent poisons, or was this intentional? If it was intentional, maybe there was some sort of Divine intervention, or maybe it was just luck (our good fortune) that the poisoned products somehow got diverted for use as animal food rather than as human food. Yes it is a good thing if such is what happened. One has to wonder, even if I am the only one.

Then again, I am not the only one.
Michael Savage hinted at something along those lines the other night (I think it was Friday night) on his radio show; and he mentions it on his web site. Just think of what could have happened if terrorists had poisoned our food supply like that, or with something even more lethal. My guess is it would not be that hard to do, nor that hard to get the food into this country for use by the general public. Oh, you think it would be difficult, well it wasn't so difficult to get it into our pets' food was it! So yes we are lucky indeed, and that luck is a good thing.

Something else I wonder about, is what ever happened to the Department of Agriculture at our borders. Oh yeah, something called free trade has made border regulation just a wee bit less enforcement minded since the first George Bush initiated it; and since the son pushed for it even harder than the dad. What is that other thing called; I believe it is Preferred Nation Status. Wasn't that conferred upon China by one of the Bushes or maybe it was by Clinton. It does not matter who gave it to them, it is just lucky that even though they have this status, and therefore can more easily export goods to the USA, this poison did not get into the human food chain. That really is a good thing isn't it?

I wonder though, has this stuff gotten into our food chain. If it is in dog and cat food, is it also in chicken feed, cattle feed, and the like. Naw it couldn't be, could it. Certainly our goobermint government inspectors at the department of Agriculture, or our own Dick Tracys at the FBI, and our own Customs and Border Protection personnel of the Department of Homeland Confusion Security, would have detected such by now - wouldn't they? I am confident that they would have, and that all is under control; and that is a good thing!

Now I am not hoping to create any sort of a panic, because that would not be a good thing, and after all it is Sunday, and time for good thing rants. I am, on the other hand, trying to get you to think; and if by some unlikely coincidence a government Agricultural inspector reads this, then I am also trying to get him/her to think, and maybe to suggest some action up the chain of command if such has already not been accomplished. It would be a bad thing, a very bad thing indeed, if the poison in the pet food also found its way into the food of ranched and farmed animals, and ultimately into the human food chain, or worse still if it got into our food directly in pasta, junk food, or whatever. So maybe getting someone to think about such as a possibility, and having them spurred on to check for it, is a good thing indeed. I hope it is a good enough thing that they actually do it; I sort of like my kidneys in good working order.

All the best,
Glenn B