Monday, June 4, 2018

The Forster Field Headspace Gauge For My 7mm Mauser Finally Arrived..

...and I tried it out almost immediately. The bolt on my 1895 Chileno Mauser did not close on the field headspace gauge and that was good. Then again, Forster recommended I first remove the extractor from the bolt before checking the headspace and I had no clue how to do that. So, that time, I did it with the extractor in the bolt. I am a shooter and an instructor as far as shooting goes but have little clue as to gunsmithing except maybe as to Glock Armorer stuff so was at a loss as to how to properly remove the extractor.

The odd thing is that the video from Forster, on YouTube, does not tell you to remove the extractor before checking headspace but their written instructions, accompanying a gauge that you (or at least that I) bought from them, tells you to do exactly that. Here is

Forster's video on how to do it:

And here are the instructions that Forster sends with their Field Headspace Gauges (at least with the gauge they sent to me):

Their own directions differ markedly in as much as the video (which you could view before a purchase from Forster) does not tell you to remove the extractor BUT the written instructions from Forster do tell you to remove the extractor! Forster could have been clearer on that point or at least consistent.

So, I searched for more info and I wound up seeing this video from Midway USA which said to get the job done you first need to remove the bolt and then to remove the extractor from the bolt (in agreement with the paper instructions from Forster):

I was thus somewhat confused as to the right way to do it with those differing instructions but then again I am not totally clueless when it came to maintaining firearms. Thus, I figured that removing the bolt - as the paper instructions from Forster and the video from Midway USA recommended - was the way to go. I then tried it that way. I was quite happy to find it essentially had the same result as doing it with the extractor in the bolt or out of the bolt - the bolt would not close on the Field Headspace Gauge either way. As I said before - that is a good thing.

Now, I am going to admit some additional ignorance here: before I attempted to remove the extractor, I had no idea how to remove an extractor from the bolt of an 1895 Chileno Mauser. While the video from MidwayUSA made it look simple, I knew looks could be deceiving and thus I wanted a bit more info. So, I again turned to YouTube. I found another video that showed how to do it or at least explained it in more detail and it seemed like the guy explaining it was not a knucklehead. That was the below video. Now mind you, I have not watched it all yet, just enough for my initial purposes. I liked what I saw and tried it and it worked well to remove the extractor from the bolt:

All in all, I'm satisfied that I can take the 7mm 1895 Chileno Mauser to the range and not have to be concerned as to whether or not the headspace is correct. My guess is that I will have it at the local range this coming Wednesday at a meet of my local gun club. More about this boomer after the range trip.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Don't Care If It Was Faked... some people seem to suspect (as I have seen on some gun forums) - or if it is for real - either way - there is no way I am about to groin carry. Yep, that means another gun owner has seemingly shot himself in his own package - allegedly this time with a Glock 43 that was seated in an inside the pants holster above his groin. He bent over, gun went bang, he howled with pain but never even doubled over with it. Regardless, I decided long ago to never carry like that. Each time I learn about yet another person shortening his own Willie or ringing his own bells I feel justified in having made that decision. More on the alleged groin holstered Glock 43 discharge at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B