Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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Selling A Voere Semi-Auto At (not selling it here on Blogger)

I have decided to sell my Voere semi-auto rifle in 22LR. It was made in Germany and imported by KDF of Seguin, TX back in the 1980s. It fires from an open bolt and evidently some people find that to be an extremely alluring feature of this rifle along with the fact that further importation of them was banned by ATF in the early or mid 1980s (but existing ones in this country were not outlawed). Many if not most of these rifles were reportedly converted to fire in full auto mode but one has to wonder why since the only magazines available for them held only 10 rounds. Mine was never converted and that makes it rarer and to some a more desirable one to find.

Mine in in excellent condition, I figure at least 95% to 98% of metal finish remains. The wood has been refinished but I do not think that should detract from the value as the feature that sells these guns seems to be that they fire from an open bolt. Regardless, the new finish is nicer than the original which was pretty badly marred on one side when I purchased it. In addition, I am selling it with two magazines. Extra magazines are fairly hard to come by and relatively very expensive compared to other mags for rifles in 22LR; that is when you find one.

Everything works as it should and I have test fired it to make sure of that. Had I not fired test fired it, my guess would be that it was unfired before then except maybe for test firing at the factory. That is how little wear is apparent on the gun and on the one magazine that came with it. The other mag was purchased separately.

What drove me to put this up for auction on GunBroker was that I am tapped for cash after unexpected veterinary bills over the past month or so. I would like to recoup as much as I can to replenish my savings account. I have other guns to sell and have one or two up for sale right now but there was one other thing that convinced me to try to sell this one. Someone else just sold one on GunBroker, one in nowhere as nearly good a condition as mine from what I could tell, for $899.00. It was essentially the same exact model except its stock was checkered. Then again that one's stock also had pretty bad finish damage and its metal looked not nearly as nice as that on mine and it only came with a single magazine. You can see it here until GunBroker pulls the ad for it. I am hopeful I am not a day late and many dollars short due to poor timing. Maybe I should have listed mine last month.

I am being optimistic and I figure, since there was one person out there who would pay that much, maybe there is another who would be willing to start the bidding at about $50 less for essentially the same exact rifle but one that has a better metal and wood finish and the added enticement of an extra magazine. Maybe it will achieve my starting bid and maybe not but if it does - then maybe the bidding might go up from there because of the condition of the gun and the extra mag. Time will tell.

If you want to see the one I have up for bids, you can view it at, item 785816457. Please note, it is not being offered for sale anywhere other than via, in other words this Blogpost post absolutely is not an offer to sell it and is merely for informational purposes only.

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A New Enemy On The Left

According to an article in the Washington Post, Levi Strauss & Co. has pledged one million dollars to combat gun violence and is throwing their support to Michael Bloomberg and his anti-RKBA campaign. According to the Post:

"The San Francisco-based retailer said last week it is pledging more than $1 million to support nonprofits and youth activists who are working to end gun violence. The company is also partnering with Michael Bloomberg to help create a coalition of business leaders who support gun control measures and encouraging employees to get involved in political causes."

Well I, for one, used to love Levi's dungarees (note I did not say jeans because jeans are for leftist wussies). They were my go to brand and I also used to purchase Dockers products (produced by Levi Strauss & Co.). I never knowingly will buy another pair of Levis or any other of their products; although, this latest move by Levi Strauss is not the only reason. I stopped buying Levi's dungarees years ago when they moved production to Mexico. This latest anti-American, pro-globalization, move by them has only helped to assure that, when I say I never will buy any of their products, the word NEVER is chiseled in granite. If there is any doubt that their move is pro-globalization and anti-Amerrican here is the way others are viewing this:

"... retailers are realizing they can afford to alienate some U.S. consumers as they look abroad for a bigger chunk of their growth." (Quote attributed to Peter Horst, founder of marketing consultancy CMO.) Well, Levi Strauss & Co. apparently has been doing just that as the article points out that:

"Levi Strauss, which also manufactures the brands Dockers and Denizen, made the bulk of its sales — 52 percent — outside the United States last year. Sales grew 13 percent in France, Germany, Mexico and the U.K., compared to 2 percent growth in the United States."

More at the source.

Note they made the bulk of their sales outside of the USA last year and apparently are evidently very willing to lose more US of their U.S. customer base and sales so long as those sales in other parts of the world increase and their profit is maintained. They seemingly do not give a damn about this country or her people.

If you own a gun, support our rights, liberties and Constitution, want to see 'Made in the USA' on our goods again r just hope to see our economy keep getting better - please consider ceasing to purchase any and all products produced by Levi Strauss & Co.. The way I look at it is that if you buy from them you are stabbing us and yourself in the back and doing a great disservice to the USA.

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