Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nation of Riflemen T-Shirt - Giveaway Contest (not endorsed by or connected with the Nation of Riflemen)

Recently, while going through a chest of drawers in my basement, I found a Nation of Riflemen T-shirt (a similar shirt can be seen at the link), sized medium, still in its original wrapper. I think that I bought it, some years back, with the silly notion I could get my wife to wear it after I got her into shooting. You guessed, neither her getting into shooting or her wearing it ever came about. So, what to do with the shirt. I figured I could hold some sort of contest and give it away. It took me at least a couple to a few weeks, after rediscovering the shirt, to figure out what type of contest to hold but it came to me tonight in a U.S. Mail Priority Mail box.  

The idea for the contest, of course, popped up in my head. What came to me in the Priority Mail box was not the idea as much as it was the item that inspired the idea. That is the item that is now pictured here in this post in various views - all in my very own style of lousier than normal point and shoot photography, click on pics to enlarge.

I will allow one entry per person (this is on the honor system) in which all you basically have to do is correctly identify what is the item and you must be specific as to what it is, and then you must tell me to what other specific item it is directly related. Yes, it definitely goes with something else and as a hint I will tell you it fits inside something else for which it was specifically made. You cannot just answer something like: "It is a car part, it fits in a car". If it were indeed a car part, you would have to tell me specifically what part it was and to which car by make and model it went. I will give you all another hint right now, it is not a car part. Be specific in your answer as to what it is and as to the other thing to which it is related, indeed for which it was made to fit.

I will leave the contest open from the publication time of this post until Saturday, February 18, 2012, at 11:59 PM. After that, I will check the answers and see if anyone has guessed correctly. If there is only one correct guess, then that person is the tentative winner.

Note this is restricted to folks who are U.S. Citizens or legal resident aliens residing within the lower 48 of the United States of America and who are not restricted by law or regulation from receiving such a prize (as in not a felon doing time who can not receive a T-shirt like this because prison officials would consider it contraband). I will only ship to an address in the lower 48. Postage paid by me. If you are selected as the winner, you must send me your full name and mailing address so I can send out the shirt.

You must be 18 or older to participate in this contest.

You must have a valid user name, in the comment system, that appears with your comment (such as you being registered for Blogger). I will not except entries from folks identified by the system as anonymous!

Your user name must be linked to a valid email address or you must leave your email address in the comment section in the event I need to contact you to tell you that you won or to ask for your info.

If more than one person has the correct answer, I will select a winner at random from among the entrants with correct entries. If no one has the correct answer, I will still select a winner, this time at random from among all entrants. There will only be one winner at most. If no one enters the contest, then I win!

To enter, leave a comment in the comments and tell me, in your comment, what you think is the pictured item (no spam, or what I think is spam such as comments with links back to commercial web pages, such will be deleted as ineligible). Do not tell me the item is my hand or my couch - the item in question is the metal item on the couch and in my hand.

My decision as to what constitutes a correct answer is binding and final based upon my knowledge of the item.

Do not send me email entries, all entries must be via a comment to this post.

If you sell, distribute, deal, (or work for someone or are married to someone who does likewise) in items such as the one pictured you are not eligible to enter.

Note, I do not guarantee that the winner will receive the prize although if there is a winner although, I will make my best attempt to mail it to him or her. If the shirt is lost or damaged in the mail or otherwise, all I can say is tough noogies you get nothing if lost or a ruined shirt if damaged.

I can change, modify alter the rules at any time.

I can cancel the contest at any time at my discretion.
All rules must be followed and it is a condition of your entering the contest that you agree that you agree to and have followed all the rules' - this, again, is on the honor system.

If someone cheats, oh well he or she cheated and those who did not cheat have integrity while the cheater winds up with the shirt by way of cheating. That would suck but life sometimes sucks, believe me on that one. Please, on the honor system - do not cheat or otherwise fudge the rules. If, after the contest is over, I discover that someone cheated or otherwise fudged the rules to win the contest, what that means is the cheater will have won a friggin T-shirt and lost his/her integrity and my respect but the honest people will have maintained their integrity and my respect.

All contestants agree to hold me harmless and indemnify me for anything directly or indirectly related to this contest.

I will try to announce the winner, in a blog post, on Sunday, February 19, 2012 or soon after that

Enough of the rules, if you agree to abide by all the mumbo-jumbo rules, why not take a look at thepics, then enter a comment to this post, with your best shot at identifying the item and the item to which it is directly related, in order to enter the contest.

Serious, crazy, whacky, oddball, obviously wrong, funny, outrageous but only polite and nice answers are accepted.

Good luck to all those who give it a shot.

All the best,
Glenn B

PS: One other thing: If someone gives what you think is a probable correct answer, do not run a Google search of his answer to see if you come up with a picture of the item in your Google search and then repeat the other person's answer. Yes, you can copy another person's answer, but please, on the honor system, do not Google it, or otherwise run an Internet search on it, to see if it was the correct answer first. That would be pretty friggin low. (Now why did I think of that!)