Saturday, October 31, 2015

So, Can American Leftists Tell Me...

... if this tragedy had taken place in the United States of America, would the leftists here be calling for the ban of matches,
pyrotechnics, maybe even fire in general. Or would they be demanding the ban of rock groups performing in night clubs (or for bans on all of them). After all, isn't that the exact same logic used by American leftists regarding their efforts on gun-control!

Fuck Obama, Fuck Soros, Fuck Clinton,  Fuck Schumer, Fuck The Brady Bunch Campaign, Fuck Bloomberg and all the others.

All the best,

The Nut Does Not Fall Far From The Tree...

...even if it is a gun-nut and winds up in Arkansas for the weekend visiting friends. Yes, Brendan (the nut, so to speak) is down in Arkansas for the weekend with his friend Zack (another gun-nut to be sure). They are visiting their friend Walter (yet another confirmed gun-nut).

Walter was your typical NY kid; well, more or less! He relocated to Arkansas after college, where he found a job and almost immediately started to morph into a redneck true American.

Brendan, eager and ready to go.
Zack in reload mode.
Walter blasting away.

In the event this all might make one wonder if a kid that moved from NY to Arkansas could ever be truly happy, just look at the following shot. I'd say he looks happy to me.
It's nice to know that if my son ever needs to flee the zombie apocalypse here in NY, he has friends in America.
All the best,