Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Westley Richards, What An Amazing Company

I was browsing the Internet, looking for images of gorillas with guns (don't ask why) and I came across this photo of a gorilla engraved onto a gun.

It was pretty stunning and I decided to click on the website associated with it. I was brought right to the "Engravings" page for the Westley Richards site. All I can say is that, if you want to see some exceptionally fine looking masterpieces as far as engraved guns are concerned, click on that link.

I also took a look at the 'The Company' section of their site and have to say that the company has a pretty interesting history. I am not a big buff when it comes to checking out firearms companies but must say this one had some surprising facts listed on that page. Perhaps the one that was most amazing to me was that Westley Richards (the second owner, his father William Westley Richards started it all) was awarded £48,000 in royalties by the British government for patent infringement, of his patent of a hinged falling block breechloader, after the Brits adopted the falling block Martini rifle. Yet, I had never heard of him before.

Anyway, it looks to be an interesting firearms site with a lot more to see, so I figured I would share it with my readers. There home page is at: http://www.westleyrichards.com/ 

I sure would love to visit, and get a guided tour of, their facility in England. I think that would be a truly excellent trip.

All the best,
Glenn  B

I Could Appreciate A Woman...

...with a mindset like this one, well maybe without all that live, laugh, love stuff and especially without the dance shit:

All the best,
Glenn B

A Small Ray Of Hope Within Islam...

...could be seen recently in the form of a protest over the brutal and fatal beating and burning of a woman who was falsely accused of burning the Q'ran. Thousands of Afghans supposedly participated in the protest of something that not too long ago would have been ignored as just another day of being Muslim. Maybe there is hope yet but we, or should I say they, have a long way to go. More here.

All the best,

It's Nice When The Range Officer Says...

..."Ballseye (although he used my real name) - good shooting". Once again, I am qualified under HR218; I shot a 250/250. I will admit, I had one flier that was almost outside the scoring area, it just broke the edge, but the rest of them were right in there. Still, it wasn't a really tight group and as far I am concerned, as compared to my shooting just a few years ago, it was not all that great. Anyway, as far as the HR218 course of fire went, it was perfect. That made me a happy camper and I am good to go for another year of carry, virtually anywhere in the USA and its possessions, under LEOSA.

I know, it's ridiculous, maybe even criminal, that such is the law set by tyrants, when in fact the law of the land clearly states that we all have the right to be armed. Yet, I would be a moron not to take advantage of the provisions of LEOSA. Anyway, I try my best to get the laws changed making it par for the course that any law abiding citizen or legal resident alien could carry anywhere at any time.

All the best,
Glenn B

Springtime Gun Cleaning Ritual Day

Brendan and I are heading up to NH this weekend for a get together, for dinner, with attendees of past NE Bloggershoots. I, and I guess I should say we, are not about to drive several hours to somewhere just for dinner no matter how good the company without having something else to do when we get there. Brendan gets zero chances to shoot my pistols here in the Commie Socialista Rebooblik of NY, so I figure on bringing most of them with us to NH to enjoy some time at a range up there. With that in mind, I pulled out all of them this afternoon and gave them a cleaning - a long overdue cleaning for three of them by the way as three of my dozen were dirty as all hell. The rest of them were nice and clean but I gave them a good cleaning anyway for my ritualistic spring gun cleaning. With the warmer weather that is almost certainly soon to come, so too comes higher humidity, so I usually clean and lube all my guns in the springtime as regular maintenance whether or not they need it. My rifles and shotguns can wait until Easter weekend.

I was pretty surprised to find my Glock 26, one of my my daily carry guns, was foul as in dirty disgusting fouled with carbon crud. I guess I forgot to clean it after a range trip not too long ago. Shame on me for carrying it in that condition. My Ortgies 32 was also a foul mess and my S&W 22A was in need of some cleaning too. All the others were nice and clean but got a good once over anyway for maintenance.

Now, it's off to the range for me for my annual LEOSA (HR218) qualification (so I guess there will be yet another gun cleaning session later tonight).

All the best,
Glenn B