Friday, June 23, 2023

When I Was A Federal Agent, It Was An Offense...

 ...for me, as a federal agent, to associate with convicted criminals - felons for sure but I think it also included those convicted of certain misdemeanors. I do not think it was illegal but it was a regulation somewhere when I was in the Border Patrol and I was strongly admonished for driving a friend to court after he had been charged with a felony and not yet convicted of anything. He later pled guilty to some low level felony charge as I recall and I stopped associating with him - difficult to do at the time because we had been best buddies but I did it right away after his conviction. For some reason, I was strongly admonished by the Patrol Agent in Charge, at our station, for continuing to associate with him. (As I said though, I had already stopped associating with him because of his criminal felony conviction.) Oddly enough, sometime after I transferred from the BP to Customs, I was informed that same Patrol Agent In Charge had been arrested and convicted of alien smuggling. When I was with Customs, the same thing about not associating with criminals was explained to me by superiors in that agency as well. I am fairly certain that dependent upon the level of association, it was a firing offense. 
Yet, there was the Attorney General of the United States of America reportedly consorting with a convicted criminal by way of his guilty pleas on misdemeanor tax charges. Of course, as you are probably aware, Hunter Biden did not plead guilty to the more serious felony charge having to do with firearms; rather he agreed to a Pretrial Diversion Agreement as offered to him by the prosecution; that agreement will quite possibly avoid him having to cop a plea to a felony and thus will also avoid a conviction and jail time. (I wonder how that happened since many folks charged with the same crime are doing jail time for it.) More at the source.

Hunter Biden supposedly paid the $200,000.00 plus that he owed to the IRS back in 2021 when he was under investigation. I have to wonder though, did he pay the penalties & interest on that amount as the great majority of Americans would need to do? I have heard nor read nothing to that effect. I hope he paid penalties & interest; I mean isn't his daddy the one who is trying to hire 87,000 IRS agents to clamp down on folks who commit tax transgressions so the government gets its share of our money!

That Hunter Biden was invited to a gala event, the attendees who were top government officials is an outrage even if it is no longer or maybe never was an actual offense (I never saw it in writing was just told it was an offense). One thing is for sure in my mind, it is unethical. Then again if there were Congressmen there at said event, many of Congressmen have convictions on their records. It has always amazed me that Congressmen can have criminal convictions, I think even of felonies, and still be allowed to be voted into or remain in office and legislate the laws that federal agents and others enforce. It amazes me because: If an applicant for a federal law enforcement position was at some time convicted of a felony and of certain misdemeanors - he or she can kiss the prospect of that job goodbye. One already on the job would be fired for committing a felony and likely would be fired for a variety of misdemeanor convictions as well. So those who enforce the law must have clean records but those who make the laws need not. That really is irony and that should be changed so that legislators and any government official must have a clean record other than traffic violations or very minor misdemeanors.
As for cronyism in government, it probably will never stop.

All the best,
Glenn B