Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June 11th - Protest the NY SAFE Act

Here we go again, for round three, with another protest of the NY SAFE Act set to take place on June 11th in Albany, NY. If you can be there, then you should be there, to help protect our RKBA and all of the other rights that it protects under our Constitution. I plan to go along with other members of Long Island Firearms, if we get enough folks to participate in a bus trip. If we do not get enough people to commit to a bus trip, I suppose I will drive there myself or with Brendan, if he can make it.

I was there for the other two protests and I plan to be there for this one. I have already told my boss I am taking off that day, it is a Tuesday. Being it is a weekday, legislators and the governor may actually be at work, that is if they have not already taken off for their summer vacations.

All the best,
Glenn B