Saturday, May 18, 2013

Polish Zombies

Maybe not what you think cause I sure don't mean some Pole who was bitten by a mostly rotted and rancid walking cadaver and then turned into one himself.

What I do mean is: one medium to large not quite ripe banana, two strips of ripe pineapple (each about 3/4 to the same size as that one banana), one medium to large kiwi, 4 ounces of OJ, the juice of half a lemon, 3 to closer to 4 ounces of Meyer's Dark Rum, 3 to closer to 4 ounces of Luksusowa Potato Vodka (a product of Poland) and eight ice cubes (medium sized from a normal sized ice cube tray) all pulverized/liquefied into a smoothie in a blender. Wow, I am feeling it and it tasted great too, all while supplying at least a couple to a few days worth of fruit (although maybe not the best drink for diabetics).

Yeah, I could have had one of those well advertised '22nd letter and eighth number' drinks but it just would not have been the same, even with alcohol added - there just would have been no way to call that a Polish Zombie (already a stretch) -  a bloody something or other maybe - just not a zombie!

All the best,

Ammo Prices Getting Back to Normal - Heck No, Not Even If They Are Lower!

I have heard it on gun bloggers' sites, on firearms forums, at the range and elsewhere: 'Hey, it looks like ammo is becoming more available and that prices are dropping back to normal'. The truth is, even though I have been settling for buying ammo at lower than super price gouging prices and letting people know when the prices are fairly good (considering how high they went), ammo prices are nowhere near normal. So what are normal ammo prices. In that regard, I will grant the ammo companies this much - higher fuel costs raised the price of everything and war related use of resources have made ammo components more expensive - so I will say that normal ammo prices (kind of, sort of, maybe) are those that they were under the presidency of George W. Bush subsequent to the rise in fuel prices that made everything go up in price.

So, what does that mean today. Well it means that when you see a price on something like CCI, TMJ, 40 grain, .22WMR at only $15.50 per box of 50, here, you may think that the prices are getting back to normal. Why? Because weren't the prices at some other establishments just a whole lot higher than that, such as the .99 cent per round, or $49.95 per box of 50 price, offered here for very similar ammo, in the same caliber (only difference is essentially that one is HP and the other TMJ), made by the same manufacturer and for which there is usually a minimal price difference if any.

The truth is that while some ammo seems to be a bit more available, at somewhat lower prices than the ultra high price gouging highs that prices reached, current prices are nowhere near normal yet and some still remain super high priced (as can be seen in one of the examples above). When will they reach kind of, sort of, almost normal prices again? When the prices of ammo like that, in the same caliber and grain weight, made by the same manufacturer, reaches prices like the $9.87 per 50 rounds for hollow points, and $10.16 per box of 50 for solid points as it was offered here well after Bush had left the Oval office and Obama had been in office for awhile. They may reach true normal again six months to a year after the price of gasoline falls back to what it was before the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. For now though, if they go as low as the pre-Obama prices, I will be more than satisfied and I will keep buying as much as I can, of calibers I can use, at even higher prices than that so long as the prices are not in the stratosphere.

Let me say, I have to qualify the above because I have seen the price of one particular type and brand of ammo go back to normal on one website if only fir a very brief time. Yesterday, Cabela's had a 500 round bricks of Remington .22LR for about only .04 cents per round plus shipping. That low of a price on .22LR has been unheard of as of late! They only allowed 1 brick per customer so I was not all that unhappy when I was to late to find any remaining in-stock.

All the best,
Glenn B

Countdown - Three Weeks Until Another Sucker Bites It

In three weeks, to the day, my daughter is getting married. She is at a friend and neighbor's house getting sloshed at her wedding shower. Mind you, she is not the sucker. The sucker will become my son-in-law. I don't mean that with any nastiness, not even a dram of it. I mean it as a fact, plain and simple. We men have been suckered into marriage as a life long contract for, I would guess, eons. Having been married for the past 27 years plus, I readily call myself a sucker. I sucked it in - hook, line and sinker.

Now, you ladies may think that my wife could consider herself in the same boat but let me explain before you get all presumptuous. I am not a sucker in as much as I was suckered into it but much more so in as much as, for some reason, I want to stay in it. Why? Because my wife is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Thus, even though, I can bitch and moan about things she does that do not please me (even things she does not really do and that I only imagine she does), I will gladly suck it all up, and more, to stay together with her. That is not just because it is cheaper to keep her; it is because, in my own twisted, possibly demented, and certainly convoluted way (like any other heterosexual married man), I need her, I depend on her and I love her very much. (Why is that??? - That is the question all normal men ask themselves!)

Yes, I am sure my future son-in-law will fit perfectly into that same category in relation to my daughter, even though he surely does not think it now - pre-wedding. Thus another sucker who thinks he is the master of the house bites the bait and is hooked hard and then reeled in by the true master - the woman in his life. He will learn, we all do (we men that is, who are straight and who get hooked)!

As for my daughter, I hope she enjoys the two bottles of Moet & Chandon I bought for her shower. I could have spent that money on a really good 15 year old. Watch what you are thinking, I meant a 15 year old bottle of single malt Irish Whiskey. Although, of course, being a sucker I figured it would please both her and the wife to give her the Champagne. That even though the wife is not partial Champagne since my daughter loves it. With any luck, it will make the wife a bit more partial toward an undeserving me because it makes our daughter happy and she was happy when I gave it to her just before the party commenced.

Man oh man, there is no hope for me. I am not just a sucker, I am pussy whipped. Now I am heading over to crash the party for a glass of the Champagne. Or maybe I would be better off here just sucking down the potato Vodka that I had to buy myself because the Champagne broke my budget.

All the best,
Glenn B