Friday, October 3, 2008

I Have Returned...

...and no it is not like I am MacArthur or someone like him, but I figured I'd just let you know I am back home and that my blogging may soon begin again in earnest. I spent the last 5 days in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was supposed to be a business/vacation trip, but the business end never panned out since I was too sick over the past couple of days to go out and get any done. I had been planning on this being a reptile buying trip so I'd have something to sell at the LIHS 19th Annual Reptile Expo tomorrow, but that did not work out.

I did get a few fishing trips in while down there, but in addition to fish (more on this in another post), I also caught one heck of a cold. I am feeling miserable, but somewhat better than yesterday. Now that I am back I have to attend to family matters, my mom went back into the hospital again a couple of days ago, and she is not in good condition. She may require being put into an old age home, and it will not be an easy thing to work out. Without me getting into details let me just say it is probably goig to be absolutely necessary because of her condition. She had been living with my sister and her family but now requires care beyond their abilities and beyond the abilities of any home care giver. So today I am off to my sister's house to help work on the arrangements for that. Of course that is I am off but only after I get my laundry from the trip (and whatever else is in the hamper) done first, which I can only hope will make the wife happy.

I'll post some pics and write about the trip later over this weekend as time allows.

All the best,
Glenn B