Sunday, April 22, 2018

Psycho Shooters Were Bad Enough - Butt Naked...

...psycho shooters are even worse if only because it shows a complete breakdown of sanity among our population and the ineffectiveness of the mental health system to address it.

It has been reported that, early this morning, a man wearing nothing but a green jacket walked into a restaurant in Antioch, TN and opened fire killing four people and wounding four others. A patron reportedly wrestled the so called AR15 style weapon away from him and probably saved a lot of lives by fighting back as opposed to cowering under a table. The gunman fled, while evidently totally naked, after shedding his jacket. More here at the source.

Last told, the gunman was still on the loose and he may be responsible for yet another nearby shooting. Police must have gotten the tag number, of the vehicle in which the gunman arrived, from a witness because they reportedly said the gunman's vehicle is registered to a Travis Reinking. After the shooting, a man believed to be Reinking reportedly was seen walking in nearby woods in only a pair of pants.

Not to make light of the situation and in all seriousness I think that such shootings are becoming  weirder.

Hopefully the police find this shooter sooner than later and no other lives are taken and no one else is wounded (not that I care if the shooter is injured or killed).

My thoughts & prayers go out to the victims, their families and loved ones.

All the best,
Glenn B