Monday, July 27, 2015

Woman Killed By Escalator & Video Appears Online Without Warning Of Graphic Content


It was almost like she was pulled into a meat grinder and they showed the very graphic video of it in the article I read about it. It wasn't gory with blood everywhere, but a video (a quite graphic video) accompanying this article clearly showed a Chinese woman as she was pulled into the inner-workings of an escalator.t really was much the same as I have seen meat go through the top section of a meat grinder. The escalator's landing platform collapsed under her but not before she pushed her child to safety. The child was grabbed by a woman who had been at the top, that same woman who grabbed the child then tried to pull out the woman who was being pulled into the escalator. Another two women, who had been at the top, seemed at a loss as what to do. There was no hope of getting her out without someone hitting the emergency stop of the escalator and evidently no one thought of doing so (if indeed escalators in China have emergency stop buttons). At least there was something good to be seen amid the tragedy in that the child was saved.

I am pretty saddened that we have come to this in our society. The this being the willingness to accept the media showing someone dying or at least going to their death, what most certainly was a terrible death and in this case made more terrible because she was aware of what was happening and was helpless to stop it, only so the media can make more money by assuring it gets as many views as possible.

Did I watch it? Yes, I did but only because I opened the link to the article and the commercial that preceded the news video auto played. I scrolled down as it did so and read some of the article. When I realized the commercial was done, I scrolled back up to see what I expected would be a typical American type news report with reporters being shown as they yacked away at one another and maybe a photo or two of emergency responders at the scene. Instead, what I saw was a woman being pulled to her death in the bowels of an escalator. As I said though, not before she was able to save her child. Maybe I am na├»ve but I never expected to see that.

I am not all that squeamish, I have seen some pretty gory things before. However, when I am sitting at home, in a good mood, reading the news online, I don't need to have that thrown in my face without warning. I had a choice, click on the link to the article or click on a link to the video of it. I chose to go to the article and there was the apparently raw video anyway! If I had been given a warning of graphic content, I may or may not have watched it later but certainly would not have watched at that particular moment.

I am, or can be, as curious as the next person, even as to the morbid. Yet, I like to be forewarned so I can decide if I want to view something like that or not. I just don't get any enjoyment in seeing an innocent person lose her life in such a manner and detest that some people do enjoy it, in that there is evidence of a breakdown of our society. I also am incensed that Fox would put it there without warning and thus not give the viewer an opportunity to knowledgably decline watching it. It's not an action or war movie, it's real life coming to an end. Stuff like that is more what I would have expected to see in the pages of a supermarket tabloid of yesteryear than in the content of a major media outlet today - at least without a warning as to its content.

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Glenn B 

Has HBO Gotten The Big Picture

It's been reported that HBO had asked boxer Sergey Kovalev not to don his signature trunks with the Tulammo logo across them back of them. It seems some small amount of boxing fans took offense and raised a stink to HBO about the logo being for an ammunition manufacturer. In response HBO made the request that he does not wear those trunks.

Imagine the hypocrisy behind HBO making a request like that. They televise shows, on a frequent basis, in which there is loads and loads of gun violence and they are happy to rake in the bucks from that. Yet, when one man wears a single firearms related logo and they get a relatively paltry amount of complaints they move to restrict that man's liberties.

Then the backlash came from firearms enthusiasts.  After that, it seems HBO turned on the big screen TV, the one with PIP, and saw that tiny PIP box was the one showing the anti-gunners complaints while the picture on the big screen was that of the firearms rights supporters. That big picture was apparently enough not only to have HBO reconsider the request it had made but to actually rescind it. More here.

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Glenn B