Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Really Big Gun Show...

...for NY State anyway. The New York State Arms Collectors Association, Inc Gun Show will be held in in Syracuse, NY next weekend at the NY State Fairgrounds. It is slated as a 1,000 table show and after having been to it last year, I can say that is about right. That show, last year, had more tables with guns and ammo, percentage-wise, than any gun show I have ever been to before that. About the only show that may have had more guns as compared to tables with things like beef jerky, knives, books, jewelry and other junk was one in AZ (I think the one in Phoenix but it could have been the one in Tucson).

I am pretty limited as to states in which I have visited gun shows. I have been to gun shows in at least a seven states that I can remember: NY, CT, MA, PA, FL, CA and AZ. I may have been to one in TX but just don't recall for certain. I am sure there are probably better gun shows in many states (especially in the more pro-gun states) than the one in Syracuse but there are none better in NY, that is for sure. Sometime in the future I'd like to go to Knob Creek Range, in KY, for one of their biannual Machine Gun Shoot & Military Gun Show (that has got to be fun but I would wager it is expensive). I also am thinking that a trip to Wanenmacher's gun show in Tulsa, Oklahoma may also be in order since they claim to have the largest gun show in the world. Their 2012 show is slated to have 4,100 tables! I think the biggest gun show, the one with the most tables, that I ever attended was the one in Phoenix. If I recall correctly it had 1,500 to 2,000 tables. It also had a high percentage of guns sale tables as opposed to tables not selling guns.

For now though, at least for next weekend if all goes well, I gladly will settle for the show at Syracuse, the biggest gun show held in NY State. While this show does not have as wide a variety of firearms on display as shows in states like AZ or FL, I will still enjoy myself immensely. One of the best things about going to shows in NY is that Brendan usually comes along too. He told me yesterday that he has Friday and Saturday off next week but that maybe he still cannot attend, that is if he gets too much school work piled on. He is striving to keep his grades up in this his last year of college. I suggested, if he gets the work piled on, he just bring his school books and work on it during the drive and while we are at the hotel overnight on Friday and he seemed amenable to that.

Speaking of being at the hotel, thank goodness for hotel club points that build up on my credit card. I have more than enough points for a stay at a hotel up that way for one night. That will reduce our expenses for this trip which can get costly even if we do not buy any guns but I do plan to buy at least one new gun (I have bee saving change and dollar bills for this event). The fuel cost and the tolls are enough to just about empty my pockets of a weeks personal spending money. It will be about $70 just for gas and probably another $15 to $20 for tolls. Avoiding the tolls is out because, for the most part, it means adding a good amount of time and probably a fair amount of miles to the trip and while it would save a few bucks over all, it probably does not save that much because it ups the fuel costs. In this case paying more is a better than paying less. I am happy to say that the admission fee for the show is only $6.00 each per person and parking is $5.00 (compare that to $14 admission fee plus $10 for parking at the Phoenix gun show and that was 2 years ago). The Syracuse show is a good deal in the world of gun shows!

The show opens its doors at 0900 on Saturday and closes shop at 1700. It is also held on Sunday from 0900 to 1500 but we will only attend on Saturday. If we get to the parking lot by 0800, we should have a decent place on the line, which was quite long last year so, maybe we better shoot for 0730 arrival time. I am figuring we will hang out in the show until about 1300 and then head back toward home. A quick stop or two for some crayfish catching and some fishing may be in order. I would love to spend an hour or three fishing with Brendan. Then back on the road to home where we should arrive by 1000 at the latest if all goes well. I think we will have a great time together.

If both of us can make it, I am sure we will both have a great time. If only I go, I will have a good time but not nearly as much fun if Brendan will have been able to go along. We are planning on meeting friends up there at the show - Charlie K, his brother-in-law Rob and his friend Dennis. If ever we have a question about ARs, Rob is the go to guy. The three of them are all great guys too and it is always a pleasure to meet up with them. If you are headed to the show, let me know, maybe we can meet up.

All the best,
Glenn B