Sunday, November 26, 2017

Even Fairly Conservative Media Outlets Report Fake News

According to an article at One America News Network, the numbers of allegations of violations 
committed by senior staff at the Pentagon have increased since Obama was president. Here is the pertinent quote so you can see exactly how they say it:

"According to the pentagon inspector general’s report on Saturday allegations have increased by 13 percent since the Obama Administration, expanding from 710 allegations in 2015 to 803 last year." (Source.)

What they just said is blatantly untrue relative to the time frame and under whose administration the increased violations took place. If you did not catch it the first time you read the quote read it again because their is something blatantly fake or wrong about what I says. Did you see it the firs time or did you need another look or maybe you have not se it yet!

What that quote says is that the 13% rise in such allegations took place SINCE the Obama administration and that they rose that amount last year! Do you get it now - Obama was still president and his administration was still in power throughout all of last year up to an including the first 20 days of this year. So the reported 13% rise in such allegations did not take place SINCE the Obama Administration but DURING the Obama Administration. Couldn't someone, at a pretty conservative news organization like OANN, have seen that and reported on it as such - no matter how the Pentagon's Inspector General's report made it sound. In other words, can't anyone in the frigging media ever get it right???

It is truly mind boggling that bullshit like this keeps seeping through the cracks and is reported as legitimate news.

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Glenn B


Finaly Found Something That Pleased My Wife...

...on the Internet.

I am pretty sure I posted this pic before but it is always good for another laugh.

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How Time Flies When Your At The Bar...

...and had a few too many.

That is my favorite clock of all my time so far on this earth. I have looked but never been able to find one I could buy for myself. So:

Dear Santa Claus,

If you happen to have one of these around your workshop, would you please be so kind as to bring it to me for Christmas. Can't say I have been a very good boy all year but I think good enough to get just this one thing.

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

One can dream - right!

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Histroy Being Destroyed

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