Monday, March 5, 2007

The Job Search Continues...

...and in about the last two months I have applied for about 50 jobs of various sorts. So far not even a nibble from propsective employers. My guess is that not too many places are looking to hire retirees, and maybe just maybe they think I am over qualified. The problem for me is that while I may be over qualified for a bunch of starting level positions, I really am not qualififed at the managerial level. Of course, I'll keep lloking and stay hopeful that something will turn up that pays reasonably well, so as to supplement my retirement - that is once I actually retire. If I find a job like that, my current job will see the door close as it misses slamming me in my butt.

I am still very hopeful that my upcoming interview with the New York City Teaching Fellows Program will be productive. I think teacher would be a grande retirement job, what with doing good for the kids, decent pay, and summers off.

Oh well enough about my job hunt, although I will add that if anyone knows of a decent entry level position in anything that pays around 40 to 50K, please be so kind as to pass along the opportunity to me. Now onto for me.

Later for you.

All the best,
Glenn B